How does anyone feel about James Dewees being the 6th PERMANENT full time member of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE???

Killjoys Queen 2008/01/07 13:21:40
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It has been confirmed that James Dewees(a member of the former Reggae band,also the guy who conducted Mikey & Alicia's wedding),is to be the 6th permanent full time member of My Chemical Romance by the time the nxt album comes out...
Just wanna c wot does MCR fan think about it...
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  • eric 2008/06/11 22:04:16
    fuck mcr! go reggie & the full effect
  • TheAlleySquad 2008/06/04 18:29:48
    None of the above
    dude james dewees is a very good keyboardist. Reggie and the full effect is my faver band which he is the lead singer and keyboardist it will be a big plus for mcr. now they will have a great back up singer and a great keyboardist
  • Williamitwasreallynothing 2008/01/27 22:14:05
  • Emmii 2008/01/26 04:52:48
    I'm not sure. I've never heard of him and know nothing about him.
    But I preferred it when it was jsut thr 5 of them :(.
  • Emmii Emmii 2008/01/26 04:53:00
  • Emily :]] 2008/01/09 00:27:27
    Weird,but u will get used to it
    Emily :]]
    Its gonna be odd at first i mean they havent gotten a new member since they got rid of matt. I just hope he is good for the band and doesnt try to mess up Frerard :D
  • Katy 2008/01/07 19:01:26
    Weird,but u will get used to it
    Eh, what are you gonna do.
  • jimih67 2008/01/07 17:37:52
    I don't know. This guy isn't a keyboard player, is he? Some bands can pull off keyboards (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd), but I don't think a band like MCR really needs them. Look what happened to Van Halen when they started using them. And Rush. Both bands were much better before they started messing around with keyboards. Maybe with all their recent popularity they want to make their sound more mainstream. Time will tell. If Metallica or Megadeth ever added a keyboardist, I think I'd shoot myself.
  • Cassie jimih67 2008/01/07 19:09:29
    They used Keyboards on "The black parade".
  • Emmii Cassie 2008/01/26 04:54:01
    Yeah, but that song is good with it.
    I dont know if I'll like it if they add slower melodies.
    I like the aggressiveness to the band.
  • Cassie Emmii 2008/01/26 05:08:30
    I meant the record "The Black Parade". And I know that if they do use slower melodies I'll still love it.
  • William... jimih67 2008/01/27 22:07:47
  • jimih67 William... 2008/01/28 12:44:56
    I have nothing against keyboards as long as they use them to enhance their sound. But when bands rely too heavily on them, that's when it gets bad. Just compare "I'll Wait" from Van Halen's 1984 album to some of their earlier stuff. Eddie Van Halen is a guitar genius, but they went almost all keyboards, and their sound really suffered for it.
  • William... jimih67 2008/01/28 20:26:42
  • ThatGirl 2008/01/07 15:48:09
    We'll have to see when the album comes out.
  • *~JENNBEAVER~* 2008/01/07 15:01:41
    U r fine with it. It doesn't feel weird to u...
    as long as it doesn't screw up their style...then whatever works best...

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