IDOL WATCH: Will Piers Morgan Replace Simon Cowell?

The salty British judge of "America's Got Talent" is a rumored favorite, but he remains cagey when asked if he'd be willing to replace Simon, which, if he were a politician would translate to "Yes, I'm definitely running for election." 

Odds makers have already booked him at 2-1. But people often underestimate how difficult it is to offer frank critique and remain on good terms with viewers.
There's a line in this season of the brilliant BBC sitcom "The Thick of It," where one character says to another: "You're shifting from the man people love to hate, to the man people just hate. From Simon Cowell to Piers Morgan." The Brits might be on to something.   

Here's Piers making a little girl cry, always a crowd-pleaser:   



people hate simon cowell piers morgan brits piers girl crowd-pleaser
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  • hailey b :) 2010/01/27 18:36:34
    hailey b :)
    american idol well not be any good without simon no one ca replace him piers isnt as brutal as simon i dont think he i s
  • crinklemynoseandsmile 2010/01/27 14:02:45
    "What should we say to the horrible Piers?"

    Aww, Simon DONT GO!!!!

    I really dont like Piers. American Idol is gonna fall without Simon. I'm not even gonna watch the next season.
  • hart 2010/01/26 23:48:54
    I think it should lemmy.... http://www.tache-off.co.uk/20...
  • BaileyKate 2010/01/26 23:41:33
  • Youknowthatzright 2010/01/26 22:39:16
    I would love for them to show Britains got talent in the US. Do we get it, and I just don't know about it? It's way funnier than the US version - and I love Simon on it..What a way to make a living.
  • T 2010/01/26 20:54:09
    It could be an OK fit...... I really like Simon though.
  • lydiairis 2010/01/26 18:49:06
    While I enjoy Piers criticism (which is usually dead on) I think Simon is more qualified as a music critic.

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