How to cure a belly button ring infection quickly?

The Poisoned Cherry 2009/11/11 00:53:17
I got it done two months ago so i was supposed to be able to change it but it's infected so I can't change it until it's healed which is depressing. So anyone with a navel ring wanna help me out?
A fast remedy preferably?
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  • laii 2013/09/01 10:44:23
    i have a pierced on belly for almost 11days it is swelling with a yellow pus. how is it? i used betadine and i take antibacterial. and it is itching they told me its a sign of healing stage.
  • haleigh... laii 2015/02/26 01:25:32
    haleigh hicks
    Don't touch it
  • samantha 2013/08/11 14:13:45
    Salt and water
  • May samantha 2015/05/05 03:01:43
    Ive tryed salt water and that made it way worse any other sugjestions?
  • shemeciam 2013/06/28 02:52:09
    Im having all of the regular symptoms that come with the healing process but My belly button ring has also moved , as if It was pierced crooked . Is this a bad thing ?
  • samantha shemeciam 2013/08/11 14:13:11
    Well what happens with a brand new belly piercing is sometimes it will turn causing the scar tissue to begin to heal. What you want to look more at is making sure that scar tissue doesn't get ripped. Also if any infection happens treat with soaking the belly button in a cup of salt and water for about 5 minutes
  • whitney haskins 2013/06/26 22:46:46
    whitney haskins
    so im having the same prob its really stupid of me but this is what happened i pierced it at home with a safty pin then enlarged the hole witha sewing needle the more with an ear gage and final put a ring in it all in one night its sore red and has a little greenish stuff coming out when i press on it what should i do i dont want to take it out it hurt to bad to have to do it all over again :(
  • samantha whitney... 2013/08/11 14:20:44
    Salt and water. Preferably sea salt.
  • Giovanny Whaley 2010/11/12 09:51:03
    Giovanny Whaley
    If you suspect a yeast infection, some ways to treat it are: clean with a cotton swab with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide inside the belly button for a few weeks until your symptoms subside, over the counter yeast infection medicine, over the counter diaper rash medicine, or antibiotics from your doctor. After showering, make sure to dry the area well.
  • Leopluradon [Not-So... 2009/11/11 02:38:39
    Leopluradon         [Not-So-Sweet16♥]
    Wash it with distilled salt water. You can make your own, by boiling some hot water and adding a pinch or 2 of table salt. You need to wash it twice a day, more if it has had contact with dirt, chlorinated water, other fluids. Its normal, I had it for a bit, and it is gross and a bitch to put up with but you'll get through it. Its all part of the healing process ♥
  • Carl 2009/11/11 02:10:49
    If surgical steel was used, it has to be of the highest quality and nickel free. Nickel irritates the skin, leading to an infection. See a doctor.
  • SirenAlyss 2009/11/11 01:14:45
    I had one for a while. 2 months is the MINIMUM healing time. The navel piercing can take anywhere from 2 months to about 9 months to fully heal. Was your piercing done with surgical steel? There is no such thing as a "fast remedy". In order to help we need to know more details. Is the piercing red, crusting, has it appeared to have moved even in the slightest? Changing the ring so quickly can be dangerous to the piercing. If you have changed it what type of ring have you switched it with?
  • The Poi... SirenAlyss 2009/11/11 01:17:20
    The Poisoned Cherry
    its surgical steel i havnt changed it, it was proffesionally done. it red, crusted, nd pussy.. nd it hasnt moved. but its sore.
  • SirenAlyss The Poi... 2009/11/11 01:25:41
    So far these are all normal. Do NOT take it out. You should have been provided with a salt solution by your piercer. If not I will ask an obvious question. Have you been cleaning it twice a day? Warm water is the best way to clean it without a cleaning solution. Warm water and the gentle Q-tip to brush away dried puss. Puss sometimes emerges but if it is a constant happening I would see your piercer.
  • The Poi... SirenAlyss 2009/11/11 01:27:33
    The Poisoned Cherry
    i use the sea salt spray stuff about three times a day actually. its called H2Ocean
  • SirenAlyss The Poi... 2009/11/11 01:35:54
    I have had personal experience with the spray and to be honest it rendered useless. My piercing itself migrated and was rejected. The Spray did not much if any help. The first solution that I was given was a sea salt that I was to be mixed with water and heated and then held over the piercing. It was successful. If your piercing has shown any sign of migration I would see your piercer immediately.
  • Jody Smith The Poi... 2013/08/26 00:23:57
    Jody Smith
    What happens. If the redness goes to your chest two separate. ways what should people. Do
  • Jersey-Gurl 2009/11/11 01:10:15
    i dont have one, but cant you take the ring out?
  • The Poi... Jersey-... 2009/11/11 01:12:07
    The Poisoned Cherry
    i dnt want it to heal.
  • emily.g... The Poi... 2013/03/27 21:01:25
    Actually, you cannot take it out because if you do the puss and gunk and ooz will get trapped under the skin, and possibly form abscess that will have to be surgically removed.
  • Annabelledee 2009/11/11 00:56:38
    do you have peroxide >?
  • The Poi... Annabel... 2009/11/11 00:57:08
    The Poisoned Cherry
  • Annabel... The Poi... 2009/11/11 01:01:23
    okayy well uhmm dump it in a little bowl and get q-tips and little make up blotters and like get it all bubly its going to feel weird and it will hopefully bubble ,,if it doesnt then its probably not infected (that bad )..uhhmm rub the peroxide all over .
  • The Poi... Annabel... 2009/11/11 01:03:14
    The Poisoned Cherry
    its not bubbling.
  • Annabel... The Poi... 2009/11/11 01:05:56
    okayy well idk then brb
  • The Poi... Annabel... 2009/11/11 01:07:29
    The Poisoned Cherry
  • Annabel... The Poi... 2009/11/11 01:14:54
    the infection is probably closed in :(
  • emily.g... Annabel... 2013/03/27 21:03:14
    Yes if you take it out, as my reply to Jersey-Girl states, it will form abscess that will need to be surgical removed and is dangerous in some cases.
  • Kat emily.g... 2013/08/26 08:58:32
    I pierced mine with a tac..it hurts and is red with puss sometimes. Idk what to be. I did take the ring out tho..but cleaned it then put the ring back in..help mee
  • Riana Rush The Poi... 2014/11/07 02:42:27
    Riana Rush
    never use peroxide it will close the piercing and make it reject. peroxide dries it out and you don't want to do that! don't use any ointments or neosporin either.

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