I have a old Gateway 2000 Solo (with windows 98) (to play a game for 95/98 only) but there is no sound, just static...does that mean the speakers need replaced?

James 2010/06/06 19:04:22
how would I take the laptop apart because I don't see any screws and the speakers (if you look closely at the picture) are directly under the screen
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  • joe59 2010/06/06 20:07:18
    Make sure all the drivers are installed or if that PC or laptop you have will let you...try to restore it and it should go back to factory settings, I don't know if a 10 yr old PC will do that though.
  • betty189 2010/06/06 19:10:48
    isnt there any ports where u could buy a cheap pair of speakers or headphones and plug in?
  • James betty189 2010/06/06 19:23:58
    that doesn't work, i still get the static sound
  • betty189 James 2010/06/06 19:48:19
    oh s--t, :( hmm, all i can think of is what your prob thinking, that the whole sound system is somehow ruined, you could try and google some pc tech forums and see what they say, try a few different ones,on youtube theres lots of pc help videos,i only found these results possibly somewhere in there how to disassemble:
  • James betty189 2010/06/06 20:12:33
    i've done every search possible with no help
  • betty189 James 2010/06/06 20:58:13
    all i could find was possibly taking the keyboard apart to see, but every post says they got screws, maybe you might have to copy the game and get a "new" old cheap laptop off ebay or anywhere and transfer it, or u never know maybe try a school or college that teaches computers might look at it for free?
  • betty189 James 2010/06/06 21:06:49
    this looks like yours, maybe you could just email him and see if he might know how to take it apart, you never know:
  • James betty189 2010/06/06 21:14:01
    no, it's just a Gateway 2000 Solo (no number after Solo, I think it was the first 2000 Solo that gateway made)

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