Is Courtney Love a tragic talent or a shameless charlatan?

Shawn Amos 2010/04/26 15:52:55
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  • martamae 2010/05/11 15:31:55
    She is a tragic, shameless Charlatan! Did you see her Twitter rant to poor Frances Bean?
  • TheRocker 2010/04/27 10:57:18
    i hate her! she killed Kurt! RIP Kurt Cobain!
  • Rumpleteazer 2010/04/27 03:43:32 (edited)
    Attention whore & Handler of greater talent husband.
    She did have a talent in marketing *herself* though.
    Billy Corgan wrote her best song-

  • ~Doll Princess~ 2010/04/26 23:48:50
    ~Doll Princess~
    A mixture of both I think .Sure, she comes off as trashy and cheap sometimes, but at least she's unique-something that's kinda missing in today's music world. I may not condone ALL of her actions,but I have to admit I like her balls , y'know?

    That, and I love her music.

  • dena.sewell 2010/04/26 21:47:27
    She is Authentic !The real deal !She worked the Day shift at the 7th veil on sunset in hollywood.I worked the nightshift so I didnt really know her personally but I remember 1990 she was a little over weight and had bad acne but there was still something very hot about her ,,She really seemed to transcend what most people considered beautiful she really rocked her own style !!I think her first hole album was genius it really showcased her raw talent and seemed to convey what she really was all about ..as she became more popular she never changed the audience changed ... I think that she was a punk rock girl that never apologized for who she was and adored for it! til she became so famous that she had to appeal to a more mainstream lifestyle type audience and the very things that made her famous in the beginning in the end was the very thing the mainstream media crucified her for !Nothing courtney ever did really shocked me at all she did what every girl I knew in the punkrock seen did ...I guess it is the way of the world and courtney was just being her self and harshly and unfairly judged ..after a while it became in fashion to hate her ..I wish courtney all the best !In my eyes she is and will always be a punk rock diva !
  • AshleyElizabeth. 2010/04/26 17:26:38
    I'm not sure.
    I liked her back in the day when she was in Hole, but after Kurt's death and some of her embarassing public appearances, I didn't really know what to think of her.
  • Some Guy ~ þhαετ~ 2010/04/26 15:55:12
    Some Guy ~ þhαετ~
    Maybe a tragic charlatan?

    I was rather impressed by her performance in "The People vs Larry Flynt", but that was my first exposure to her.
    From what I've seen since then, I realize that she was more or less portraying herself...

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