IDOL WATCH: Did Pia Toscano Deserve the Early Boot on 'American Idol'?

PopNews Wire 2011/04/08 13:00:00
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As our viewing companion put it, "They shouldn't have wasted the save on the hairy guy."

Beautiful Pia Toscano -- who was probably the best singer on "American Idol" this year -- was sent home Thursday night, about seven weeks before most people thought she would be. In fact, in most of the online polls we've seen, Pia was the contestant most people expected to win.

So WTH happened?

There's only one explanation for Pia's dismal ninth-place ranking: Tween girl mega-voters. In the last three seasons of "Idol," the winner has been a white, male "rocker." Now, we actually thought David Cook was pretty good (even if we also had a soft spot for David Archuleta). But Kris Allen was as bland as you get (especially compared to Adam Glambert), and we're still scratching our heads over Lee DeWyze's victory last year.

VIDEO: Watch this week's "Idol" performances again.

Of the remaining top 8, only Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery and James Durbin have never been in the bottom three. Two of these contestants are teenagers (very appealing to the "Idol" voting base), and one of them is a white, male rocker.

Luckily, all three of these contestants are very talented, and we particularly like James and Scotty. But it looks like gorgeous Pia didn't stand a chance. Men all over the country might be having a million drinks in a million bars over her, as Steven Tyler put it, but odds are, they weren't voting.

But the sad thing is, Pia really was the best singer, if not the best performer. We can't swear to it, but we thought we saw Randy's lips begin to form the F-word when he heard the news. And a stunned J-Lo looked like she was somewhere between crying and praying.

"I am shocked, I am angry, I don't even know what to say," she said, uncharacteristically speechless.

"I'm never upset on this show, and I'm never really mad, but this, like, this makes me mad," Randy added. "What is going on?"

Pia was joined in the bottom three by Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone. Now, Jacob is one thing, but how is it possible that Pia went home before Stefano? Ditto for Haley Reinhart, for that matter.

Star Makers: Meet the team of people who work with the "American Idol" contestants.

Well, Ryan warned us that it could be a very shocking results night. But he didn't warn us that it would be a very depressing results night.

More observations from Thursday's show:

--We really liked Constantine Maroulis' version of "Unchained Melody." Is it us, or has he gotten slightly less cheesy over the years. Or maybe we've just gotten cheesier?

--Until Pia totally distracted us, we were completely confounded by Iggy Pop's bleeped-out performance. Yes, that was a half-naked crazy guy running around the stage.

--Look out, Haley -- Kelly Clarkson has a crush on your man!

--Who couldn't use a little charisma coaching from Russell Brand? But getting advice on how to be a celebrity from TMZ.com is sort of like reading a children's book by Perez Hilton.

--Jennifer D'Angelo Friedman, PopNews Wire
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  • Nick 2011/04/24 05:06:28
    she was amazing
  • concerned mom 2011/04/12 01:54:08
    concerned mom
    But she'll do just fine. I expect she'll succeed just as Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson have.
    Talent wins out in the end. Many so-called "idol season winners" haven't done much at all. It's just a tv show. Thie big wigs in Hollywood nab the good ones no matter what happens
  • elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard 2011/04/11 09:49:27
    elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard
    American is a popularity contest not a singing contest!
  • darwolf 2011/04/11 07:40:39
    She had great voice but she was boring.
  • daylight 2011/04/11 07:30:34
    She had the wind pipes, but she needed to really break out and sail!!!!!
  • Annabelle 2011/04/11 04:18:52
    She is a great singer
  • Carm 2011/04/11 03:39:09
    Meant to say NO!
  • Myst 2011/04/11 01:51:32
    She may not have deserved the early boot, but the American public voted to remove her. With a voice like her's I'm sure that we'll see a record label or producer sign her to a contract. Probably the best thing that could happen to her.
  • danmar2 2011/04/11 01:01:31
    Why is someone voted off American Idol - they get the lowest number of votes. Did Pia get the lowest number of votes? Yes!!

    Did Pia deserve to get booted off the show - duh, she got the lowest number of votes!

    Think about it!
  • Eric 2011/04/11 00:27:13
    But I blame the judges that they have this year. They all proclaimed every singer the best and "in it to win it". The judges have a lot of gall to complain about the voting. If they thought that the other singers were not as good, they should have said so, instead of being terminally nice and supportive to everyone.
  • (>*~*)>Zombiecat<(*-*<) 2011/04/10 21:23:48
    who cares if she got booted or not? the ones that have talent and don't win seem to make more money than the ones that win.
  • Autumn 2011/04/10 21:22:06
    but someone has got to go home, I think the judges are too soft!
  • 9 inches 2011/04/10 21:10:14
    9 inches
    They should have gotten rid of the guy with the pointed hair and the eyebrows that keep moving up and down.
  • K4itlyn16 2011/04/10 21:08:02
    i think casey should win, but i dont think she should ahve left yet
  • JoeBob Scruggs 2011/04/10 20:58:32
  • concern... JoeBob ... 2011/04/12 01:58:46
    concerned mom
    That Paul guy can't sing. He just whispers to music and sounds like he's trying to have a bowel movement while he's doing it and dances around the stage like a chicken with its head cut off. We call him chicken legs in our house
  • Freebird 2011/04/10 20:17:36
    Great voice, no personality. One by one they will go, big deal.
  • rpagan23 2011/04/10 18:07:09
    goes to show you what s.o.b americans can be.not knowing how to even vote,fools
  • Cathy 2011/04/10 15:15:03
    No, Pia is a great singer and she shouldn't have gotton booted, but Stefano should had. Even though she singed a lot of ballad songs; she still can sing! But, this truly won't be the end of her because someone will get her signed to make a CD anyway. This will be her new beginning without being chosen by American Idol...just wait and see!
  • Rogeire 2011/04/10 14:46:28
    America voted the way it did, and that's that. She is a very good singer, but the rules are the rules.
  • rpagan23 Rogeire 2011/04/10 18:16:56
    you dont even vote you fool.
  • Rogeire rpagan23 2011/05/08 06:00:02
    Sorry to dissapoint U but we do vote if we watch the show. If something comes up that prevents me from watching the show, then I will not vote You are not a good mind reader.
  • GirlyGirl™ 2011/04/10 13:33:52
    There were probably more forces at work to have her eliminated than we'll ever know. But I really enjoyed Iggy Pop's performance! They shouldn't have bleeped it out!
  • mrdog 2011/04/10 12:47:11
    Who when where why what.... don't know this chick? bark
  • carlton999 2011/04/10 10:35:49
    Paul should have been booted.
  • Nancy~PWCM~JLA~POTL 2011/04/10 09:38:21
    it turns into popularity contest where only 14 or 15 year olds vote,... and there you have it. She is talented and poised. I can think of a half dozen who should have gone bye bye
  • The Terrific Whatzit BN-0 2011/04/10 08:57:58 (edited)
    The Terrific Whatzit BN-0
    All the contestants deserve the boot. AI rewards mediocrity. The most successful AI winner ever has been Kelly Clarkson. And how big is she really? She isn't. I don't care about the show or it's contestants. Not when there are real talents around the country busting their asses in small clubs and other venues, making good music who will be tomorrow's big names in music.
  • ILuvMonkeys 2011/04/10 06:29:51
  • Medicated 2011/04/10 05:13:55
    Never seen the show
  • guitarplayer2571 2011/04/10 04:54:59
    i don't know about the boot? but i got something i wouldn't mind giving her! :o)
  • Steve☮END THE FED☮ 2011/04/10 04:47:33
    Steve☮END THE FED☮
    They are extremely talented this season, but I think the guys are much more impressive.

    Casey Abrams is something different, and everyone loves a geek!
  • M-L-E 2011/04/10 03:06:28
    She did to many ballads even when the judges told her not to
  • lols 2011/04/10 02:41:33
    People who voted no are mostly brainwashed little idiot kids. Im not saying this girl can't sing. shes better then some of them now. But because the RIDICULOUS PRAISES she got, in my eyes shes just an over rated mediocre bimbo. Ive seen so many singers like her. TOO MANY PEOPLE like her already all over the place. plus vocally, shes not naturally talented (like lauren or thea, whom I think deserved to stay more than pia). and this lady has no freaking personality (like thea unfortunately), and her perfomances bore me to frekin death. and her so called 'high notes' - dude, wtf. my ears hurt when she goes for that sh*t. SHE DOES NOT have a powerful voice as the judges claimed. she has a 'nice' pop voice - but NO celine, whitney or mariah. hell no. so, she deserves to go. and take her snobbish 'hell no im not out' face along. and btw, poor stefano. they were all pissed off that he didnt go despite all the positive comments from the judges. sh*t. im trying to imagine how he feels. lol
  • Joey 2011/04/10 01:55:52
    No Stefano needs to leave
  • Adrianna 2011/04/10 01:22:06 (edited)
    I thought she would win too. Paul, Miss Piggy, or Stefano should have stepped up and said that they would leave instead of Pia. They would have earned HUGE brownie points with the American Idol audience and that person would have instantly gone on a tour of the talk show circuit. I mean come on, those three don't stand a snowball's chance of winning. At least giving Pia one more week would have given her fans the opportunity to step up the voting.

    The Sucky Three missed a golden opportunity to make a name for themselves.

    The good thing is that now Pia can start her career early. With as much notariety as this is getting, SOMEBODY will scoop her up and run with her. Instant money maker.
  • DeathBolt Adrianna 2011/04/11 01:47:48
    who is miss piggy?
  • Adrianna DeathBolt 2011/04/16 02:27:08
    Lauren Alaina
  • Kim Possible 2011/04/10 00:09:19
    Kim Possible
    She was the best singer there. SMH..what happen America?
  • rena 2011/04/09 23:56:21
    I think that Paul should have been booted off. He is very limited in his voice range and can't sing very well.
  • CJ 2011/04/09 22:33:34
    It takes much more to win that singing. Most people like a person who is a performer and can entertain them, i.e., Taylor Hicks. That should say it all. He was not the best singer but was the best showman and that is what it is all about. If I am going to spend my money to see them they better do more that just stand there and sing.

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