Is not getting your boy a circumcision a sin?

pepper5419 2012/08/21 01:48:32
With circumcision on the decline because of a push to out law it in some parts of the country and insurance plans dropping it's coverage how do parents get around the religious reasons?
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  • Navin Johnson (The Jerk) 2012/08/22 09:30:53
    Navin Johnson (The Jerk)
    No,judt need to keep religion out of it and do it for health and appearance reasons
  • Cunning Stunts 2012/08/21 13:56:10
    Cunning Stunts
    It's non consented mutilation.
  • Navin J... Cunning... 2012/08/22 10:52:02
    Navin Johnson (The Jerk)
    Kock it off with calling tbat mutilation...idk where you get your delusions
  • Cunning... Navin J... 2012/08/26 12:12:57
    Cunning Stunts
    It is a body part that can't be regrown isn't it?

    Robbing a dude of his sensitivity.
  • Navin J... Cunning... 2012/08/30 03:21:28
    Navin Johnson (The Jerk)
    well,mine works just fine tyvm,and i am happy i was circed
  • Scout 2012/08/21 11:55:12
    No, but neither is getting one.
  • fish 2012/08/21 03:31:17
    I wanted to get my son a circumcision but couldn't afford it at the time, and my health insurance wouldn't cover it. Now it would cost thousands of dollars, for something that is purely cosmetic. He'll have to learn to live with it.
  • Navin J... fish 2012/08/22 10:54:40
    Navin Johnson (The Jerk)
    Thousads of dollars for a snip? Insr. Co just doden't want to pay for that...enter: thst bogud new study now saying those are no longer nessecary
  • Flor de Luna 2012/08/21 02:37:40
    Flor de Luna
    I don't believe it's a sin.Christ's death and resurrection made circumcision unnecessary(as well as some other things that we were bound under the old laws).Anyway,that's my understanding of it.
  • Scream 2012/08/21 02:34:11
  • Skylaris Alanis 2012/08/21 01:51:23
    Skylaris Alanis
    i'm athiest so i don't even know what is a sin or what isn't a sin.
  • pepper5419 Skylari... 2012/08/21 01:54:41
    Well you got a point there.
  • Mark In Irvine 2012/08/21 01:51:19
    Mark In Irvine
    not a sin at all ... some would not agree with me, however ...
  • Skylaris Alanis 2012/08/21 01:50:43
    Skylaris Alanis

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