Is Pop Music Dead, Or Is Thom Yorke Just Delusional?

Music 2010/06/09 15:00:00
Alt. rock oddball and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke wants kids to know that the entire pop music industry is sinking. In an interview with an upcoming high school textbook called The Rax Active Citizen Toolkit, he commented that, "It's only a matter of time - months rather than years - before the music business establishment completely folds."

Radiohead has openly distanced themselves from the music industry since leaving EMI in 2007. The first album they released independently, "In Rainbows," was offered as a free online download, but still reached number 1 on American and British charts and sold over 40,000 copies in its first week.

Other artists, such as Nine Inch Nails and Weezer, quickly followed suit with free independent downloads, and lately it seems like everyone from Eminem to Paul McCartney is expressing their dissatisfaction with record labels and the music industry in general.

Is the music industry as we know it in its final throes, or is Yorke just being pretentious?


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  • Ian Lutz 2011/03/04 00:39:48
    Ian Lutz
    It's not dead it just sucks.
  • Jamie 2010/07/08 17:04:25
    Thom Yorke is brilliant, but unfortunately pop music is not dead. Yet. :D Pop music continues partly because people will listen to whatever is played on mainstream radio. They will eat it up, no questions asked.
  • Tex Arcana 2010/06/14 22:19:34
    Tex Arcana
    A better question is who cares? LOL
  • Kelly 2010/06/11 00:17:43
    Wow ! That wuz neat .... <3 it
  • Stephen Brown 2010/06/10 17:16:27
    Stephen Brown
    Is pop music dead? Are you serious? Pop music was alive between 1963 and 1984. Since then it's been a walking corpse. Zombies are notoriously hard to finish off, of course...
  • Adam Stephen... 2010/11/07 20:11:38
    What happened in 1984? New wave got overcommercialized? Van Halen released 1984 (which was a decent record, but a lot worse than their previous ones and set the stage for the atrocity known as Van Hagar), is that it? Bon Jovi got big? I'm curious as to why you say 1984 instead of, say, 1994 (Cobains death) or 1999 (arrival of boy bands and teen pop), which are the years a lot of people point to.
  • Ian Lutz Stephen... 2011/03/04 00:48:28
    Ian Lutz
    So you're not counting the entire 90s as an era of good popular music!? That's a steep comment to throw out there considering the blow up of grunge, alt rock and the golden age of rap. It was the single greatest decade ever experienced in music next to the 20s and mid-60s-early 70s. Not to mention, the music constantly on the radio in the 90s was actually music with meaning, musicians who could play their instruments, rappers who could really rap, and above all, created an outlet of music that has probably never been or will be matched.
  • Teenage x Crisis 2010/06/10 14:48:59
    Teenage x Crisis
    I think pop music will stay around... but I think it's just going to keep descending into the horrible horrible sink hole of over produced crap they're already known for...

    Only time will tell..
  • Nevermind 2010/06/10 14:41:07
    rightly said. I totally agree with him.
  • H3R3T1CG0D 2010/06/10 14:01:08
    God I hope he's not trying to sell more records by being controvertial. Justin Bieber with his Super pop power should keep the industry alive another couple years anyways.
  • Victoria Rhyannon Nicholson 2010/06/10 13:54:52
    Victoria Rhyannon Nicholson
    Pop music is nearly dead the best stuff coming out now that I know of punk-classical
    like Emilie Autumn and Rufus Wainwright often isnt radio friendly.Yet perhaps pop
    music should die for awhile until its ready to be reborn.Music has become too much
    about money and marketing.Money and marketing should not be what drives music.
  • TheJoker 2010/06/10 11:16:53
    Being pretentious is just Yorke's nature...... perhaps if he'd written a decent song sometime since penning 'The Bends' he'd feel a little different about it.
  • Rude&Reckless 2010/06/10 08:05:09 (edited)
    Dead?!? Pop music was never alive, if you ask me. And neither we're it's listeners...

    dead pop music alive listeners
  • bob 2010/06/10 07:02:18
    Well pop music really just means popular music so as long as there are artists that are internationaly popular "pop music" will never die :P
  • Dinosaur99 2010/06/10 05:45:19
    It all depends. Maybe what's considered "pop" will change.
  • Phletch 2010/06/10 05:39:07
    POP=popular, so no. Hopefully shoddy pop music is dead.
    Excellent video.
  • slsusan 2010/06/10 05:20:44
    Yeah, Grunge was suppose to kill pop music off, too. I wonder who won?
  • Phletch slsusan 2010/06/10 05:38:59
    The music industry won by making "alternative" the mainstream. Why do you think Kurt pulled the trigger (besides Courtney Love)? music industry won alternative mainstream kurt pulled trigger courtney love
  • slsusan Phletch 2010/06/10 05:43:22
    My bet is still on Courtney Love. LOL!
  • Dinosaur99 Phletch 2010/06/10 05:44:04
    He was probably mentally unstable. No disrespect.
  • Phletch Dinosaur99 2010/06/10 05:48:13
    Probably my ass. He was messed up in a ton of ways, but his drive & talent drove him to the brink of insanity. I considered death myself today. If I had the option of dying at peace with total consciousness, or to roll the dice for another decade, I'd be leaving Wednesday. option dying peace total consciousness roll dice decade leaving wednesday
  • Dinosaur99 Phletch 2010/06/10 06:10:09
    Yeah, people that talented can be crazy. I hope you feel better. :(
  • Phletch Dinosaur99 2010/06/10 06:16:05
    No, most days I feel like sucking buckshot myself living in this messed up society, but I have more respect for others than the inclination to taking the easy way out. It would hurt my family and maybe a few friends alot more than my tortured existence hurts me.
  • Dinosaur99 Phletch 2010/06/10 08:21:04
    I want to say something to try to help, but I honestly don't know what to say. :(
  • Phletch Dinosaur99 2010/06/10 08:58:16
    You don't need to say anything, dear. Life is what it is.
  • Dinosaur99 Phletch 2010/06/10 09:03:07
    Yup. :|
  • Ian Lutz Phletch 2011/03/04 00:50:12
    Ian Lutz
    She definitely killed Kurt. No question. Thanks a lot slutty bitch.
  • pink bambi ~ In Muse I Trust ~ 2010/06/10 05:03:07
    pink bambi ~ In Muse I Trust ~
    I thought the whole insane/delusional thing was just him being normal. I love that he is that way and that he has outrageous opinions. I just love Radiohead, it's amazing.
  • Disko Pickle 2010/06/10 02:48:55
    Disko Pickle
    Pop music has been dead for decades and that's exactly the reason it's so popular.
  • Caity Disko P... 2010/06/10 05:14:27
    I want that on a bumper sticker.
  • Victori... Disko P... 2010/06/10 13:57:01
    Victoria Rhyannon Nicholson
    damn right
  • GT 2010/06/10 02:02:20
    The established recording labels may go the way of the dinosaur, and they have they're own greed to blame. People got tired of paying $11.99 for a release with one or two good songs on it.

    The MP3 changed everything. Now you can sample and buy only the songs you want, or share them. It eliminated the need for the next device. Now there may be something to replace the MP3, but it will last much longer than the last "big thing" the CD.

    The music industry will become much more democratic than it used to be. There will be more bands and more genres of music. If this is called the death of pop music, let it die! The consumer will be the winner, and the music oligopoly will exist no more.
  • Adam GT 2010/11/07 20:16:24
  • Vic 2010/06/10 01:08:16
  • KayleaDrake 2010/06/10 01:02:13
    i love snakes but hate mice snakes r really cool and sweet
  • milesrose 2010/06/09 23:57:50
  • Domino 2010/06/09 23:49:34
    yeah----the top ten----songs are pretty---- lame----
  • kate Hampton 2010/06/09 23:23:53 (edited)
  • Rumpleteazer 2010/06/09 23:16:09 (edited)
    'Pop music in not original these days, it’s all the same as 20 years ago, for example what can you do with a guitar after Jimi Hendrix? It still exists because the industry demands a circulation of trash. Technology just updates it – techno/experimental comes from the beginning of the century through Stockhausen to Moroder, not to mention Kraftwerk. This is the law for techno/ambient/experimental sensibility. Novelty is a great thing because it is a rarity. Kraftwerk were revolutionary and still have influence 20 years later, there are interesting things going on with ambient/techno etc., particularly with language – that all goes back to Kraftwerk, Eno etc. Pop needs ahistory to refer from and we are taking from this history and reinterpreting it to reveal a new face.

    Music is not a form of liberation any more, it is a very subtle system of controlling the youth, how could you consider MTV otherwise.'
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2010/06/09 22:25:27 (edited)

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