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PopNews Wire 2011/03/10 15:00:00
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Let's just say that some members of the Top 13 were luckier than others on Wednesday night's "American Idol."

Gorgeous Pia Toscano continued her ascent to front-runner status, following up last week's show-stopping performance of "I'll Stand By You" with a just-as-good-if-not-better performance of Celine Dion's "All by Myself." Randy called it "hot, dope and cool" -- and she looked good doing it.

James Durbin was another standout, showing a softer side of himself on Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed." The performance was so soulful that you really felt like he was singing it right to his fiancée, or as Tyler told him, "You've taken everything you've ever felt and kicked into the middle of next week."

VIDEO: Watch the Top 13 "Idol" contestants perform.

It was also another solid week for our two hipster boy crushes, Paul McDonald and Casey Abrams. Between the raspy voice, dance moves and blindingly white smile, what's not to like about McDonald? J-Lo hopes America will "get" his performance of Ryan Adams' "Come Pick Me Up," and so do we.

Abrams' performance of Joe Cocker's "With a Little Help From My Friends" could have been a little more emotional -- but the intelligent, confident, slightly humorous delivery was all Abrams. When he is performing, you're on the edge of your seat waiting to see what he'll do next. How many "American Idol" contestants can you say that about?

As for Scotty McCreery and Jacob Lusk, both guys held onto their spots as judges' favorites. McCreery's voice is beautiful when he's merely talking, let alone singing Garth Brooks' "The River" (though we have to admit, we were a little bored by his performance this week). And if you ask Tyler, Lusk's performance of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" was "pure passion."

But for the second week in a row, former golden girl Lauren Alaina seemed to be slipping a little. There's no way she's going home anytime soon, but fun-loving Alaina (who sang Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine") is going to have to bring a little more punch to her performances if she hopes to compete with Pia and co. She could also use a new stylist.

Thia Megia also choked a little bit on her version of Michael Jackson's version of "Smile." We agreed with the judges: It started out pretty (she reminds us of some kind of Disney princess), but the jazzy arrangement was distracting, and she got lost in it.

Karen Rodriguez also took a major stumble. After kicking butt in English and Spanish last week, even Jennifer Lopez had to admit that she messed up Selena's "I Could Fall in Love" this week.

Wild card pick Stefano Langone probably gained a little bit of steam with Stevie Wonder's "Lately," though the techno beat seemed more appropriate for the club or the gym. And Haley Reinhart turned in another sex-kitten performance, this time singing LeAnn Rimes' "Blue."

But if we had to guess who's really in trouble, our money would be on two of the three wild cards, Naima Adedapo and Ashthon Jones. We've got to hand it to Adedapo: We've never seen a performance on "Idol" quite like that before. Between the dancing, the reggae and the rapping, we weren't even sure what show we were watching. While her performance of Rihanna's "Umbrella" had some unique elements, the singing wasn't really there.

But at least she brought something new to the table, which you can't really say about Ashthon Jones. The judges claim that Jones is a "baby Diana Ross," but we've yet to see any evidence of that -- and even they weren't overly impressed by her performance of Ross's "When You Tell Me That You Love Me." Jones looked beautiful and seems very classy and elegant, but as Simon Cowell used to say, this is a singing competition.

--Jennifer D'Angelo Friedman, PopNews Wire
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  • beachangel 2011/04/07 15:09:55
    It's too early to say
    I think this year is the best so far as talent goes. Love Pia,Scotty,Jacob and James. What talent they all have. A hard choice this year!
  • Ellie 2011/03/27 03:07:24
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    She's an good singer , but ALL she sings are ballads & she doesn't perform . she just stands there .
    but anyways i want Scotty McCreery to win < 3

    singer sings ballads perform stands scotty mccreery win 3 Scotty McCreery
  • AmyBecker-Kubly 2011/03/11 13:11:00
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    most of the votes our from men and that is based on hormones . lol
  • intolerantrwj 2011/03/11 12:04:05
    Yes, she's got the looks and a killer voice
    .... never watch the Show, but that pic of her .... W O W .... nice looking lady !
  • PhilCooper 2011/03/11 08:11:49
    It's too early to say
    Who's Pia Toscano, anyway?
  • The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck No... 2011/03/11 06:51:26
    Yes, she's got the looks and a killer voice
    The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck Norris]
    I don't even know about her voice. I don't watch the show. I just thought to myself, "What would the shallow people do?". Thus, the answer clicked. This woman is pretty darn aesthetically pleasing, thus a prime candidate if her vocal talents have gotten her this far.
  • sml 2011/03/11 04:16:07
    It's too early to say
    She definitely has the looks but, since I do NOT watch ANY Reality CRAP TV, I have no clue as to her voice!
  • mae 2011/03/11 03:31:53
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    Two young females are able to overtake her...they have killah voices also.
  • ☠ Cheryl ☮ 2011/03/11 03:23:31
    It's too early to say
    ☠ Cheryl ☮
    They are all so good...well, w/the exception of two of the three wild cards (both females)

    This is going to be a tough year for voters to choose.
  • Adrianna 2011/03/11 03:20:40
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    No doubt about the fact that she is beautiful and has a killer voice. Truly a very talented singer. She just looks too "pageanty." The only (and I mean only) fault on her looks is the distal 1/3 of her nose. She needs to get that taken down in size just a little to make it more proportional. Other than that, I can find nothing else wrong with her.
  • Ashley 2011/03/11 03:19:42
    Yes, she's got the looks and a killer voice
    shes pretty good....her and scotty are
  • Megs 2011/03/11 02:49:50
    It's too early to say
    I need to catch up on my Idol, I guess.
  • patti 2011/03/11 01:57:36
    It's too early to say
    She is pretty and has a strong voice, but she hasn't shown her range or versatility.
    I like Casey and James, they are very good.
    Thia has the voice of an angel however there are so many challenges of style in the contest.
    And Stefano? hes also really talented and I just like Naima, she has personal style and heart. Haley, coming from Hawaii I love that she did that song, that break in her voice is lovely to hear.
    Boy, I had a lot to say.. phew..
  • kitkat42 2011/03/11 01:28:55
    Yes, she's got the looks and a killer voice
    She's pretty consistent in her excellence. She needs to watch out for James Durbin though, he's pretty darned good too.
  • Dickens 2011/03/11 00:54:51
    It's too early to say
    ..if she wins, can we bid a fond "adieu" to "american idle" forever?
  • LLL 2011/03/11 00:48:25
    It's too early to say
    She's good but I think the boys are better.
  • themiddlekid 2011/03/11 00:46:00
    Yes, she's got the looks and a killer voice
    But I also REALLY like Paul and Thia!
  • Spaceman spiff 2011/03/11 00:24:35
    It's too early to say
    Spaceman spiff
    I don't watch the show
  • Common Sense 2011/03/11 00:24:29
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    Common Sense
    She's way overrated. Her performance last night was good, but it wasn't spectacular. Casey Abrams and Lauren Alaina stood out the most.
  • garyt212 2011/03/10 23:47:06
    Yes, she's got the looks and a killer voice
    Still too early to really pick a winner but her performances this week and last week were outstanding!
  • readmylips 2011/03/10 23:07:19
    Yes, she's got the looks and a killer voice
    Todate she is the one to beat.
  • marie 2011/03/10 23:00:46
    It's too early to say
    I've noticed through the years that the winner is not necessarily the person who comes into the competition with the most talent, but the one that develops the most throughout the competition. And, we've all seen that the best doesn't always win. But, even when they don't they still go on to have amazing careers. Often, better than the winner of the show.
  • jasmine1 2011/03/10 22:08:52
    It's too early to say
    There definitely are several who should go soon, but on the other hand there is a lot of talent this year. Only time will tell. Unfortunately the best doesn't always win on this show since most of the voters are young teenage girls. It is still fun to get one's mind off the real world for awhile. Good to hear many share my taste.
  • earl 2011/03/10 21:50:23
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    Best looking,yes most talented, no!!
  • Ronin 2011/03/10 21:08:32
    It's too early to say
    Who Cares??? Really!!!

    -- “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”
    ~ Thomas Jefferson

    -- Confidential to My Irish Friends:
    May you always have
    A sunbeam to warm you
    Good luck to charm you
    And a sheltering angel so nothing can harm you
    Laughter to cheer you
    Faithful friends near you
    And whenever you pray, heaven to hear you.
    -- Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  • Dixienc 2011/03/10 21:01:57
    It's too early to say
    This kid is my pick....I'd love to see him go all the way....he did an amazing job on this song.

  • joe59 Dixienc 2011/03/10 22:03:31
    YEEE HAW...somebody gimme a beer!!!
  • Rocky 2011/03/10 21:00:27
    It's too early to say
  • The_Machine 2011/03/10 20:55:53
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    I hate county music but hands down scotty is the next idol. I actually like to listening to him sing country!
  • TAZ-manian Devil- 2011/03/10 20:51:08
    Yes, she's got the looks and a killer voice
    TAZ-manian Devil-
    BUT I don't think she will win because voters are unreliable! I also hope she doesn't win because most runner-ups seem to be more successful than the actual winner.
  • disogirl551 2011/03/10 20:46:58
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    She's great, but I don't think she's better than Lauren, Scotty, and Casey.
  • danielria 2011/03/10 20:41:56
    Yes, she's got the looks and a killer voice
    As long as she keeps belting out performances like last night, she will make it. It's between her and James! Both are tremendous singers.
  • darwolf 2011/03/10 20:13:45
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    My top 2 are Lauren and James 2 lauren james lauren alaina

    2 lauren james James durbin
  • Puzzler ~Sodahead's 32nd Guru~ 2011/03/10 20:01:36
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    Puzzler ~Sodahead's 32nd Guru~
    james durbin james durbin animated james durbin james durbin
  • Dirty Work 2011/03/10 20:01:35
    It's too early to say
    Dirty Work
    She's very good looking, and her voice is stunning, but someone could come out of nowhere.
  • Puzzler ~Sodahead's 32nd Guru~ 2011/03/10 20:01:34
    Puzzler ~Sodahead's 32nd Guru~
    james durbin james durbin animated james durbin james durbin
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/03/10 19:53:19
    It's too early to say
    Lerro DeHazel
    Pia Toscano is very pretty . . .
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2011/03/10 19:40:25
    It's too early to say
  • ellomotto 2011/03/10 19:37:49
    No, she's not the best of the bunch
    I thoguth she was boring I like Casey
  • DebraJMSmith 2011/03/10 19:17:52 (edited)
    It's too early to say
    Pia has the voice, but she is not using it to the degree that she needs to use it. And she also needs to find something to do with that left arm.

    Thia is the one to be watching. She sounds like a seasoned singer, at only 15 years old.

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