If you were the Packers general manager, would you trade Favre to the Vikings?!!!!

PLANETEATER 2008/07/30 02:30:20
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Favre faxes reinstatement letter to NFL

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) - Brett Favre's decision to file for reinstatement will force the Green Bay Packers to do one of three things: release him, trade him, or allow him to report to camp.

If he reports, it potentially could cause a major distraction for a team that committed to moving on after he retired in March.

NFL spokesman Randall Liu confirmed that Favre sent his reinstatement paperwork to the NFL offices Tuesday. He now is awaiting approval from commissioner Roger Goodell, a step that is considered a formality, but wouldn't be forthcoming until Wednesday at the earliest.

Once Favre is reinstated, the Packers will have 24 hours to decide what to do with him.

"That's obviously the first step in Brett coming back, so we'll deal with that when he is reinstated and we'll definitely have a plan in order," Packers coach Mike McCarthy said after practice Tuesday afternoon.

If Goodell reinstates Favre on Wednesday, his return to the practice field for the Packers could come Friday. The Packers practice twice Wednesday but can wait a day to put Favre back on their active roster. The team does not have a scheduled public practice Thursday.

Throughout Favre's latest round of flip-flopping on his football future, Packers officials have said that Favre had the option of rejoining the team - but Aaron Rodgers would be the starter.

"Brett Favre is still a very good football player," McCarthy said Tuesday. "He is an asset to our football team. Once again, I'm going to answer this question for the last time. The plan for Brett Favre will be discussed with Brett Favre first, and then we'll make it aware to the public."

McCarthy also said Rodgers will start all of the preseason games and probably get more playing time than Favre used to in the preseason.

"He'll be starting all of the games as the starter," McCarthy said of Rodgers. "We've talked about possibly playing our first group maybe a little longer, and those are things that we'll discuss. The health of your football team obviously factors into that, so that is our plan going into the preseason with Aaron."

Rodgers insisted he isn't bothered by the potential of having Favre lurking over his shoulder.

"You know, I'm not as affected as you guys (the media) think I am or should be," Rodgers said. "They told me I'm the starter, and until that changes, that's going to be my focus."

Rodgers said he is confident in his abilities and the firm commitment he has received from Packers coaches.

"I've been empowered as the starting quarterback and until that changes, I'll say it again, that's going to be my focus," Rodgers said.

Rodgers said he and Favre have "never had a problem" and would probably "joke around" when they saw each other again.

"We've got a great relationship," Rodgers said. "If he's here, we'll welcome him back."

But some Packers players seemed skeptical that Favre would remain the backup if he ended up reporting to camp and wasn't traded away.

"I don't know about that," wide receiver Donald Driver said. "But we'll see. We'll see what happens."

Of course, it won't come to that if the Packers can work out a trade deemed acceptable to Favre in the next few days.

The Packers have no plans to grant Favre the release he has requested, suspecting that he would immediately sign with division rival Minnesota; the Packers have filed tampering charges against the Vikings.
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  • luisofsuburbia 2008/07/31 21:35:30
    Maybe. Depends on what I would get back in return
    The packers screwed up big time with this so now they have no choice but to either release him, trade him to the viks or simply take him back as a starter. Either way he will be playing this year as a starter and I will be rutting for him wherever he plays.
  • jimih67 2008/07/30 14:57:03
    HELL NO!!
    Not the Vikings. They are in the same division, are in direct competition and have to play each other twice a season. I would trade him to an AFC team preferably, but definitely not another NFC North team. At least when the Dolphins traded their 2 best players, Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor, they had the decency to deal them to the Cowboys and the Redskins, respectively. 2 NFC East teams we don't play that often. Nothing pisses me off more than getting our ass kicked by our own guys.
  • CHUCK - Liberal in Seattle 2008/07/30 03:38:03
    HELL NO!!
    CHUCK - Liberal in Seattle
    You cried and retired, go home!
  • Bob™ the Union Ironworker 2008/07/30 02:59:12
    HELL NO!!
    Bob™ the Union Ironworker
    he quit his fault I would want the world for a trade from any team or he can come back and break in the new team whats to say he doesn't quit after two weeks, he wants to go to the vikes cuz of the line I am a packer fan he should have stayed but now that he chose to go go out with class Brett I miss you but why delay the inevitable
  • Not Einstein 2008/07/30 02:46:15 (edited)
    Maybe. Depends on what I would get back in return
    Not Einstein
    As a Minnesotan who has a love/hate relationship with the Vikings, I must say that even though the Packers have always been our arch rivals, I have always had a great respect for Brett as a player and as a man. He has proven himself great in both. Although he's in the grandpa stage of football, I still think the Vikings could squeeze a bit of life out of him. Could they FINALLY win the Super Bowl with the help of Brett? That I cannot answer. But I have to wonder, is that really how he wants to end his career.
  • Laugh Lines = L. L. L. 2008/07/30 02:34:15
    Maybe. Depends on what I would get back in return
    Laugh Lines = L. L. L.
    Trade him let him play again.
  • bill 2008/07/30 02:32:16
    hmmm ... ehhhhh ... eerrrrr .. ssss ... I yi yi .. ooooh .. I don no
    If you could get more than a six pack....DO It. There is no pro-football for the elderly!
  • ....... 2008/07/30 02:31:52

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