Is Lady Gaga a Good Role Model for Willow Smith?

Music 2010/12/09 13:00:00
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Ten-year-old Willow Smith is releasing her hit single, "Whip My Hair," in the UK this week with huge expectations. Next stop: superstardom à la Lady Gaga.

After finding breakthrough success this year, Smith has just been invited to join Justin Bieber on his upcoming European tour. The youngster seems poised to take on the entire world -- but one of her ambitions makes us a little nervous.

"I would like to be a very well-known artist. I would like to be as big as Lady Gaga. I would like to be bigger. I'd like to be a big rock star," she told NME.

Sure, Willow is both funky and spunky, but she has that adorable innocence that every 10-year-old should have, despite being the daughter of two very famous parents. In the role model department, Gaga seems a little dark and out there. Perhaps Beyonce would be a better target?

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  • myrab51 2010/12/09 18:47:15
    No, she's a bad role model
    She is a bad role model, but if you read the statement, that is not what she said. She said she wants to be as big as Lady Gaga. There is a huge difference. She's not saying she wants to do naked videos in locker room. She is saying she wants to be well known. Her actual statement was "would like to be a very well-known artist. I would like to be as big as Lady Gaga." Besides, she has two parents that seem to have good heads on their shoulders, and don't need the money. I would imagine they aren't going to let her go too wild at this age.

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  • turtledove123 2010/12/10 18:01:08
    Lady Gaga is not her role model. The child said she wanted to be as big, or as famous as Lady Gaga, not be like her.
  • Sounds Of Silence 2010/12/10 13:09:18
    No, she's a bad role model
    Sounds Of Silence
    I wouldn't want my dog looking up to Lady Gaga as any sort of role model, let alone an impressionable little kid. Willow should look up to her mom. Jada is an excellent, positive role model for young girls.
  • odunlami funmilayo 2010/12/10 12:55:48
    No, she's a bad role model
    odunlami funmilayo
    i dont think its good for her anyway.
  • TopShelf® (oyo) 2010/12/10 12:27:04
    TopShelf® (oyo)
    i didn't read anywhere in her statement,that she wanted to be
    like lady gaga stylewise.she wants to be as successful as lady gaga.

    are you dense or trying to stir some sh*t?
    lady gaga stylewise successful lady gaga dense stir sht sexy
  • sm237 2010/12/10 10:44:05
    No, she's a bad role model
    No one should be like Lady Gaga....not even Lady Gaga....
  • ♥☀☺Vanessa☺☀♥ 2010/12/10 09:09:37
    Yes, totally
    She's like a lady gaga mini me
  • patti 2010/12/10 08:38:56
    Willow Smith is yet another talentless "celebrity" only famous as her parents are! NOT FAIR! ow about some of the talented kids out there who cannot even get an audition?And Gaga is talented. Not Willow.
  • Ava Braylen 2010/12/10 08:04:19
    No, she's a bad role model
    Ava Braylen
    If the kid wants to be an annoying, little, queer brat then by all means let her.
  • Eddie_DOMA_is_dead 2010/12/10 07:21:39
  • Yes, totally
    Catnip "Guru" ◊◊◊∞◊◊◊
    If she wants to walk around wearing a meat dress, and her parents are okay with it.....hey, go nuts, kid!
  • Little Miss Ncis 2010/12/10 07:18:34
    No, she's a bad role model
    Little Miss Ncis
    No so far Willow is fun, kids love her and she has a good sense of style also her family has a fantastic reputation. But lady gaga is mad in my opinion! :D
  • Elmo~WAWU~Bn-2~ 2010/12/10 07:15:22
    She didn't say she wnats to be like her, she said she wants to be as famous as her.
  • Max7 2010/12/10 05:47:54
    I wouldn't think so.
  • X0INFINITYX0 2010/12/10 05:39:54
    No, she's a bad role model
    Hell no i think Willow Smith can do much better :D

    FTW !!!
  • DollyCarcass♥ 2010/12/10 05:29:28
  • Jake 2010/12/10 05:01:21
    Who gives a damn!!!
  • harasnicole 2010/12/10 03:56:38
    I think Willow's talking about Gaga's success rather than behavior in public. If Willow Smith wants to try and be bigger than Lady Gaga, she's well on her way. She never said she wants to be JUST LIKE Lady Gaga; she just wants to be bigger than her.
  • Rore73 2010/12/10 03:52:12
    A 10 year old? Lady Gaga? Are you nuts?
  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2010/12/10 00:50:39 (edited)
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    She didn't say she wanted to BE like Lady Gaga she said she wanted to be bigger than Lady Gaga.
  • starburst105678 2010/12/10 00:49:04
    I dont think that llady gaga is bad but willow shouldnt be.
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2010/12/10 00:47:11
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    I'm with myrab51 on this. Now she wants to be a rock star apparentley. That won't happen.
  • avery 2010/12/10 00:40:32 (edited)
  • BackRoadz 2010/12/09 23:55:23
    No, she's a bad role model
    The Smith's have good taste and a sense of style. I cant see the parents allowing this to go only so far
  • Errol Park 2010/12/09 23:53:42
    Errol Park
    I don't give a rat's ass about Willow's or Gaga's personal lives or who their role models are. However, I'm surprised she didn't say she wanted to be like Rihanna. She's so blatantly emulating her.

    I draw issue with her saying "I'd like to be a big rock star." Neither she nor Lady Gaga are playing rock music, they can't be rock stars.
  • Koatz 2010/12/09 23:10:07
    No, she's a bad role model
    God forbid! Willow is just getting started with her career. Perish-the-thought that it will evolve into the filth coming from Gaga.
  • DiViews2015 2010/12/09 23:05:14
    No, she's a bad role model
    I hope she was referring to the fame Gaga has acquired and not manner she achieve it. I hope Willow will keep her head on her shoulders and not seek any kind of attention just to have all eyes on her. She needs to be rooted.
  • flippytude 2010/12/09 22:57:14
    No, she's a bad role model
    She is too provacative for a child to look up too.
  • FunkyMunky 2010/12/09 22:54:45
    There is a formula for getting famous, she can either follow it or invent her own.
  • fascination 2010/12/09 22:48:54
    Lady Gaga is famous because she's unique. Willow Smith should create her own identity. But I don't think that that is what we're really talking about. Willow just said that she wanted to be as famous as Lady Gaga, not like her.
  • Edible_toad 2010/12/09 22:44:40
    Again Sodahead has completely changed what she said.

    Being as big as Gaga is perfectly acceptable, after all most people have heard of her whether of not they like her music.
    Having her as role-model is not something I'd want any child to have though.
  • Extremist Soldier of Christ 2010/12/09 22:29:01
    No, she's a bad role model
    Extremist Soldier of Christ
    First, I would tell Will to take his kid and give them a good back lashing. He has no idea what it is to be a parent it seems. How in the hell do you allow your children to look like some pink pig and purple lipstick? Please, this is why Hollywood lustful individuals that are in love with their own profile should not have children. These should be the children of today. And Will should have taken his children and teach values.............not popularity.

    individuals love profile children children children teach values popularity children and violins
  • moonlightstar456 2010/12/09 22:12:28
    No, she's a bad role model
    no shes not cuz do 2 dat alejadro wat eva da hell its spelled its not gud 4 9 yurs olds 2 c she was kinda close 2 loseing her rep for dat one
  • Extremi... moonlig... 2010/12/09 22:30:15
    Extremist Soldier of Christ
    What did you just say,moonlightstar?
  • moonlig... Extremi... 2011/04/12 21:44:17
    i said that due to that alejandro video its not good for nine year olds to see
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2010/12/09 22:09:48
  • KennethJamesAbbott 2010/12/09 21:39:11
    No, she's a bad role model
    Should Willow Smith be like Lady Gaga?

    Hell, Lady Gaga shouldn't be like Lady Gaga....

    But all the same, she didn't say she wants to be like LG, just that she wants to be as famous as her. There's a difference. If I say I want to be as popular as Michael Jackson, after all, that doesn't mean I want to have a hard-on for kids.
  • slightlymelted 2010/12/09 21:27:06
    As a 10 year old do you think she sees the reality of lady gaga or just what she is through innocent eyes?

    And where do we get off thinking that we should have any say in who her role models are anyhow?
  • Traffic21 2010/12/09 21:23:47
    No, she's a bad role model
    she should have her own gimmick, not copy someone elses
  • namikazelil 2010/12/09 21:09:23
    No, she's a bad role model
    i love lady gaga, but as far as her being a role model goes, even i have to admit she's not exactly someone little girls should be looking up to
  • Linsey(: 2010/12/09 21:01:45
    Yes, totally
    Little Monsters!!!!:)))))

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