Iggy Azalea Matches Beatles' Historic Music Record: Are You a Fan of the Australian Rapper?

AdriHead 2014/06/03 20:53:03
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Iggy Azalea is surely enjoying her rising fame, thanks to her debut hit "Fancy." But now, the Australian rapper has something else to be psyched about. She's the only musical act other than The Beatles to rank at No. 1 and No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts at the same time.

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Both "Fancy" (Iggy's debut hit) and "Problem" (a song she collaborated on with Ariana Grande) were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 simultaneously on the Billboard charts. The only other artist to do that ever was The Beatles, back in the '60s.

What do you think about Iggy Azalea matching a music record only achieved by The Beatles? Are you a fan of the rising rapper? Or are you not that into her?

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  • Dickens 2014/06/04 14:05:55 (edited)
    No, not into her
    ...Australian rapper??...aren't the American rappers irritating enough??......oh, yeah, and of course, let's compare this no-talent twit to The Beatles; I can hardly wait til we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of HER arrrival on America's shores...lol

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  • philly.wells 2015/01/22 20:07:48 (edited)
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    Love her beat! (And better than Nicki Minaj that's for sure.)
  • TonyTehTowel 2014/10/15 00:38:56
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    Iggy is bae
  • WeWereLeftShit 2014/09/09 07:03:20 (edited)
  • natalia 2014/07/06 07:04:33
    No, not into her
    no way never :@
  • ivegotloveinmypants 2014/07/05 21:50:48
    No, not into her
    I don't really see the big deal, mostly because I am only into the old school rappers. Her rhymes are average, just like most other artists out there.
  • gilly.weathergirl 2014/06/19 14:50:02
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    I'm a fan of her ass lol
  • Haole 2014/06/19 13:14:25
    No, not into her
  • Veritas 2014/06/19 12:33:49
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    I wouldn't say I love her, but she's not bad. Watched her with my daughter a couple of days ago.
  • thesadbluewhale 2014/06/19 12:01:07
    No, not into her
    i don't like her music very much
  • ~writersblock~ 2014/06/17 02:44:46
    No, not into her
    Never heard of her.
  • Summer 2014/06/11 20:11:01
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    She's alright but she needs to hire a better lyricist. I wish there was an in between choice because I don't love her music but I do like the "Problem" song with Ariana Grande. Her music is just catchy.
  • Tre 2014/06/11 18:16:20
    No, not into her
    Not a fan but she has a huge ass that goes for days.
  • gatelime 2014/06/11 14:34:17
  • Megan 2014/06/10 16:21:41
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    I love IGGY yayyy
  • Mrs. Blake Griffin 2014/06/10 04:01:16
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    Mrs. Blake Griffin
    I think she's great and a really cool person
  • Dave 007 2014/06/08 11:49:33
    No, not into her
    Dave 007
    Who the hell is she and there must not be much music out there these days to compete with her.
  • Empress Dave 007 2014/06/09 23:56:20
  • Melon Lord 2014/06/08 04:59:32
    No, not into her
    Melon Lord
    I wonder how much of her music she actually makes.
  • May 2014/06/06 18:19:28
    No, not into her
    Never heard of her.
  • psycho 2014/06/06 16:30:22
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    Who's not? She's amazing! I got instantly hooked on her after I heard 'Fancy'. I usually don't listen to music like hers, but I can tell she's going to be big really soon. Almost as good as Eminem now!!!
  • Cappy Mae(: 2014/06/06 14:56:32
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    Cappy Mae(:
    She's okay
  • chloelovesanimallover 2014/06/06 12:10:09
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    i love her songs
  • Chere 2014/06/06 11:54:54
    No, not into her
    I have never heard of her.
  • janet 2014/06/06 01:56:28
    No, not into her
    It is not that I am not into her I just never listen to her music.

    Anyone want to drop a beat for me in here?
  • Grrr 2014/06/06 01:54:37
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    i dont love her, but i respect her from where she came and all the sacrifices she had to do to get where she is today, i like a couple of her songs but not all
  • Glegory 2014/06/06 00:24:48
    No, not into her
    I don't like her music at all, though even she has more lyrical skill than the Beatles.
  • LdyLeo 2014/06/05 21:34:39
    No, not into her
    I don't know who she is.
  • luke 2014/06/05 20:53:59 (edited)
    No, not into her
    She's super racist, and her fake Southern American accent is atrocious at best.
  • Empress 2014/06/05 20:39:28 (edited)
    No, not into her
    How about hell no! Legendary female rappers Salt N Pepa, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Lady of Rage, MC Lyte, Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Eve,and even Left Eye Lisa Lopes are 1 trillion times better than her.
  • Tannenberg1993 2014/06/05 20:25:00
    No, not into her
    The TVs we have in our college dining hall only play MTVu or whatever. I saw her performing there and couldn't stand it. I feel like the charts don't work quite the same way as they did in The Beatles' era, but I wouldn't know.
  • gerald.rice 2014/06/05 18:52:40
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    What I love the most is the haters. They act as if certain music can be the only real music. Funny thing is that rap music is the closest thing to the original music born in Africa centuries ago.
    I think rap music scares some white people (yeah I said it) so they would rather dismiss it than to try to understand it.
    But in the late seventies they said rap would never last. Now it's the top selling form of music.
    And I love it!
  • Sugar Skull the Crone of PHAET 2014/06/05 15:40:47
    No, not into her
    Sugar Skull the Crone of PHAET
    Hate rap. Period.

    Saw her on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Not bad looking. Seems an okay person.

    But, I still hate Rap.
  • megan is a fairy 2014/06/05 15:27:43
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    megan is a fairy
    shes pretty awesome
  • ** BAMA CHICK ** 2014/06/05 15:18:42
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    ** BAMA CHICK **
    she's beautiful
  • X Dia 2014/06/05 13:48:47 (edited)
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    X Dia
    who that who that I-G-G-Y! LOVE IT #Iggy Igy
  • Nene' 2014/06/05 12:42:09
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    i like her. iggy azalea
  • Rar 2014/06/05 11:10:19
    No, not into her
    Never heard of her and looking her music up she sounds awful
  • Naime 2014/06/05 04:49:57
    No, not into her
  • Dayeana 2014/06/05 03:27:02
    No, not into her
    Fab 4 = talent, charm, and looks.
  • fawghawn l hawn 2014/06/05 03:06:44
    Yes, I love Iggy!
    fawghawn l hawn
    oid loike ta hear ere seing ' toi me kangarou down sport,,'
    loverley sheila tho,,

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