If your spouse confessed to a one-time affair, you would:

Let's Ask America 2012/09/19 19:00:00
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  • TasselLady 2012/09/19 21:47:22
    Forgive Him
    But I would not remain with him. I've been cheated on before and could never go through that ever again.
    kick to the curb

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  • ilaughlast 2012/10/08 20:44:14 (edited)
    Forget Him
    The person is stupid if they took them back.
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/09/24 00:08:57
    Forget Him
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    life's too short to spend time with someone who lies to you
  • Who wants a cupcake? 2012/09/23 02:19:03
    Forgive Him
    Who wants a cupcake?
    and move on
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/09/22 19:45:19
    Forgive Him
    Margaret Jacobson
  • countrygirl16 2012/09/22 09:20:17
    Forgive Him
    I would try to forgive him, but I have been cheated on a lot so I would also try to still be with them but if I didn't feel like I could, I'd probably leave..Shouldn't have an affair if ya truly loved your spouse..Simple
  • mm61675 country... 2012/09/23 19:09:31
    100% agree
  • Dub 2012/09/22 05:47:52
    Forget Him
    If they really care they won't do it in the first place. Things like that just don't happen, they are conscious decisions between two people who know what they are doing, otherwise its rape, and rape is not the victims fault.
  • Gregaj7 2012/09/22 02:30:17
    Forgive Him
    If my spouse (that I don't yet have) cheated on me, it would be my fault for allowing conditions, under my Priestly Yahweh-endowed authority, to enter under our roof as such to put her in that position. My only true choice would be to forgive and set the Home straight.
  • Charles R. Anderson 2012/09/21 21:44:06
    Forgive Him
    Charles R. Anderson
    What about her? Exclusive monogamy is largely about jealousy and insecurity. There is nothing wrong with loving more than one person or with feeling a great sexual attraction to someone other than your life-partner. Monogamy clearly does not work for about half the population. More rational expectations and more options are needed.
  • Will Charles... 2012/09/23 19:52:24
    I believe that more options should be conditioned into children as well. Many people only believe in monogamy because it's all they were raised to know. I'm not saying I think monogamy is wrong but I certainly do not think it is right to manipulate all of humanity into believing monogamy to be their only option... That's why cheating and emotional hurt exists as much as it does...
  • Sydney.... Charles... 2012/09/26 03:57:47
    People do cheat in polyamorous relationships too you know. Either way it doesn't matter, it's still a severe betrayal on the cheaters part, monogamous, poly, man, woman, gay, bisexual or otherwise. If you've worked out specific rules for your relationship and your partner breaks those rules, it's still a consciously made decision to betray your partner.
  • Hiyoko 2012/09/21 21:44:01
    Forget Him
    what hell i will never go again with him again, he would the same thing and i dont care if that person is my first love, i wold leave him and kick him kick someone kick someone
  • Alexis<3 2012/09/21 21:29:26
    Forget Him
    Dated a guy for 3 and a half years... found out he impregnated some nasty girl he worked with and got a message on facebook describing their intimate moments... deleted his number in April and haven't spoken to him since. The way I see it... trash belongs with trash. Don't ever let anyone go easy cause if you do they'll see it as weakness and do it again.
  • NotTarg... Alexis<3 2012/09/23 00:02:54
    The impregnation took place behind a dumpster outside the back of a butcher. I know because I saw it when I was throwing out some...uh...nevermind what I was doing there. I just know that it happened. (nervous laughter)
  • Sumātogai 2012/09/21 21:27:45
    Forgive Him
  • Lucy Krueger 2012/09/21 19:52:56 (edited)
    Forgive Him
    Lucy Krueger
    Depends on what happened and why it happened.But since i'm only being given two choices in this question, I'd say forgive them, because i'm a forgiving person.Whether the relationship would continue, I don't know.
  • thewickedrobot 2012/09/21 19:45:19
    Forget Him
    Why is this about dudes only? I think cheating is a universal deal breaker.
  • SiliconSorcerer 2012/09/21 19:10:43
    Forgive Him
    Why is there HIM's in there, could be HER ;)
    I have a rather different perspective on life, lots of people say life is short but most I know just say it and don't really live it. If my wife wanted to go F... a particular person I'd much prefer she talk to me about it first (let me know) and I think she should use protection but if that's what she wanted to do that would be ok. Ultimately I think she would find the experience was not as desirable experience as was imagined. While it's certainly not always been this way really have to care about someone before I would have sex with them, otherwise yes it can be a great monkey sex experience it just lacks a non-physical satisfaction.
  • firelooker 2012/09/21 18:54:31
    Forgive Him
    I'd forgive her and go after him & make sure he never did it again.
  • NotTarg... firelooker 2012/09/23 00:05:50
    How would you make sure? You can't possibly watch another person 24/7.
  • firelooker NotTarg... 2012/09/24 18:31:56
    When I got through with him I wouldn't have to worry about watching him. Dead men tell no tales.
  • Michael 2012/09/21 18:18:06 (edited)
    Forget Him
    Impossible for me. It involves so many layers of lying, covering up, dishonesty, focus of attention and priorities being elsewhere-too many violations of trust to count here.
  • Sydney.nightshade 2012/09/21 17:54:09
    Forget Him
    People have choices. If you know something is wrong and you do it anyways, you don't deserve to be forgiven. There are no excuses for cheating. So no, I could never forgive or trust someone again after being cheated on.
  • TwistedArtisan 2012/09/21 12:29:11
    Forget Him
    I don't forgive cheaters.
  • synful90 2012/09/21 12:20:45 (edited)
    Forget Him
    plain and simple. once a cheat always a cheat. if someone supposedly loved you then why would they seek anything elsewhere? what's to say they won't do it again? i would have his luggage waiting for him on the lawn.
  • David 2012/09/21 07:45:42
    Forget Him
    Cheating is unacceptable in all circumstances and cannot be forgiven nor tolerated.
  • Pam 2012/09/21 06:54:11
    Forget Him
    I had a cheating spouse, tried the forgiving stuff, kept cheating. No more.
  • Pele Emerging 2012/09/21 04:15:07
    Forgive Him
    Pele Emerging
    How about forgive him (for my sake), but also forget him. I've been cheated on and probably would have forgiven him, if he hadn't left, but I'm grateful that he did.
  • RevBH 2012/09/21 04:06:30
    Forgive Him
    I think. I'd need to know more before making a decision. It's not a choice one makes without getting as much info as possible.
  • Peru 2012/09/21 03:38:50
    Forgive Him
    If I was gay, I'd forgive him.

    If it was my wife, I'd probably never find out because women are much better cheaters than men. They're crafty and detail oriented. Women cheat more often than men anyway. See http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ne...

    Assuming that my wife felt bad and came to me and fessed up, I'd still forgive her. I'd just go out and cheat on her once so she'd know what it was like and then we'd try to move on. Perhaps some counseling would be in order. Exactly why did she cheat? What was missing in the relationship that made her need to go out and shag someone else?
  • splee Peru 2012/09/21 15:44:42
  • Peru splee 2012/09/21 18:12:38
    Fine. Here you go:

    Same basic story, same basic source (The Adultery Survey 2012) and it's not directly from the Daily Mail. Happier?
  • avery johnson 2012/09/21 03:36:03
    Forgive Him
    avery johnson
    for me this is a case by case situation. ive had it happen where a girl has admitted to an affair closer to when we started dating and ive simply taken her back. in contrast ive also had situations where it was just easier for me to simply tell her it's done
  • LarryStylinson 2012/09/21 01:46:30
    Forget Him
    I thought that picture was a Burrito at first, now I'm hungry...
  • Meagan 2012/09/21 01:00:45
    Forget Him
    He obviously wouldn't respect me. If he wants someone else, he can be with them, without me.
  • shane 2012/09/20 23:15:50
    Forgive Him
    I could forgive but we would never be together again.
  • ikeknight 2012/09/20 22:43:15
    Forgive Him
  • MrsB 2012/09/20 22:28:37
    Forgive Him
    I would forgive ... and find a deep hole. Lol
  • Sadierose Dobson 2012/09/20 22:10:21
    Forgive Him
    Sadierose Dobson
    I forgave but 5 years later I found a list of 20+ strippers names and phone numbers and upon a little research found that he had been taking care of their business...enough said.
  • NotTarg... Sadiero... 2012/09/23 00:07:41
    No. Not enough said. I wanna here more. :(
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