Is Aaron Rodgers NFL's MVP?

Sports 2011/11/07 13:11:12
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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a reigning Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. He is also a former Pro Bowler and this season, he can add the NFL MVP award to his mantle. Rodgers and his teams are having a spectacular first half of the football season, currently undefeated and sitting atop the NFC North division.

With a win over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, the Packers improved to 8-0. Last season, Rodgers had 28 touchdown passes--just two shy of his career high. Through eight games in 2011, Rodgers already has 24 touchdown passes and could easily eclipse his previous career high in the last eight games of the season. In 37 attempts, Rodgers has 127 rushing yards as well, showing fans and opposing teams that if he needs to, he can run--and run well.

It is safe to say the Packers are definitely not suffering a sophomore slump, following last season's Super Bowl victory. The team from top to bottom is incredibly talented, but none may be more valuable than Rodgers. "I have to give a lot of credit to our fans the way they travel," Rodgers said about the Green Bay faithful, following the win over San Diego. "It says a lot about the kind of fans we have." Rodgers could win a lot more fans, awards, and games with the way he has been playing lately.
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  • jimih67 2011/11/07 16:54:36
    It is either him or Peyton Manning. And Peyton has a good case, because look how much the Colts suck without him. He could be the first MVP to win without taking a snap.

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  • ♫Music♪My♪Life♫ 2011/12/25 02:35:23
    1. cover your mouth with your hands 2. make a wish 3.post this on 10 other comments 4. look at your hand
  • JP 2011/11/10 14:51:55
    Based on the current state of things, otherwise I would have to go with Eli Manning. I'm not really a Giants fan, but he has done a good job with much less.
  • jono.jones 2011/11/09 04:54:59
    he is incredible
  • Tooshy 2011/11/08 17:08:25
    Green Bay Packers have the most easiest schedule .....that's why they are 8-0 Aaron Rogers is way overrated!
  • Ben-Jam... Tooshy 2011/11/12 01:39:23
    Ben-Jamin Tomlinson
    I will agree Green Bay hasn't had the toughest schedule, but they have beaten 3 teams over .500, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, and Chicago Bears.

    Also teams that win the SB have a target on their backs, and including the Packers, only 3 teams in NFL history have started 8-0 the season after they won the superbowl.

    If you think throwing 24 TD's with only 3 INT's against NFL defenses, with also completing over 70% of one's passes is overrated, I wonder what is not overrated in your books.

    Take this into consideration, there are only 2 QB's in the NFL completing over 70% of there passes. that's Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. If you compare the two teams Rushing Yardage per game here it is.

    Green Bay- 104.4 Rushing Yards per game
    New Orleans- 126.0 Rushing Yard per game

    not a big difference when you think about it in running the football. but when you think about it in the passing game. Drew Brees has at least 2 1st downs worth of extra run support.

    Therefore not only is Aaron Rodgers completing his passes. He's completing them when defenses know he's going to throw the ball.

    So his team is 8-0, the only important QB stat Aaron Rodgers is not leading is yardage.

    I will agree that it's too early to tell, but Aaron Rodgers is making a strong case for MVP.
  • FreeThinkingLibertarian 2011/11/08 16:46:47
  • jacktown kid 2011/11/08 16:13:14
    jacktown kid
    He sure is at the top of his game right now
  • FluffyCupcakespanker~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/08 15:44:59
    i hope so, I sure hope he can go all the way again this year. That would be so awesome!
  • cebo 2011/11/08 14:52:17
    I live in Green Bay,Wi and still a big Brett Farve fan, I was hard with my opinions of Aaron because of some statements he made during that whole Brett and Packers divorce, but as a fan of football I watched him and came to see that he can play and proud to have him as the quarterback of the greatess football organization ever and at the halfway point of this season so far he is, will he be at seasons end? only time will tell.
  • ..::localeye::.. 2011/11/08 14:26:27
    At this point yes...but I think if the Bills make it deep into the playoffs and Fred Jackson keeps playing the way he is he might give him a run for his money. No pun intended.
  • pizzaman7 2011/11/08 13:48:05
    He is the best QB Right now and the player who makes the biggest impact on field ! He was chosen #1 in my league. I then had to take AP with the second pick.
  • James 2011/11/08 13:24:54
    Rodgers MVOP

    This is Superbowl 45 but I thought it was appropriate. :]
  • (>*~*)>Zombiecat<(*-*<) 2011/11/08 12:24:36
    I'm biased to Drew Brees ;)
  • jenny.bryan1 2011/11/08 12:09:47
    Dunno who he is I just put yes lol XD
  • James Anthony 2011/11/08 09:14:14
    James Anthony
    I don't care about pro football because when you are a Washington Redskins fan of 40 years, you don't HAVE a season. It is too painful every year, so I have no idea who Aaron Rodgers is. I am happy for Green Bay because they have a pro team unlike D.C. redskins john riggins
  • James James A... 2011/11/08 13:27:26
    Don't worry buddy! After 40 years of loyalty, it's about to pay off! :]
  • Moonbeams 2011/11/08 07:51:09
    If he keeps up this pace. We'll see.

    -a disgruntled Dallas fan! LOL
  • Sherri 2011/11/08 06:41:50
    Way too early for this conversation!
  • Ben-Jamin Tomlinson 2011/11/08 04:53:58
    Ben-Jamin Tomlinson
    Packers are 8-0, Go Pack Go!

    anyways A-Rodg leads NFL QB's in TD's, Com %, and TD/INT ratio
  • James Ben-Jam... 2011/11/08 13:27:49
    LOL INT? What INT?
  • Ben-Jam... James 2011/11/08 14:13:33
    Ben-Jamin Tomlinson
  • James Ben-Jam... 2011/11/08 17:08:12
    I know, but you said TD/INT, well Rodgers doesn't have any INT to compare his TDs with! :)
  • Ben-Jam... James 2011/11/08 17:22:49
    Ben-Jamin Tomlinson
    no I said TD/INT ratio, it's how many touchdowns a QB throws per interception

    so for Aaron Rodgers it's 8/1 because he has 24 TD's and 3 INT's
  • James Ben-Jam... 2011/11/08 20:01:26
    When did he get the 3 interceptions?
  • Ben-Jam... James 2011/11/08 23:14:23
    Ben-Jamin Tomlinson
    I looked at NFL.com stats, I can't be specific but I trust the paid statisticians on the website
  • James Ben-Jam... 2011/11/09 11:49:43 (edited)
    Yeah, I looked there too and I was shocked, but It must have been the pre-season games because I've watched every single season game since then and I don't remember any interceptions!
  • JohnFitzgeral12 2011/11/08 04:31:15
    Packers are going to repeat.
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2011/11/08 03:16:05
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    At this point, yes, but he has to remember when you get your house of cards together, you have to make sure it stays up. I didn't think San Diego would give Green Bay that tough of a time. I thought this would be another ho-hum blowout for Green Bay.
  • jeffro2010 2011/11/08 03:11:59
    Hate to say it but yes, and unlike the colts if they lost rodgers they would still be a good team!
  • JohnFit... jeffro2010 2011/11/08 04:31:38
    That's a bold statement.
  • jeffro2010 JohnFit... 2011/11/08 04:51:44
    Solid defense, o line, and reciecing corps. Nuff said.
  • FreeThi... jeffro2010 2011/11/08 13:05:31
  • James jeffro2010 2011/11/08 13:18:50
    Yea, I have to disagree with the "Solid Defense" thing. :/
  • Yes
    Okay, I honestly love the Packers, but I think that if Aaron Rodgers were injured, Green Bay would find themselves in similar situation to that of the Colts. He definitely deserves MVP.
  • Ben-Jam... ~♠♀She-... 2011/11/08 04:57:20 (edited)
    Ben-Jamin Tomlinson
    I don't think similar, now with the Pack's defense this year possibly. But last year Matt Flynn started against Tom Brady in New England, and it was his first start, and he was 1 TD away from beating him, it was close but no cigar. But I think it if Rodgers were to be injured Packers would be a 5 to 7 win team with our defense now, and if it was last year's defense an 8 or 9 win season.
  • ~♠♀She-... Ben-Jam... 2011/11/11 23:43:16
    Well, they wouldn't be 5-7 because they've won eight games, but for the rest of it, I would have to agree
  • Ben-Jam... ~♠♀She-... 2011/11/12 01:19:28 (edited)
    Ben-Jamin Tomlinson
    i mean if he were out for the entire season.
  • ~♠♀She-... Ben-Jam... 2011/11/17 03:26:37
    I dunno if they'd even do that good. I mean, they're defense hasn't been so great this year. But what do I know? I only really got into football last year. Your guess is probably better than mine
  • Ben-Jam... ~♠♀She-... 2011/11/17 03:33:38
    Ben-Jamin Tomlinson
    It doesn't take a football buff to know that Green Bay's defense this year is worse then last year's. but they played pretty well on Monday Night. and I will say Green Bay's offense is the best in the NFL right now, and I think if Matt Flynn were QB they'd be around middle of the pack (no pun intended).

    Anyways I'm glad you are a football fan this conversation has been good.
  • ~♠♀She-... Ben-Jam... 2011/11/17 03:35:33

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