Is Mexican drug violence spilling over into the U.S.?

L.A. Times 2012/12/04 17:01:45
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The death of a Coast Guard crewman after suspected smugglers rammed a U.S. craft shows the rising popularity of sea routes for marijuana and illegal immigrants. Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III suffered a fatal head injury attempting to stop a Mexican panga near Santa Cruz Island. Do you think Mexican drug violence is spilling over into the U.S.?

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  • Andrew Cogliano 2012/12/06 23:35:28
    Andrew Cogliano
    It's so true. I'm training to become a toxicologist, and I hear stories of all the pain that drugs bring. Mexican cocaine and heroin are the worst, but they also grow a type of marijuana that doe NOTHING, only robs the user of their cash. It has to be stopped, no questions asked.
  • johnnyg 2012/12/06 21:32:02
    Because the punk ass USGovt runs an insane war on some drugs. Do Miller and Budweiser have cross border gun fights??
  • Pookie 2012/12/06 20:17:43
  • genuineLolita 2012/12/06 20:15:39
    "Spilling" implies that this is new, I would have voted yes if it said spilled.
  • Cierra 2012/12/06 16:59:58
    Isn't it obvious?
  • Kaye 2012/12/06 15:45:38
    Its time to put a stop to it
  • Jim 2012/12/06 15:11:12
  • johnnyg Jim 2012/12/06 21:39:01
  • shydreamguy 2012/12/06 12:45:19 (edited)
    The US Military needs to be called in on this and if they wont come, then we create a Special Militia . to Help Gaurd and Defend our borders
    I Volenteer
    give me an earpiece & rifle and if you tell me to shoot i will
    I will Follow Orders
    Ill do my best If your ok with the fact that, i cant walk but i am a Trained Gulf War Veteran.
    got injured in that war but i can still fight for America.
    Just Ask and im there
  • johnnyg shydrea... 2012/12/06 21:40:01
    GREAT!! fight to end the insane war on some drugs!!
  • shydrea... johnnyg 2012/12/07 17:12:00 (edited)
    My Duty If asked, would be to Protect Americans along Our Borders. and to only use deadly force when ordered to,same as when i served in the US Military.
    I couldnt care less if the agressors are drug dealers or not .
  • johnnyg shydrea... 2012/12/14 21:26:08
    You could have worked for Hitler.
  • shydrea... johnnyg 2013/01/07 07:47:58
    I dont know why you would say that im just a US Citizen im Not a DEA Agent so i would just be backup for things like border control standing gaurd that doenst make me a nazi im sad that you would misgudge me & so harshly
  • the fuze 2012/12/06 12:31:35
    the fuze
    But solving it seems to be like bringing peace to the Middle East
  • Lyka Midik 2012/12/06 11:21:30 (edited)
    Lyka Midik
    What would happen to the drug cartels if they could no longer profit from drugs? Making drugs legal would make their profits and them disappear.

    It might raise the number of drug user by less than you expect.

    Lets think about this rationally; You're not going to change your opinion about doing meth or heroine just because you can get it at Walmart now.
  • Renar Lyka Midik 2012/12/08 14:52:53
    Make all drugs legal but allow companies to have individual drug testing and policies. If your company terminates high employees, people will know to do drugs on their own time.
    Also a crime committed while on drugs gets the same exact sentence as one committed while sober.
    Criminal activity gets NO PASS because you were zooted.
    A better alternative than wasting billions on a bogus, losing "War on drugs."
  • Lyka Midik Renar 2012/12/10 03:45:50
    Lyka Midik
    ^THIS^ is Great!!

    Never crossed my mind before, have you ever written letters to any legislators?

    You would be surprised how much policy comes from citizens, not whole policies normally, but small parts .
  • AL 2012/12/06 09:26:17
    Thank you so much Mr. Resident, for refusing to protect our own borders
  • Lyka Midik AL 2012/12/07 02:43:34
    Lyka Midik
    Mr. Resident...
  • AL Lyka Midik 2012/12/07 06:17:53
    You got it! thats all Mr. Resident does in sit his ass in the White House and plays the role of a Clown Prince now
  • Lyka Midik AL 2012/12/07 09:42:08
    Lyka Midik
    He does seem rather useless doesn't he.
  • Roblem BN-0 2012/12/06 08:27:21 (edited)
    Roblem BN-0
    That is sad that another life was lost. :-(

    Maybe it is the other way around... violence is a way of life in America.

    End the stupid drug war and legalize all drugs!! What we are doing now IS NOT WORKING!
  • Kaye Roblem ... 2012/12/06 15:50:09
    That is immoral and against Gods laws.Its also just plain stupid
  • Lyka Midik Kaye 2012/12/07 02:42:27 (edited)
    Lyka Midik
    If drugs are legal then all the sudden it will be OK to do them? People aren't going to see hard drugs at the store and just change the mind about doing them. Drugs are still clearly bad to do even if they become legal. If drunk driving was not a crime would you be driving on the road shmammered as Mel Gibson? Hopefully not because that is dangerous and wrong.

    Where do your values come from?
    From inside yourself or from some self-appointed moral cognoscente's who disguised their own ideas as universal concepts?

    Not trying to say that the bible/law aren't full of good morals because they are. I am just trying to say that Free Thought is powerful and useful, it can even strengthen your existing faith.
  • scottcleaves 2012/12/06 07:59:58
    The supply is there, but the DEMAND is here. And we wonder why there's a problem? $$$
  • Michaelene 2012/12/06 07:51:24
    Close the borders, arm our CG and BP just as well as Obama and Holder armed the drug cartels during the Fast and Furious program.
    We give enough money to Mexico so they can help themselves and their citizens. Keep their drugs and dealers over there.
    The CG should have blown their boat out of the water.
  • RageFury 2012/12/06 06:57:49
    How else did Obama's "Fast and Furious" get a Border Patrol guy shot and killed...
  • MlssCue =Go Blue= 2012/12/06 06:49:15
    MlssCue =Go Blue=
    That's a fact, also a fact it's nothing new.
  • VonDruid 2012/12/06 06:37:28
    No one has to die over marijuana. If the government would allow the farmers to grow hemp it totally negates the marijuana. Turns it all into hemp plants. Problem solved.
  • MlssCue... VonDruid 2012/12/06 06:50:41
    MlssCue =Go Blue=
    Except the drug coming out of Mexico that creates a problem isn't marijuana, not the big overall problem anyway.
  • modurhead 2012/12/06 04:44:24
    this is americas war on drugs its worldwide.what boarders?
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/12/06 03:51:35
    Yes, but it is not new. There is a large area in Arizona where they have posted warning signs against entering the area. I think that it is long over do for us to send in the marines and protect our borders and use gunboats. After they suffer a few loses the problem will do one of two things go away or escalate. I would not think it a tragedy to use armed drones to protect our borders. Giving us a good chance of making sure our border patrol is safe and letting them know that we are serious about the problem.
    Congress needs to take the White House to court to further their investigation of guns running.
  • gvc 2012/12/06 03:49:48
    Are you serious? The drug cartels are taking over border states. It's not even safe to travel anywhere near Mexico these days.
  • T A 2012/12/06 03:39:14
    T A
    That would be the US government's War on Drug users and sellers violence. Was it worth his life? Is it worth all the other lives? Is it worth the government forcing you to pay for this farce? Because those are hours spent at work and away from your family you will NEVER GET BACK. Those are lives lost that WILL NEVER COME BACK.
  • DDogbreath 2012/12/06 02:57:39
    Failed US drug policies are the major cause for it. Legislating morality never works, all currently illegal "recreational drugs" are safer than alcohol. Our government has been lying to us for the past 40 years.

  • Mike W 2012/12/06 02:03:25 (edited)
    Mike W
    Yes, but its OK because the border has to remain porrus to allow all those future democrats across the border, along with a few terrorist here and there, The death of US law Enforcement doesnt really matter if the democrats can stay in power
  • the spoiler 2012/12/06 00:21:41
    the spoiler
    If you look you'll see it too
  • sneekyfoot 2012/12/06 00:13:32
    The border patrol presence is well beyond what we ever had in past times ,so much so the Mexicans cartels have lost 25% of their business .
  • nate 2012/12/05 23:44:29
    illegal aliens are spilling over into the US too.
  • Georgia50 2012/12/05 23:25:19
    Eric "My People" Holder is the racist Democrat exporting US violence to Mexico.

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