If a guys weak spot is his dick then whats a girls?

cillic11 2009/07/07 07:24:53
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  • drakey wakey 2011/02/25 02:48:23
    drakey wakey
    It hurts when u uppercutt them in there boob and punch them in there vigina. I know this because I have a sister XD
  • Taina1205 2009/09/08 04:02:07
    The same place XD
  • Annie 2009/07/08 22:03:46
    It hurts a LOT when we get hit down there too

    and boobs O_o

    that hurts too my dear
  • Backpacc 2009/07/08 10:12:57
    Sting Idol is right, it is the whole general area down there, mostly the pelvic bone O_O oh my god it hurts so bad...someone hit me there and I nearly died.

    Boobs hurts soooo bad too and a lot of the time girls try to protect them a lot more than the rest of our bodies so it hurts worse just because we pay so much attention to them.
  • Ann 2009/07/08 02:29:42
    Breasts and Nipples
  • ZombieCinderella 2009/07/08 01:41:51
    Emotionally or physically?

    Physically? Probably boobs
    Emotionally? Well...emotions itself probably are a girls weak spot. A lot of girls can be easily manipulated by an asshole who swears they love them or compliments them

    Luckily my boyfriend isn't an asshole. Yay!
  • FIONALOVESPARAMORE 2009/07/07 17:12:27
    the boobs
  • Kiwi 2009/07/07 16:45:48
  • HaleyPanther-TheAngelOfDemons 2009/07/07 15:20:02
    Her heart. (if you're talking about what they think with, not what would hurt if it got kicked, lol)
  • Twitch 2009/07/07 15:14:03
    I don't know.
    good, question,
    i was wonderin about this last night while watchin RAW
  • Gwynodd 2009/07/07 14:44:03
    A guys dick - silly.
  • MonkeyOnMyBackIsTheLastestT... 2009/07/07 08:51:03
    Boobs, yikes! Despite what your insensitive hands may think these things do not respond well to aggressiveness =( boobs yikes insensitive hands respond aggressiveness
  • We live to die 2009/07/07 07:51:42 (edited)
    We live to die
    boobs and vagina though they have more "weak spot" they arent as affective as the dick
  • Gwynodd We live... 2009/07/07 14:45:01
    How would you know BM? You a transvesite or something?
  • We live... Gwynodd 2009/07/07 16:35:52
    We live to die
    lmao well it seems like girls dont have as many nerve in there boobs or vagina unlike a guys twig and barries which is full of nerves..... i never here of girls getting kicked in the "cunt" or getting punched in the boob and falling over in pain like a guy does when he gets kicked in the balls
  • drakey ... We live... 2011/02/25 02:50:44
    drakey wakey
    Dude girls say being punched in there vagina is like there gana die and so on and then for boys kicked in there nuts last for like 5-10 seconds and your saying dick is more affectie?
  • Anubis Nex 2009/07/07 07:37:04 (edited)
    We or they don't have one.
    Anubis Nex
    our boobs hurts almost as much as a dudes balls
  • We live... Anubis Nex 2009/07/07 16:37:22
    We live to die
    like the girl said to me up to..... how would you know? ive never heard of a girl falling over in pain like a guy does when he gets hit in the ball..... i think we have way more nerves down there then you have in your boobs
  • drakey ... Anubis Nex 2011/02/25 02:52:37
    drakey wakey
    For me it doesnt even hurt that much its like falling face first of course your head hurts a liltle for about a minutes or maybe 10 seconds but you can still like get up and all.
  • .: LiVi :. 2009/07/07 07:36:22
    .: LiVi :.
  • Sting Idol 2009/07/07 07:29:22
    Sting Idol
    idk...it would probably be located in the same general area idk located general
  • RedTornado Sting Idol 2009/07/15 02:08:25 (edited)
    OMG!! Hilarious!!!!!! omg hilarious
  • ;]maewilleatyourskittlesxxx 2009/07/07 07:29:19
    I don't know.
    maybe her heart.. lol
    oooh mushy..;]
  • cillic11 2009/07/07 07:28:46
    I would say our nipples. LOL.
  • drakey ... cillic11 2011/02/25 02:54:56
    drakey wakey
    Now that i know this now I can use self defence on girls now!

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