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By Entertainment Mog
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

entertainment mog wednesday 27 2009
Hugh Hefner

Most of the general public is fascinated by Hugh Hefner; most men envy him and see him as some sort of hero.

Women find him attractive due to his money, fame, and sex appeal, and even those who don’t feel this way about Hef still find him to be very interesting.

His ideals on sexual curiosities and interests were not well thought of in his earlier years, as he was at times a topic of controversy. Luckily times have changed.

Though he’s 83 years old, he has no shortage of girlfriends and is able to pull off what many men have been trying to successfully do for years - dating more than one woman at a time!

Here is a LONG list of Hef’s girls throughout the years.

Mildred Williams

Born: March 10, 1926
Married to Hefner: 1949 to 1959
Miscellaneous Information: Hugh met her in college at Northwestern University. Pictures of her are non-existent!

information hugh met college northwestern university pictures non-existent janet pilgrim
Janet Pilgrim



A fwd article: -jt

pictures non-existent janet pilgrim cont httpamog comentertainmenthefs-harem-girlfriends-present fwd article -jt
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Top Opinion

  • GoddessGia 2009/05/30 12:58:22
    Heff is an old fool, being used for his money.
    heff fool money

    This man has been married to his wife for 81 yrs.
    now THAT is an accomplishment.
    heff fool money married wife 81 yrs accomplishment

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  • BJet 2009/06/01 17:56:49
    Harem? I thought that Hefner can give them a free room and board.
  • san 2009/05/31 21:55:23
    If anyone looks up to Hugh Hefner they must have low, I mean very low self-esteem because the women are only after money and trying to get famous. hugh hefner self-esteem women money famous
  • Kirra Blackhart... Now even... 2009/05/31 04:05:07
    Kirra Blackhart... Now even more cynical, bitter & twisted BN12
    It is interesting looking at the timeline of his girlfriends. The early women are quite beautiful, but as time progresses they just get skankier.
  • :)SuperGirl(: 2009/05/31 03:52:41
    i dont think that they really act like his girlfriends i think they all just say that and are really good friends act girlfriends friends
  • 007 2009/05/31 03:07:09
    well...@ least his mag featured me n my ladies over tha years. mag featured ladies tha years mag featured ladies tha years mag featured ladies tha years mag featured ladies tha years
  • Dwight Mann 2009/05/31 00:09:21 (edited)
    Dwight Mann
    And I thought that no man ever had more girlfriends than I. . . I am jealous. . . lol
  • kitkat42 2009/05/30 23:44:50
    It has to be the money and hope for 'fame' that brings these girls in, it certainly can't be attributed to his good looks and great personality. He's just creepy.
  • Ruby Slippers awaits volunt... 2009/05/30 22:37:16
    Ruby Slippers awaits voluntary deactivation
    He's 83 and still acts like he's a young man. Believe me, if he wasn't who he was, none of those young women would pay any attention to him. Its all about the money and furthering their careers.
  • Cathy 2009/05/30 20:31:41
    Just because he have girls surounded around him don't mean a thing. He might have them performing things with each other while he is setting or laying down grinning. Whatever, he is being used only for his money, and that's an OLD FOOL!
  • michael x 2009/05/30 20:26:55
    michael x
    THE MAN!!
  • san michael x 2009/05/31 22:05:40
    THE OLD MAN !!
  • roxie 2009/05/30 19:44:29
    Creepy Old Geezer!
    I bet he smells like old dude and money$ creepy geezer bet smells dude money
    Old Coots! Yucky!
  • kimmy "In God I Trust" 2009/05/30 18:52:52
    kimmy "In God I Trust"

    I don't believe they're really his girlfriends...no way! Did he get to play around, maybe...but, I don't believe that they were exclusively his girlfriends.
  • belle 2009/05/30 17:52:25
    What must their boyfriends or spouses think knowing their girl friend or wife has been bedded by this old fool.
  • mustangluver 2009/05/30 16:46:14
    Was this a discriminatory question? Who cares except men and lesbians? LOL
  • The Sane One 2009/05/30 15:36:51
    The Sane One
    There is a small but subtle difference between being seen out in public with models and their actually being his 'girlfriend'...
  • steph ♥ 2009/05/30 14:19:10
    steph ♥
    Gosh he is ugly! The women who surround him are beautiful though! I could never be with a person for their money!
  • buttercup 2009/05/30 13:25:10
    But you have to admit, it has put a smile on his face that cannot be erased! The man will die in ecstacy admit smile erased die ecstacy
  • Whitese7en buttercup 2009/05/30 22:30:12
    Perhaps, but he wont be in ecstasy very long.

    Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
  • buttercup Whitese7en 2009/05/30 22:35:09
    That is between him and the lord. I have no say in God's judgment.

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