If your boyfriend kissed another girl infront of you what do u do ??

kacie 2012/07/23 16:00:14
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  • Vick Havens 2012/08/11 04:09:00
    Vick Havens
    Push him out of the way and say "My turn!"
  • 1wickedwitch 2012/07/24 21:17:08
    Walk away.. and then kiss his best friend nice and deep
  • Constantine 2012/07/24 11:58:00
    As a serious answer. I wouldn't say a thing. If he doesn't know you're there yet, leave. Give him three days to tell you. Then if he doesn't, tell him how you feel about the situation. Hear what he has to say. Then dump him. It doesn't matter what he says. If he tries to protect himself he's lieing and you know you can't trust him. If he bluntly comes out with the truth calmly say "Okay" and leave. Don't speak to him again unless the situation demands it, but be brief and specific and (most of all) monotone. Don't give him the pleasure. If he confronts you about your harsh atttude then slap him in the face, then scream so strongly at him that his teeth shoot down his throat. Tell him how you feel (again) and go back to it. He should learn his lesson. It's like rubbing your dog's nose in the carpet where it just pissed, harsh but it works. (Sorry not to say ur piss or anything but you know what I mean sweetie! :3 )
  • NKULE 2012/07/24 08:57:46
    walk away and make that your last day seeing that bastard of a guy
  • Bella 2012/07/23 23:15:53
    I would have to kiss her to see how great she is...nah j.k. I would slap the b*tch, dump his ass and hopefully could kick his balls, and jump for joy!!
  • Cherry 2012/07/23 20:16:12
    Boot stomp the girl right in front of him. xD
    Then break up.
  • Katja 2012/07/23 17:50:04
    wouldn't be my boyfriend anymore
  • Loz 2012/07/23 17:26:36 (edited)
    do karate on them kick his a$$ an that girl probably hook them up on the tree. karate
  • dani 2012/07/23 17:17:36
    Slap him and if she did not push him away slap her too. Then leave his ass!!!!!!
  • Kitten 2012/07/23 17:08:15
    I'd kill her, and tie my boyfriend on a bed and cut off pieces of him.
    And finally when he was hopeless and dead inside, I let him die...huahua
  • Juan O'... Kitten 2012/07/23 17:09:25
    Juan O'Mara
    mah kinda girl lol
  • Courtney 2012/07/23 16:07:33
    I'd break up with him...Ugh!
  • Juan O'Mara 2012/07/23 16:03:51
    Juan O'Mara
    ditch his loser a$$

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