In a race between The Flash, The Roadrunner, Speedy Gonzales and Sonic the Hedgehog, who would win?

MANOFSTRENGTH 2009/01/01 22:48:42
The Flash
Sonic The Hedgehog
Speedy Gonzales
The Roadrunner
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  • Eaten_Sandwich 2013/04/07 04:26:28
    The Flash
    The top speed sonic has EVER achieved, is light. Flash can run faster than light. You do the math.
  • kolt 2013/03/23 00:18:16 (edited)
    The Flash
    How would sonic win he is like not even that fast so FLASH WOULD WIN WITH ROADRUNNER 2ND
  • raynah187 2012/08/14 12:25:35
    The Flash
    People don't know anything. Flash is the fastest living thing in the universe. he outran death and ran to the end of the universe can any of the others do that ? no, most of em can only just do the speed of light a couple times
  • montell... raynah187 2013/01/23 16:48:37
    montell lyles
    Sonic is from a different universe
  • undertakersymbiote 2012/05/28 14:29:00
    Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Tor How 2009/11/27 19:19:59
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Tor How
    I agree
  • Sonic Tor How 2009/12/03 16:22:29
    Ok Which would fit sonic more, BOOM or ZOOM?
    Answer: In fact, both! Sonic can run 780 mph; faster than the sound barrier!
    Also in sat am (a 1993 anime about sonic) (not AoStH) he said a poem to Princess Sally:

    "I'm faster than lightning
    faster than heat,
    I'm so fast I'd burn up this street
    Ain't than mondo sweet?"

    Look at the first three lines.
    Also in sat am season 2 usually when he gets going he causes a hurricane.

    In AoStH (also 1993 anime) in episode #44 "Mass transit trouble" he was in three places almost at once all across the planet. Also in episode #3 "lovesick Sonic" he goes to a field someplace else and gets flowers.

    Also you have GOTTA play Sonic unleashed! You won't beleve how fast he is!
  • Tor How Sonic 2009/12/03 20:04:03
    Tor How
    No Word can describe Sonic, He's one of a kind!! His speed lymit is unknown because he keeps getting faster each year. As proven in StH (#175 Eggman Empire) Where Eggmans estimation of Sonic's speed increases! And is still today. Making him the KING OF SPEED!!
  • mememe Sonic 2010/03/06 00:42:28
    road runner is faster
  • sonic2blue 2009/04/13 04:49:33
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    easily sonic beacuz chaos force is stronger the spped force and hyper sonic is as i know faster then the speed of like and the flash ad to strain every mustle in his body to go that fast
  • mememe sonic2blue 2010/03/06 00:43:53
    Road Runner 99999999999999999999999999999...
    times faster than light!
  • mememe sonic2blue 2010/05/02 02:10:28
    and chaos control doesn't count
  • Andres 2009/04/03 01:06:27
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    darn it every body pick flash hands because they know wat they are they dont who are sonic well choose sonic he is faster than anybody in the world darn body flash hands wat sonic choose sonic faster world darn body flash hands wat sonic choose sonic faster world
  • mememe Andres 2010/03/06 00:33:24
    Road runner makes sonic eat dust
  • kolt mememe 2013/03/23 00:23:54
  • Account Closed 2009/01/29 23:09:33
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Account Closed
    Sonic....he's so fast and he would win...i am a big sonic fan, he would win, he wins everything sonic hedgehog sonic fast win sonic fan win wins HeHe
  • mememe Account... 2010/03/06 00:45:53
    Hello? have you ever seen roadrunner?!? besides, RR's luck would have Sonic CRASH!
  • Derek 2009/01/05 22:42:36
    The Flash
    the flash would just jet past all of them
  • mememe Derek 2010/03/06 00:33:45
    no, even speedy is faster
  • missnoee 2009/01/02 16:46:14
    The Roadrunner
    Oh can't be anything else ! ! roadrunner
  • mememe missnoee 2010/03/06 00:46:12
  • Puck ~PHAET 2009/01/02 04:29:22
    The Flash
    Puck ~PHAET
    The Flash. Hands down. He's faster than an STD.
  • mememe Puck ~P... 2010/03/06 00:34:43
    road runner is FASTER than light!
  • raynah187 mememe 2012/08/14 12:24:15
    Flash can run 999999999 times faster than light. He can outrun death and run to the end of the universe. He can run round the world multiple times in a matter of seconds, as seen when he beat lex luthor.
  • Mom of Three 2009/01/02 04:12:29
    Mom of Three
    Me! I can run pretty darn fast whenever I see a snake.
  • Peggy 2009/01/02 03:23:57
    Speedy Gonzales
    Nothing but a guess
  • mememe Peggy 2010/03/06 00:46:43
    roadrunner has beaten him
  • Desert Cloud 2009/01/02 03:01:47
    The Roadrunner
    Desert Cloud
    Most definitely The Roadrunner, but Speedy Gonzales could be potential competition.
  • no Kidding 2009/01/01 23:09:44
    The Roadrunner
    no Kidding
    I've actually seen the Roadrunner out run an ACME Rocket and an ACME Bullet,
  • Sonic no Kidding 2009/12/03 16:29:30
    Same with Sonic!
    Sonic is faster than the Concorde and I've actually seen Sonic run DOWN rockets!
    Sonic is faster but roadrunner is a potential competition. Plus Roadrunner's feet will wear out the SECOND he gets going if he was real while Sonic has special shoes to withstand friction.
  • Sonic Sonic 2009/12/03 16:37:00
    Ok here's the order
    Sonic 1st by a nose
    The flash 2nd THIS close to beating Sonic
    The Roadrunner 3rd even though he's faster than an ACME rocket
    Speedy whatever completely left in the dust.
  • mememe Sonic 2010/03/06 00:37:18
    1.Road runner
    2.Speedy Gonzales
  • mememe Sonic 2010/03/06 00:38:33
    Oh, and speedy gonzales has beaten Flash in FLASH'S book! so there!
  • Tor How Sonic 2009/12/03 20:28:34
    Tor How
    The idea of Sonic's shoes came from Michael Jackson's in BAD because SEGA liked the idea of a buckle going across the shoes, Also the colour was chosen by the red outfit of Santa Claus. (Just thought you might like to know)
  • mememe Sonic 2010/03/06 00:35:50
    no he doesn't they are normal shoes
  • Its Ms.MiMi,b!tch 2009/01/01 23:06:58
    The Flash
    Its Ms.MiMi,b!tch
    hands down!!
  • mememe Its Ms.... 2010/03/06 00:39:58
    Speedy Gonzales beat flash, flash beat sonic, and roadrunner beat S.G.!!!!!
  • MANOFSTRENGTH 2009/01/01 22:51:18
    The Flash
    I have to go with The Flash hands down followed by Sonic, The Roadrunner and Speedy Gonzales close behind
  • mememe MANOFST... 2010/03/06 00:41:04
    R.R. has beaten S.G., and S.G. has beaten flash.

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