Is Miley Cyrus believable as an edgy, Lady Gaga-lite vixen?

Shawn Amos 2010/06/21 16:32:30
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This hapless piece of pop pap has done the seemingly impossible: made me miss Hannah Montana. Does anyone believe Miley Cyrus' makeover as an edgy, Lady Gaga-lite vixen? OK, Miley can't be tamed. But she can be stopped. Please? Anyone? Perez?

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  • Buzz Lightyear 2010/06/22 07:14:34
    Buzz Lightyear
    No. At this point she's just embarrassing herself. The sooner she goes away the better. And Billy Ray should be slapped for being the worst excuse for a father since Michael Lohan.
  • David 2010/06/21 18:43:47
    Miley Cyrus has vocal talent, to be sure; but jumping the shark from Disney moppet to howling "I can't be tamed" dressed all in leather is a HUGE stretch that doesn't work at all.
  • Ava Alexander 2010/06/21 17:48:53
    Ava Alexander
    My 12 year old says no, so I guess I have to agree with her.
  • Spider20 2010/06/21 17:35:12
    Simply no.......
  • ejw89109 2010/06/21 17:23:49
    There is only ONE Gaga !! The rest of the posers are, at best, laughable. Miley Cyrus is a little 17 year old kid who wants to be what she is not and never will be. Any thought of a believable makeover is quickly squashed as soon as she opens her mouth.

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