IOC To Investigate Canadian Women's Hockey Team For Celebration

The International Olympic Committee will investigate the actions of Canadian women's hockey players who celebrated their gold medal victory Thursday night by swigging beer and smoking cigars on the ice in Vancouver.

A number of players, including 18-year-old superstar Marie-Philip Poulin, were drinking alcohol on the ice following the team's 2-0 defeat of the United States. (The legal drinking age in British Columbia is 19.) Players lingered for more than 70 minutes after the awards ceremony reveling in the arena, which was empty except for media and arena staff. (Click here to view a slideshow of the celebration.)

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  • rocky 2010/07/27 15:06:14
  • FitzRoger 2010/03/01 20:57:19 (edited)
    Blunts and beer for victory cheer?
  • dylan 2010/03/01 18:44:57
    they shoudl just let if go there was no one in the place and they just won the gold medla give them a brake come let it go!!
  • Master 2010/03/01 10:49:18
    They're Canadians, for crying out loud. We should be thankful they weren't swigging beer and smoking cigars during the GAME.
  • Sophomore! 2010/02/28 23:53:20
    They shouldn't have been celebrating on the ice like that. And those that couldn't drink shouldn't have been drinking.
  • tea for you 2010/02/28 23:31:14
    tea for you
    good for them to hell with the party poopers
  • Star 2010/02/28 14:28:08
    I would have supplied the KEG!

  • wolf sloan 2010/02/28 13:12:57
    wolf sloan
    This really should be a non-issue.
  • prometheus 2010/02/28 11:12:58
    They're representing their country to the whole world. :/ They shouldnt do that while the media are around anyway.
  • claptonluvr 2010/02/28 04:17:46
    Ummmm are we even sure these are all women??!!!
  • David Villa 2010/02/27 23:39:57
    David Villa
    WTF i dont remember seeing this on TV??!! LOL
    lol but its cool to celebrate i guess afetr winning gold
  • Dwight Mann 2010/02/27 19:24:02
    Dwight Mann
    Leave them alone in their moment of camaraderie and glory, they deserve it, they are the best in the world, and they are not doing something deemed morally wrong are they? They won, let them celebrate. . . Down with the PC 2 shoers
  • LQ~phaet 2010/02/27 18:53:33
    You've got to fight for your right to paaaaarrrrtay!

    Let the fuddy duddy's complain. It only makes the party sweeter.
  • ♥MichelleKaulitz♥ 2010/02/27 14:49:22
    congratulation girls!
  • Kathy 2010/02/27 07:51:23
    They aware the olympics to china (who should have never qualified because of their human rights issues) but they're going to investigate this? It's political
  • Mulder 2010/02/27 02:57:14
    I would LOVE to go to a women's hockey team party. I don't care which country.
  • Feel the warmth 2010/02/27 01:19:58
    Feel the warmth
    I think if would have been better press if it had been an orgy on ice!
  • Pseudonym 2010/02/27 01:15:15
  • Sociali... Pseudonym 2010/02/28 17:20:56
  • Pet Rock Whisperer 2010/02/26 23:46:04
    Pet Rock Whisperer
    Too bad Canada doesn't have the death penalty, eh! BF deal, so they had a beer celebrating their victory.

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