Is 'Modern Warfare 3' Encouraging an Unhealthy Lifestyle?

Gaming 2011/10/03 21:50:39
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It's bad enough you've gotta be sitting down to play video games (well, most of them) and the lack of exercise sometimes associated with gaming has already caused plenty of concern for health-conscious parents. However, a new promotion for "Modern Warfare 3," the upcoming sequel to the best-selling first-person shooter, could add to the problem.

Pepsi has teamed up with Activision, the game's publisher, to offer "Modern Warfare 3" players double XP (experience points, normally used to gauge how "experienced" a player is at the game) if they purchase certain brands of soda and chips, which will come with special one-time use codes that can be entered into the game.

The promotion is called Rank Up XP.

For instance, if you buy a 12-pack of Mountain Dew, you can get 45 minutes worth of double XP. Combine that with a code from a bag of Doritos and you can score an additional 15 minutes of double XP.

Forbes contributor Paul Tassi accuses the promotion of "stepping over the line." He argues, "I’m going to choose to ignore the whole childhood obesity epidemic factors that accompany such an ad campaign, but it’s worth noting that kids are now being bribed with more XP (in a game that keeps them sedentary for long hours) to get them to buy completely unhealthy junk food."

Activision has not responded to criticisms yet, but "Modern Warfare 3" doesn't even come out until November 8, so they've got a few weeks to sort things out if they choose to.

Read More: http://www.rankupxp.com/Teaser

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  • Spudski 2012/01/08 04:02:30
    I play it, but it's all about balance. Any game can cause you to have an unhealthy lifestyle, really. It's all about the way you budget your time with school, social relationships, family, and life in general. You can then fit in the video gaming in between all of that stuff once you've finished. So, I don't think that MW3 in specific can cause an unhealthy lifestyle, but I can see where everyone is coming from. Most COD players are the stereotypical gamers, imo.
  • cameron wright 2011/11/18 17:02:02
  • Ruby Dear - The Grifter of ... 2011/11/14 21:36:10
    Ruby Dear - The Grifter of PHAET
    They just know their customers.
  • Lexie 2011/11/12 03:55:23
    yes an no but to be honest I stopped liking call of duty games they are to repetitive its the same sh** but different year
  • Decipher 2011/11/09 01:05:55
    It encourages being frickin badass
  • Ezio 2011/11/06 14:31:39
    Its a game,either nog games encourage unhealthy liifestyle or all do.
    Mw3 is a game like all other games.
  • Topdog 2011/11/03 13:39:47
    A video game although for people who want to do nothing with their days may be fun to some but not to others in my point of view i'm a gamer and i love video games i've been hooked since five years old games arent bad they don't encourage anyhting and this goes to whoever made this post you obviously can't multi-task like me i have a life outside the game because i can muli-task . Games are not bad only the people who say they're bad are the ones who have no loves.
  • Jack 2011/11/01 19:43:31
    in more ways then that, think about all the fps games that use middle eastern people as the default enemy! they are indoctrinating us to violence against them! you want the full story got to this link

  • Superma... Jack 2011/11/04 03:26:20
    Superman save us
    That is a stupid statement seeing as MW series is dealing with russians.
  • ButterbeerMe 2011/11/01 01:44:59
  • *The Gentle Giant* 2011/10/31 16:52:41
    *The Gentle Giant*
    Idk know why i dont like moder warfare
  • vetogod 2011/10/28 06:59:23
    I have carpal tunnel and had to have surgery to correct is and so far it trashed my good hand but I love video games so it is worth while to me and I will play after my hand heal so ya
  • rustyshackelford 2011/10/25 09:01:22
  • Todd 2011/10/24 06:49:03
  • Jesse Ford 2011/10/19 19:26:27
  • Stephen Green 2011/10/17 19:22:40
    Stephen Green
    I think that it is encouraging a unhealthy life style but doing this deal. But will people really buy this amount of drinks and stuff just for a bit more XP i know i wouldnt! By the time you have drank all this drink gone out to buy it you could already probably got more rank then in the double xp. Might aswell wait until a map pack comes out and you get like a week of XP! Its trying to encourage it but i do not think people will fall for it and if they do it is dum.
  • Brad 2011/10/17 14:36:07
    They are encouraging you to buy their game by using basic marketing strategies. Find the Demographic that buys the majority of their games and figure out what they like... Put them together and you have a perfect match... If their demographic like celery and milk they would market on those but that isn't the case.
  • Ketel-One 2011/10/17 14:32:20
    It's like saying Cookie Monster is promoting bad eating habits >.>
  • Brad Ketel-One 2011/10/17 14:37:27
    They did say that. Thats why he became the veggie monster...
  • Ketel-One Brad 2011/10/17 14:38:50
    I'm saying it's stupid. If people are actually taking eating habits from a puppet somethings wrong with them. Same thing with that game
  • Jordan Moran 2011/10/16 21:47:10
    Jordan Moran
    In the 45 minutes that 12 Mountain Dew would give me, I'd have already gotten 3x the amount of point the other noobs have, so it would be a waste of money. And Dorito's look so much different 'over the pond'...
  • pewpew zappy gun 2011/10/15 22:12:19
    pewpew zappy gun
    if you dont like it dont buy it
  • JayJawJoe 2011/10/15 11:10:04
    They're just trying to find the most lucrative and effective way of selling their products, besides if they really wanted to poison their consumers with junk food then they wouldn't have any consumers left would they? I'm pretty sure most of them realize that...
  • Jorep 2011/10/14 03:11:12
    Ultimately, the companies are able to market and promote their products however they want, and this cross promotion will be great for each party involved. For Mountain Dew it's essentially a gold mine.
    Is it ethically sound? Not at all. The kind of people who actually care about double XP in this game are probably already not getting out enough, so this is only going to be worse for them in the long run. But that's the price you pay to live in a capitalist society: everyone has a choice.
    So while personally I don't like it, it's a fantastic move from a marketing standpoint. Whoever thought this one up is a genius.
  • Squiddie 2011/10/13 21:52:06
    the last time somesone tried to combine games and excersise was called the failure of teh wii
  • Brad Squiddie 2011/10/17 14:39:23
    Really it still breaks sale records on a yearly basis... On top of the one of the best selling games in the last couple of years has been the boring ass dance games...
  • Jessica_Dawn94 2011/10/12 17:23:06
    It actually just doesn't depend on if the person plays it too much. Some people have a fast metabolism! So that works... as for playing 24/7, well I know of no one who does that. Also, most people quit after they beat the game or eventually become bored.
  • Silly Ness 2011/10/12 04:21:43
    Silly Ness
    If someone wants to sit on their butt all day and play video games, that's their choice. Responsible gamers know when to stop.
  • jontellywelly_ 2011/10/11 09:32:45
    Well maybe but i don't care, I can't wait to play this game! Seriously, I'm really excited. ;D
  • Michael Boham 2011/10/10 23:44:55
    Michael Boham
    It depends on the person, not the game. Or ANY game, for that matter.
  • Vee 2011/10/10 05:57:34
    not really. it depends of the person if you will play it 24/7 no exercise no sleep haha that is bad news
  • Saint Caster 2011/10/07 02:33:36
    Saint Caster
    No! I know quite a few kids who play varsity football, and ALL they do is play COD at home! :D
  • KittyKiller 2011/10/06 23:13:47
    Erm, i thought it must've been promoting survival. Hence, gun and murder and battling the enemy.
  • mylegs 2011/10/06 21:53:46 (edited)
    um yes people there shouldnt even be no answers. Theyre promoting soda which is unhealthy. Is this something we should worry about? no, everyone in the world is trying to sell you something through any means even if its unhealthy. also people have the right to be unhealthy and obese, they just shouldnt complain about it and say its not their fault
  • Saint C... mylegs 2011/10/07 02:34:31
    Saint Caster
  • Gasbagmike 2011/10/06 21:50:56
    its not about the game, its about how you handle it
  • Yoru Azenia 2011/10/06 13:55:11
    Yoru Azenia
    Only in lazy people
  • Forza_Belenzieo 2011/10/06 07:06:45
    It's promoting not encouraging. Besides, only the Uber-Fans or CoD MW3 will do this event and over time the event will loose interest and go away. I don't PLay CoD anymore, Iv'e turned to the other side.... Battlefield 3 baby.
  • Ruger 2011/10/05 02:33:34
    I love Modern warfare but don't get into the whole XP hype and I'm eating healthier and it won't lure me to the store.
  • KB 2011/10/05 00:03:39

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