How bad dose it hurt to get your eyebrow pierced? And would it look good with a lip piercing?

manders:))! 2010/12/09 03:33:01
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I have my lip done and it didnt hurt bad at all, Im not really worried about it hurting as i am about it looking good because i dont want to get a piercing that looks like shit i mean who dose? i just need some ones opinion about it.
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  • Eyebrow
    ♥ chαmα (((G)))™ (IMPERIAL GANGSTER ckrαzє, 197 ♥) ♥
    i have an eyebrow piercing.
    and it didnt hurt when i got it.
    but iguess that's bekause i didnt really pay attention to what was happen at the time that i was getting it done.
    and i got it on my right side.
    and i would say no dont get the lip piercing.
    but that's just me.
    i got my toung pierced.
    and it didnt hurt.
    it was just a pinch.
    but yea.
    i perfured a toung ring then a lip ring.
  • manders... ♥ chαmα... 2010/12/11 03:53:48
    i already have my lip done
  • ♥ chαmα... manders... 2010/12/12 00:39:01
    ♥ chαmα (((G)))™ (IMPERIAL GANGSTER ckrαzє, 197 ♥) ♥
  • ♠Jen♠ BN - 0 2010/12/09 23:25:03
    ♠Jen♠ BN - 0
    Eyebrow piercings tend to be classier than lip rings, and they're easier to hide should you go in for a job interview. They don't hurt too much (I pierced mine myself w/a safety pin) but after a time they will begin to work themselves out of your skin. This will happen because they are a surface piercing... they don't actually go through anything like a lip ring, earring, or nose ring would. When they do work out of your skin, they will leave a depression on you eyebrow where no hair will grow. However, these are easy to hide and are basically unnoticeable when re-pierced.
  • manders... ♠Jen♠ B... 2010/12/10 04:33:44
    Thank you sooo much! i was wondering about the working out of your skin thing Thanks alot! :)
  • greggerz 2010/12/09 19:24:19
    My eyebrow piercing didnt hurt at all..still have it.
    I had a lipring for about 6 months,,,it didnt hurt, but i found it annoying. So i took it out :/
  • Rave 2010/12/09 17:09:42
    If you want it. I've had my eyebrow pierced twice, once by a proffessional and that time it didn't hurt much. Another time by some chick who didn't know what the hell she was doing apart from ripping my eyebrow with a sharp needle, it ended up getting infected and that hurt a lot. However it doesn't hurt much otherwise, so do as you like.
  • Poppa Blues 2010/12/09 13:36:26
    No eyebrow
    Poppa Blues
    I'm not a big fan of piercings. You're pretty hot just the way you are,, a piercing won't make you hotter or cooler it will just make you like everyone else.
  • Melian Nienor 2010/12/09 06:59:08
    Melian Nienor
    It doesn't hurt much. I have both my eyebrow and lip pierced
  • tommy Melian ... 2013/11/04 20:30:01
  • Jerry 2010/12/09 03:58:21
    Eyebrows got a little sting to it, well that was for me but it all depends on your pain tolerance & that & the lip would look awesome together
  • LOTR_HP~RWAC~CFM 2010/12/09 03:39:47

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