Is Korean Pop the Next Big Thing?

Music 2011/10/24 13:00:00
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Who will be next on the coveted throne of the American teen girl's heart? We expect Justin Bieber to silently slip from the throne soon, but the industry doesn't seem to be churning out anything noteworthy at the moment. And a booming bubblegum pop market in Korea might take advantage of it.

"Hallyu," or "Korean Wave" is a movement supporting the spread of South Korean culture, and a big part of that has been teen pop groups, which the country has by the dozens. They've taken Asia by storm and sold out major shows in Europe in under 15 minutes. These groups -- with names like SHINee, f(x), TVQX, B2ST, and Girls' Generation -- stopped by TRL in preparation for Sunday's SMTOWN Live concert at Madison Square Garden, and the crowds were beyond Bieber.

(Feel free to caption this, by the way.)

MTV Vice President Peter Griffin said of the bubbling K-Pop crowds outside the studio, "I haven't seen this in years. It reminds me of when 'N Sync was here and the fans lined up around the studio." The day before, the K-Pop tour attracted 40,000 fans to the New York Korean Festival.

Most fans see to be girls in their mid teens to early twenties -- a little older than Bieber fans. And they're coming from all over. Virginia Cote drove to one of the New York shows from Quebec with five of her friends. She told The New York Daily News, "Korean pop stars are beautiful, and I love them because they care so much about their fans ... We don't have singers like them in Canada."

K-pop artists have recently collaborated with big American producers like Kanye West and Diplo, and will.i.am.

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  • tj ~(^-^)~ 2013/01/24 16:34:53
    tj  ~(^-^)~
    I really do hope and kinda think it will be. If there are any more songs similar to Psy's 'Gangnam Style' yet last longer, I'll be excited. Well, as long as it isn't played to death on the radios again....
    But in all seriousness, Korean pop music is becoming well known, and in Australia we actually have a show for it (PopAsians, we're lucky ^-^)
    I think it's because the songs are so catchy, and most of them are pretty happy. They're also fun and bouncy, even if you don't know the language. My Auntie likes Bubble Pop and Crayon, and my Uncle likes Big Bang's 'Haru Haru' ^-^
    I've gotten lots of my family to listen to it, and they don't mind it, so I'm looking forward to asian music playing more in the future
    The JB Hi-Fi near me sells kpop, not a lot, but still.... it's a start
    Kpoppers, hwaiting! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ^▽^
    kpopping gif
  • émilie✿ 2012/09/17 00:28:05
    Lol, no.
    One decent Kpop song exists.
  • Mini Twuby 2012/05/21 01:42:52
    Mini Twuby
    I LOVE B2ST~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~! I love k-pop! B2st B2ST

    4minute 4minute

    girls generation SNSD

    and a lot more :D!
  • ashley an 2012/04/26 03:03:04 (edited)
    ashley an
    Im sorry, but in honest and reality thoughts (not in a mean way) but if you think about the whole world or how many kids actually know kpop in your school, can give you a idea of how many people actually know kpop. I'm not being opposed to it because I like kpop, but I have the feeling if doubt that it wont be the dominate music industry but I think it will be pretty popular. If you lived in a Asian community you probably would know it better than compared to a not so Asian community. I really don't know, but if it does I'd be so proud/ surprised.
  • Cheerios 2012/01/16 21:01:00
    Of course! We brought our music there (rap/ hip-hop), there's no reason why their great music could get big here.
  • Yaati 2012/01/14 06:25:55

    I honestly don't think they'll be naked enough for the American market :/
    That's not suppose to be a joke either :|
  • Bella 2011/12/06 01:08:11 (edited)
    Kpop is awesome, I'm kinda upset coz the article didn't mention SUPER JUNIOR! The leaders of hallyu! ELFs hwaiting!
  • riley mack 2011/11/23 04:27:41
    riley mack
    Oh hell no.
  • Bella riley mack 2011/12/06 01:39:10
    if your going to say something like that, you have give reasons.
  • David riley mack 2012/03/16 07:15:09
    I accidently liked your comment....
  • parkdennis 2011/11/10 18:25:04
    I'm a Korean
    but honestly i don't like Korean songs
    In almost all groups, only like 1 or 2 people are ACTUAL singers with good singing voice.
    others just work on appearance, dance moves, muscles
    so they are not earning money with their voice
    but their appearance
    which i think is not correct
  • 098765 2011/10/31 20:13:54
    yes, it already is. and it's turned me even more against koreans as a race.
  • Xx_MiSs... 098765 2011/11/03 14:45:15
    so are you being racist o.0
  • 098765 Xx_MiSs... 2011/11/03 16:03:51
    OmG yes o.0
  • Xx_MiSs... 098765 2011/11/03 21:29:38
    i'm telling....
  • Bella Xx_MiSs... 2011/12/06 01:39:39
    you should!
  • Ahtisham Raja 2011/10/31 15:23:30
    Ahtisham Raja
    I m a fan
  • tekila 2011/10/31 10:51:15
    omg i love korean po and girls generatio are soooooooo awesome... finnaly getting out of korea/japan and hitting the world by storm
  • Bella tekila 2011/12/06 01:40:04
    totally!!!!! So Ones hwaiting!
  • Momothepie 2011/10/31 03:37:50
    Why isn't there a undecided one here!!I've listened to girls generation and they seem good enough for people to love em so yes I guess but not really my thing ..has anyone heard of Ft.Island?I like em(:
  • Xx_MiSs... Momothepie 2011/11/03 14:46:09
    i have heard of ft island, in fact they were the first kpop artist that i listened to :)
  • SpiritR... Momothepie 2011/11/04 18:33:50
    I love FT Island too!! Hongki's voice is amazing, though my bias is Seunghyun. I think that they are not as publisized as say... Girls' Generation because they're not a part of "The Big Three" music companies. It definitely doesn't stop them from being absolutely amazing though! <3
  • Bella Momothepie 2011/12/06 01:41:34
    Ft Island is awesome! have you heard Like the Birds yet? I watched the comeback and I didn't like it at first, but it kinda grew on me.
    Primadonnas (ft island fanclub) hwaiting!
  • SpiritR... Bella 2011/12/21 00:36:31
    Yes!! My favorite is still "I Hope" though <3
    Primadonnas fighting!!
  • thedreamseeker 2011/10/30 00:01:00
    I remember travelling in a bus from Ukraine to Russia listening to the radio I could not turn off and thinking that I could no longer tell the difference between sh*tty Anglo-pop and sh*tty European pop. Both sound like English isn't their first language, certainly if you listen to the lyrics, and both are auto-tuned within an inch of their life over a mediocre R 'n' B lite track.

    It would seem that we can add K-Pop to that indiscernible mulch. I see no reason why BoA shouldn't top our charts. She's certainly attractive enough.

    It seems pure capitalism = music, which is capable of being exchanged all over the world.

    Meanwhile, music where the pressure to sell has disappeared continues to innovate and produce individual, unique sounds. You're just unlikely to hear it on the radio or read about it entertainment based website.
  • Superju... thedrea... 2011/10/30 05:47:09
    Truthfully I can't argue with anything you're saying at all cause it's mostly true. Although if I may, I believe the autotune is more for a cool effect and just trying to sound catchy, because they can actually sing live. I'm not biased though, I've hated on live performances of my favorite bands and I've loved other live performances, but generally speaking they do actually have singing talent. Just my two cents, or at this point I guess I'm putting in dollar bills haha
  • thedrea... Superju... 2011/10/30 15:58:56
    Many, many dollar bills, my friend. ;)
  • GGina8 2011/10/29 11:08:05
    Swedish Pop is the Next Big thing! Example: Eric Saade, Swedish House Maffia...etc.
  • Superju... GGina8 2011/10/30 05:37:02
    I would definitely not mind if Eric Saade became the next big thing! Darin too :3
  • Eva 2011/10/29 02:00:31
    Dude, ask your average geeky-ish kid who G-Dragon is and they'll either sneer at you or, more likely, flail.
  • Xx_MiSs... Eva 2011/11/03 14:57:20
    AI LOVE GD!!!
  • Eva Xx_MiSs... 2011/11/04 23:02:29
    Haha, actually, I do too :)
  • Bella Xx_MiSs... 2011/12/06 01:09:46
    yess! listening to heartbreaker right now! let's hope he gets out of this drug thing soon! :)
  • BryanRozells 2011/10/28 20:03:27
    I'm a SNSD fan (Girl's Generation) =)
  • Bella BryanRo... 2011/12/06 01:10:12
    So Ones hwaiting!
  • Bella Bella 2011/12/06 01:13:17
    also, Happy Birthday to Yuri Eonnie!
  • Andrew 2011/10/28 05:13:29
  • Staind_wolf94 2011/10/27 21:16:10
    I heard 5 seconds and got a headache
  • SpiritR... Staind_... 2011/10/28 03:43:10
    Well, what song did you listen to? Even within k-pop there is a lot of variety. There are good songs and there are bad song in every genre. I am not going to try to convert, but I AM a k-pop fan with strong confidence in the genre and I believe that it has what it takes to be the 'next big thing.' My confidence is such that if you give me some songs and/or bands to give me an idea of what you usually listen to, I'm sure I can find at least a couple songs that won't give you a headache.

    I repeat, I am not trying to convert. I understand that our world is such that there will always be lovers, haters and those who don't know or care for everything from music to sports to politics. I am just a k-pop fan that is willing to spread her love for the genre if you let me. I won't even be offended if you don't respond.
  • Superju... Staind_... 2011/10/28 05:41:15
    This isn't so much a reply to your comment as it is me seizing an opportunity :p

    SpiritRaven is right; there is a lot of variety. "Kpop" as a genre is kind of an umbrella term and it actually covers a wide spectrum including electronic, hip hop, pop rock, and a lot of other genres. I see a lot of the links that people are posting are of the more popular groups, which is fine but I don't think it's a completely fair representation. I'm not trying to convert anyone either but for all people who are hearing Kpop for the first time I thought I might post a few links to show what else there is out there

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