Is 'Guardians of the Galaxy' the Best Movie of 2014?

AdriHead 2014/09/01 01:04:31
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If you haven't seen "Guardians of the Galaxy" yet, you may soon be the only one. The action-packed summertime flick just became the highest-grossing movie of 2014 so far.

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Partly thanks to Labor Day weekend, "Guardians of the Galaxy" took the place of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" as the most profitable movie at the box office this year. The film added $3.8 million this weekend, which brought its domestic total up to $262.1 million. That's about $2.4 million more than the "Captain America" sequel.

What do you think? Would you say "Guardians of the Galaxy" is the best movie of 2014 so far? Or did another movie this year impress you even more? Sound off.

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  • megan is a fairy 2014/09/10 17:54:46
    No, there've been better films than that.
    megan is a fairy
    it was really good but the fault in our star <3
  • Digman14 2014/09/09 16:02:30
  • rah-rah 2014/09/08 19:00:04
    No, there've been better films than that.
    Didn't watch it so I don't know.
  • Adrian Judge 2014/09/08 14:59:57
    Yes, so far.
    Adrian Judge
    I am Groot!!
  • Dave 007 2014/09/07 12:32:51
    No, there've been better films than that.
    Dave 007
    It has been a poor year for films.
  • sally 2014/09/07 04:56:50
    No, there've been better films than that.
    2014 isn't over! I loved The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I can't wait for movies like Mockingjay pt. 1, Into the Woods, The Maze Runner and I kind of want to see The Song and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them. Don't get me wrong I loved Guardians of the Galaxy (who knew Chris Pratt was such a babe?) but I've been excited for the first three movies I mentioned since I found out the dates they were coming out.
  • jwlynn 2014/09/05 14:43:44
    Yes, so far.
    Best that I've seen.
  • carlbrown4 2014/09/05 14:07:17
    Yes, so far.
    If Justin beiber came out with another documentary of his life it would be the best buy default.
    justin beiber movie
    (First name Satan, nickname Devil)
  • Bio - PHART 2014/09/05 13:38:44
    No, there've been better films than that.
    Bio - PHART
    Not even close.
  • arran.vid 2014/09/05 09:33:02 (edited)
    No, there've been better films than that.
    I liked Godzilla 2014 and the Amazing Spiderman 2 more, but 2014 hasn't ended yet so there might be better movies yet to come. Also the concept of the heroes was silly as they had a flipping ET sentient tree creature and a raccoon as some of the protagonists. Also there was too much use of CGI. I haven't seen the movie but I've seen trailers.
  • jwlynn arran.vid 2014/09/05 14:45:51
    Always glad when such well informed people put their opinion in the hopper... Not! Maybe you see the movie before crapping on it.
  • Grey 2014/09/05 06:01:16
    No, there've been better films than that.
    2014 isn't over yet.
  • ClassyJessie 2014/09/05 00:27:29
    No, there've been better films than that.
    I loved it...I am groot! But I gotta vote for Planet of the apes. Cesear for president!!
  • Hola ClassyJ... 2014/09/05 00:35:59
    Really? I enjoyed the last Planet of the Apes movie and I've hear great reviews about Planet of the Apes.

    Hopefully I can watch it this weekend.
  • ClassyJ... Hola 2014/09/19 12:10:10
    Yes...I didn't wanna leave the theattre...
  • spike66 2014/09/04 23:48:33
    Yes, so far.
    It was frigging awesome
  • bmxschoolbus 2014/09/04 22:58:29
    No, there've been better films than that.
    Have not seen it yet I'm waiting till it comes out on DVD
  • LifeJoka82 2014/09/04 21:09:17
    No, there've been better films than that.
    Even though it was a great movie, there have been a lot better movies that have come out this year so far, and still better movies that have yet to be released. Can't wait til the new Hobbit comes out. It'll blow this movie out of the water.
  • Adrian ... LifeJoka82 2014/09/08 15:03:26
    Adrian Judge
    Can't be any worse than the 1st Hobbit film, utter garbage, Peter Jackson stretching a small book into a epic....NOT!!
  • ClassyJ... LifeJoka82 2014/09/19 12:10:58
    Me too
  • Jeffersonian Freedom 2014/09/04 19:02:16
    No, there've been better films than that.
    Jeffersonian Freedom
    I haven't been impressed with any movie this year so far.
  • JwonGalt 2014/09/04 17:30:31 (edited)
    Yes, so far.
    The best movie of this year, and arguably one of the best marvel movies.

    I am looking forward to the next Guardians more than the next Avengers.

    It is refreshing to have a cast that is good across the board...instead of relying on one guy (Tony Stark/Iron Man) to basically save the movies entertainment factor.

    That said, the only movie that I think may have a chance at beating, is the third and final installment to the Hobbit(yes i am biased towards sci-fi fantasy movies)
    Guardians of the Galaxy meme
  • ClassyJ... JwonGalt 2014/10/12 10:10:17
    Would it be good without Chris Pratt? I think he made the movie.
  • DeathlyHallow64 2014/09/04 16:46:31
    No, there've been better films than that.
    it's just another attempt by marvel to bring some cash in for a franchise that was dead. the right director could make 4 people playing monopoly the action blockbuster of the summer.
  • RasHooD 2014/09/04 15:15:06 (edited)
    Yes, so far.
    Com'on, We ALL Have to Agree on it Was "One of a Kind" Movie
    (Super Hero) That is.
    we are groot
  • Big Mike 2014/09/04 14:27:33
    No, there've been better films than that.
    Big Mike
    It was a great movie, but I still think that X-men: Days of Future Past was better.

    movie x-men days future
  • Kayla 2014/09/03 21:27:14
    No, there've been better films than that.
    Guardians Of The Galaxy was good, but nowhere near the best movie of 2014. How To Train Your Dragon 2 was the best, in my opinion.

    guardians galaxy movie 2014 train dragon 2 opinion
  • BrokenDevilDog 2014/09/03 20:05:07
    No, there've been better films than that.
    My son liked teenaged mutant ninja turtles much better and frankly so did I.
  • Rach Ross 2014/09/03 19:50:02
    Yes, so far.
    Rach Ross
    Yeah I loved it. It was so funny. Not to mention Chris pratt is super hot too. So I recommend this movie to everyone! ;-)
  • Jerry 2014/09/03 17:36:31
    Yes, so far.
  • Moonage 2014/09/03 12:29:33
    Yes, so far.
    That's not saying much tho.
  • sonicking2004 2014/09/03 11:30:31
    No, there've been better films than that.
    But it's very close in my opinion. As good as Guardians is, Dragon 2 will be my most favorite flick of this year Dragon 2
  • Barbara 2014/09/03 07:13:43
    No, there've been better films than that.
    Hmmm! never heard of it.....
  • VoodooDemon 2014/09/03 04:43:32
    No, there've been better films than that.
    snowpiercer poster

    But Guardians of the Galaxy was great!
  • Moonage VoodooD... 2014/09/03 17:44:42
    We watched Snowpiercer this weekend. It was awful. Nothing about the movie made any sense to me. ( Where did all those cockroaches come from? Why was the one bad guy killing the bad people too? If all they had to do was stick someone's head outside, why did they have staged rebellions? )

    I'll stick with Guardians any day. But, only because this has been an awful year for movies.
  • Grrr Moonage 2014/09/04 16:33:07
    cockroaches can survive anything and multiply very fast. so im pretty sure they got there when the people first boarded the train and rapidly multiply. the rebellions were not staged, they had to keep going to the front. my personal opinion the movie was ok. I understood it and I also read the book.
  • Moonage Grrr 2014/09/04 16:56:08
    At the end, the guy who made the train, talked about how they used rebellions for population control. Passing out rubbers would have been a lot simpler and certainly less dangerous.

    You know how many cockroaches it would take to feed hundreds of people every day? That train wasn't THAT big. The movie was ok, it just wasn't good enough to be "better" than a bunch of others.
  • Grrr Moonage 2014/09/07 02:15:36
    i see your point, but they were only feeding it to the people in the back of the train, not the whole train.
  • Fally GM 2014/09/03 03:02:12
    Yes, so far.
    Fally GM
    Lol, not sure, but one of my favs ;) I liked X-men and Transformers too, though....
  • Rick 2014/09/02 23:28:55
    No, there've been better films than that.
    It was a great movie don't get me wrong, but I really love Non-stop starring Liam Neeson I just love those kinds of movies.

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