How do you relax?

Let's Ask America 2013/06/05 19:42:12
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We usually relax by having some alone time, but maybe you like to let loose through partying with friends. How do you relax?

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  • dragon master 2013/08/24 10:58:40
    Alone time
    dragon master
  • Richard 2013/06/24 19:53:23
    Alone time
    Everyone needs alittle lone time!
  • Karma 2013/06/24 03:38:41
    Alone time
  • Manu 2013/06/24 00:15:54
    Alone time
    I lay down on any park and i smoke
  • Amhi 2013/06/23 04:56:59
    Alone time
    And by that, I mean have video game marathons.
  • dacito14 2013/06/22 19:03:16
  • JESSIE 2013/06/21 20:48:22
    Alone time
  • dolaga14 2013/06/21 14:23:20
  • MadWorld 2013/06/21 12:10:48
    Alone time
  • BigD_U.S.M."HD"Vet. 2013/06/21 11:57:42
    Party with strangers
    I "LIKE" getting a Hot, sloppy "Blow_Yob !"
  • Firefly/Ames 2013/06/21 06:33:58
    Alone time
    I go for a walk and listen to music and sometimes end up on swing-sets quietly singing to myself...
  • JohnDeuxTrois95 2013/06/21 00:19:13
  • govias14 2013/06/17 16:54:40
  • vojana14 2013/06/16 19:08:05
  • Rebellion 2013/06/16 09:23:56
    Alone time
    I'm playing piano. c:
  • AndyBoy 2013/06/14 16:14:36
    Alone time
    Copius amounts of sex.
  • .: LiVi :. 2013/06/14 12:08:38
    Alone time
    .: LiVi :.
    I crave alone time
  • Steelshrt 2013/06/14 06:16:15 (edited)
    Alone time
    I would like to unwind with a significant other, but since I don't have one at the moment I just chill.
  • Little Wonders 2013/06/14 05:15:20
    Alone time
    Little Wonders
    Sometimes i like to cover myself in Vaseline and pretend i'm a slug.
    So relaxing.
  • chuck 2013/06/14 03:28:27
    Alone time
    I go to work and its just me its nice
  • George-2 2013/06/14 03:24:47 (edited)
    Party with friends
    Getting together with friends the South American healthy-traditional 'yerba mate drinking' way. Something Americans should get acquainted with through 'circleofdrink.com', many u tube videos & these 2 links:

  • XNecroMancerX 2013/06/14 00:03:40
    Alone time
    Just me, blaring music, and a wicked violent video game and I'll be good for a few days
  • Latasha E. 2013/06/13 23:32:01
    Alone time
    Latasha E.
    I do not have friends. I only have associates. I wish I had some true friends because I am so tired of being alone. Okay, I have said way too much.
  • XNecroM... Latasha E. 2013/06/14 00:04:37
    I know how you feel
  • yume' 2013/06/13 23:29:51
    Alone time
    I walk in the deep woods with my dogs,or read,garden,hunt for relics. the curiosity shop
  • Rusty Bubbles 2013/06/13 21:39:16
    Party with friends
    Rusty Bubbles
  • Redneck Gal 2013/06/13 19:59:31
    Alone time
    Redneck Gal
    In the great outdoors is best!
  • Blueskies 2013/06/13 19:38:53 (edited)
    Alone time
    I listen to music, dance, ride a bike, go to happy hour, stroll around downtown or the beach.

  • pamela 2013/06/13 18:36:58
    Alone time
    I like the alone time, with my laptop, TV, and whatever I have in my home to keep me happy. If I don't have to get out on a day, I just want to relax, then it's all the better.
  • ♥Gabs1697♥ 2013/06/13 18:05:09
    Alone time
    Being around people is stressful
  • Fenris 2013/06/13 18:02:55
    Alone time
    Alone reading!
  • † Suicide † 2013/06/13 16:13:40
    Alone time
    † Suicide †
    Party With Family Maybe
  • Luke 2013/06/13 15:48:33
    Alone time
    Alone at home on my deck, catch a buzz and just chill
  • lkreu 2013/06/13 15:42:08
    Alone time
    I really don't relax too often - when I do its usually called bed time
  • Lerro DeHazel 2013/06/13 15:20:36
    Alone time
    Lerro DeHazel
    Well, I used to Relax with SodaHead, until they allowed 13-year-old Members to use Name-Calling because they were too young to understand the response to a Question.
  • Matt 2013/06/13 15:17:08
    Party with friends
    I spend about 2 hours per day down at one of the local watering holes. I have made a lot of friends in this town since moving here in 2006.

    Sheila Jenny Me
  • BuggaBoo 2013/06/13 13:35:04
    Alone time
    me, my bed and my headphone
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2013/06/13 12:40:30
    Alone time
    while I am fishing
  • BoyGirlStuff 2013/06/13 12:35:54
    Alone time
    To relax, I listen to some jazz or classical music and burn scented candles. Or sometimes I'll take a long, hot bubble bath. At other times I'll curl up on the couch or in bed and watch a good movie, preferably something on the Lifetime Channel :-)
  • Bridget 2013/06/13 09:59:37
    Alone time
    I like to lay in bed and listen to music.

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