Is FEMA doing enough to help?

L.A. Times 2012/11/08 20:00:00
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The nor’easter that swept through the Northeast on Wednesday night dumped record snow, hampered efforts to recover from Superstorm Sandy and has been linked to at least one death.

From New Jersey to New York, roads, trees and homes were blanketed in overnight snow and another 100,000 households lost power, adding to the misery in a region still grappling with widespread storm damage.


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  • gimini210 2012/11/12 20:33:15
    But I am sure Obama and his administration will say Bush didn't get the trailers and help to NY and NJ in a timely manner as they do with all the screw ups they make. So for the liberals out there this is another one you can say "Bush did it" too to keep Obama and his promise of instant help off the chopping block. Best for Americans to set up their own response teams in cases like this.
  • Diana Juhl gimini210 2012/11/15 14:46:32
    Diana Juhl
    I agree, and now that the election is over, no need to pretend he cares of something like that!
  • dan 2012/11/12 17:51:20
    Those people in New York are doing fine they are in LIBERAL HEAVEN.
  • ready46xwu 2012/11/12 16:42:59
    *********THEY TO BE 'DE-FUNDED' & DIS-BANDED'!
  • Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll 2012/11/12 15:47:52
    Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll
    Keep relying on big government America. This is what you will continue to get.
  • overdog001 2012/11/12 15:44:40
    Why do we insist on getting rescued by the babysitter? Are we really so useless and contemptible that the only way we can solve our problems is by standing in line for a handout? Big, catastrophic storms happen in the U.S. every year. Rivers flood quite often. Hurricanes happen every year. Earthquakes happen often. Yes, they suck. Stop putting a gun to my head to take my money and punish me for it. I didn't blow your house away.

    Long power outages happen in the northeast EVERY YEAR. It's not FEMA's fault that region has powerlines hanging from trees.

    There are non-government charity and relief organizations who are better trained at this and more experienced at helping people. You'd be astounded at how much better they are at getting relief out than the government is. Help your neighbors and your family. Prepare for the big hurricane/earthquake/flood that you KNOW is coming, and coming, and coming again.
  • DizziNY 2012/11/12 15:27:54 (edited)
    FEMA needs to be DISBANNED and each individual state have their own Emergency Management Department. The states need to take the power back or else more of this will happen.

    fema sucks
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/11/12 12:35:16
    I never saw hide nor hair of them when I was out of power for five days.

    The real point is: we're all too used to counting on the government to help. I saw a cartoon once that showed a helicopter, labeled FEMA, with a guy in a drowning car waving to it. The car sported bumper stickers reading "Get the government off my back."

    Except that FEMA isn't there when they said they would be there.

    Ditch the network and prepare on your own, or with your immediate neighbors on the ground. That is the proper way to cope.
  • M 2012/11/12 12:16:19
    FEMA is doing a great job of helping themselves to our tax dollars... oh snap... you meant the hurricane victims? I'm sure they'll get around to it... eventually.
  • LaiLaiHart 2012/11/12 05:49:06
    FEMA stands for FAILURE to ENCOURAGE the MARVELOUS idea of ASSISTING those in need.
  • william... LaiLaiHart 2012/11/12 14:47:22
    or...Fails Every Mitigation Attempt.
  • LaiLaiHart william... 2012/11/14 07:20:46
    i like yours better lols :)
  • safari 2012/11/12 02:07:09
    Media Silence about anything of dire importance is to be expected in the new Omerica. Propagandists don't like inconvenient tales about pain and suffering due to the failure of a bloated government program, especially one that fails under obama. Now if this had happened under Bush ... different story, one that we would at least be being made aware of.
  • MkB 2012/11/12 01:59:33
    FEMA union actively campaigned for Obama and after election praises him. Blame Obama this time?
  • Wolf 2012/11/11 23:26:38
    FEMA is totally incompetent and represents the Public Sector that enriches itself but offers no value to the taxpayers except the massive debt they create...
  • andy15554 2012/11/11 21:01:46
    If the same response was given by Bush the media would be drumming up all kinds of hate.
  • Lupe Hickey 2012/11/11 20:14:39
    Lupe Hickey
    Reality is Sandy was a major storm that literally destroyed hundreds of people lives over several states across the east. Another major storm hits about a week later. If you want miracles, ask God. So is FEMA doing their best to help? Yes, as much as humanly possible.
  • william... Lupe Hi... 2012/11/12 14:49:15
    And how would you rate the job they did in Katrina?
  • Sophie 2012/11/11 18:22:25
    We need to do as much as possible to help these people
  • Dickens 2012/11/11 18:21:05 (edited)
    ..but if all they do is send out for donuts, it's still A LOT more than they did for the victims of Katrina..
  • Rick 2012/11/11 15:20:58
    Althought I feel sorry for what has happened in the wake of Sandy but all party's are to blame. the state, citizens, and Fed Gov. for complacency. They had a week to prepare and didn't do enought. A lot of people did not leave as insitructed. Some people will say well you voted for big goverment and look what you got in return, Not much! You got a photo op with thhe CIC and he has left you out in the cold and dark. Yet you voted him back in! This is what we can expect the next four years. I'm glad to see people helping people it is the only bright side. Othre than that, I see doom and gloom! People need to stick together in times like these and not rely on the Goverment!
  • redneck 2012/11/11 13:29:36
    The government can't or won't ever do enough to help the common people,they don't care.But the stupid lazy libtards have ben brain washed to think they will.Turn the emergency programs to each state and let them run it,they would do alot better job.Except for that jack off bloomberg,New yorkers should take that pompous ass out and shoot him asap,what a jerk off !!!!
  • MusicMan 2012/11/11 12:52:04
    One more example of government ineptitude.
  • Liberty Blade 2012/11/11 07:30:45
    Liberty Blade
  • Debra 2012/11/11 03:54:30
    Funny when Bush sent FEMA to take care of the situation from Katrina, people accused him of all manner of evil because it took them three or four days to even begin helping. Obama waited eight days to even begin helping with Sandy and just look how sweet everyone is talking about him. He gets away with murder. Literally.

    Just look at how his lack of common sense or concern turned out for the ambassador and seals turned out in Libya! I just can't believe how many people are fooled by this golf playing celebrity!
  • Sue Debra 2012/11/12 18:21:08
    Bush actually called Mayor Nagin and the governor of Louisana and offered help before the storm but was told no thank you. After the storm it took longer to get the help there because of damaged roads, etc.
    Like you, I can't believe how many people are fooled by obama. Must be some good koolaid!
  • You Go Girl 2012/11/11 03:28:56
    You Go Girl
    It never does. Funny how they were able to get the National Guard to bring in voting booths. What a priority! Don't send the NG to bring food, help the city workers get the power on, FORCE UNION WORKERS to do their job, get some source of heat to those potential winter weather victims who just endured Sandy. It didn't work under Obama any better than it did Bush.
  • Sue You Go ... 2012/11/12 18:26:05
    Iheard on the news that a crew from Alabama came to help restore the power in N.J. but were turned away because they weren't union. Millions of people were without power and yet people who came to help were turned away. I would think in a situation as severe as this was and still is, any and all help would be welcomed. I bet the people without power could have cared less if their power was restored by a union worker or non union worker.
  • Mindy 2012/11/11 03:28:13
    I think that this time they are trying their best. If you are looking for non-fiction book that is unintentionally funny, get 'The Day After WWIII. It tells you how to file taxes, etc. Nincomepoops run the country.
  • loupgarous 2012/11/11 00:12:48
    the question's not phrased to give a good answer. No, FEMA isn't getting it all done. But no, it was never intended to do it all, just to support state and local governments in disaster consequence management when necessary. People forget that FEMA grew out of the old US Army Office of Civil Defense, which provided emergency materials primarily against the risk of nuclear attack. Some of the emergency equipment, like portable diesel generators and amphibious jeeps, were useful against hurricanes and used for them when needed. But neither Civil Defense nor FEMA were ever intended to handle people's needs from cradle to grave during and after disasters, Local and state governments were expected to handle natural disasters with the Federal government pitching in with loans and pre-positioned supplies.
  • Gregaj7 2012/11/10 22:58:22
    Not the idea nor the design.
  • ALPEAUX 2012/11/10 19:01:25
    When Irene hit the East coast recently FEMA said "We ain't got the money to help you", A week later they sent .9 million to North Korea to help them with THEIR hurricane. We have the best politicians that MONEY CAN BUY! ALpeaux
  • loupgarous ALPEAUX 2012/11/11 00:14:36
    Hey, those were communists. Obama doubtless felt professional courtesy was at stake.
  • baboula 2012/11/10 17:26:11
    of course not but it is not the presidents's fault unlike it being Bush's fault when Katrina hit New Orleans
  • loupgarous baboula 2012/11/11 00:19:19 (edited)
    It wasn't Bush's fault. Bush called the governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans BEFORE the hurricane and offered everything from assistance in evacuation to vehicles and fuel for evacuation. All were refused. And Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans at the time, was the FIRST mayor not to evacuate New Orleans prior to a major hurricane making landfall. The deaths of those people in New Orleans, if blame has to be assessed, were firmly on his head - he turned down Federal aid before the storm. But you know better than the people who were there. FEMA screwed up by the numbers AFTER the storm, partly because the local governments not only never prepared properly (which was their job, not FEMA's) but local officials stole lots of the supplies that WERE purchased.
  • baboula loupgarous 2012/11/11 14:58:27
    I know that, it was sarcasm on my part but the from the accounts of the media then gave the impression that Bush called the hurricane up.
  • AlexW 2012/11/10 16:56:24
    Theyre too busy makin' FEMA camps.
  • Nat Turner 2012/11/10 15:21:54
    Nat Turner
    With Obama's help things are going fine, Some whites are down there refusing his help! This is from a relyable source.
  • Marie Nat Turner 2012/11/10 21:17:50
    From Mi ???
  • Marie Marie 2012/11/10 21:24:08
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