Hollywood is thinking of re-making the old and beloved "Bewitched" TV show: Is this a good idea or is Hollywood simply, absolutely, bankrupt of new ideas?

the_old_coach 2011/08/11 17:29:15
Can't they just leave the past and our memories alone and come up with something new? It seems like everything they churn out these days is a re-make, and sometimes it's a remake OF a re-make! The 2005 movie with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell couldn't hit bottom quick enough but now they want to re-make the TV show! I say PLEASE, NO!

The Will Ferrell-Nicole Kidman film version may have been a flop, but CBS wants to try a small screen remake of “Bewitched.”

The network has ordered a script from Sony Pictures Television for a potential TV remake of the hit ‘60s show, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The producers behind the 2005 movie – spouses Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher - are lined up to produce the series.

Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York (and later Dick Sargent) starred in the original series, which ran from 1964 to 1972. The story, of course, followed a suburban witch (Montgomery) married to an advertising executive (York) who couldn't help using magic in her everyday life.

Who should play Samantha and Darrin this time around?

montgomery married advertising executive york magic life play samantha darrin

Read More: http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2011/08/10/cbs-orders...

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  • Spider20 2011/08/11 22:26:43
    First off, Elizabeth Montgomery was amazing in that role.....
    Hollywood is short on ideas, I just heard they're remaking Charlie's Angels, and NO, I don't mean Charlie Sheen's Goddesses.....
  • Pookie 2011/08/11 21:34:27
    Hollywood has run out of Ideas for new movies and tv shows. If they come up with something original, I'll have to pinch myself to see if I am awake!
  • Prime Time Lime 2011/08/11 20:19:44
    Prime Time Lime
    Leave the original show alone and do not make a remake.Most of the remakes are terrible and do not do justice to the original series.For instance I thought the next generation "Star Trek" tv show was horrible.
  • Lynn 2011/08/11 18:56:29
    I'm going to go with "Bankrupt"...
  • J Montana 2011/08/11 17:34:24
    J Montana
    It would be a hit if they got the right actors and storyline. Charmed, Sabrina the teenage witch, and the Vampire Diaries are and were all hits.
  • the_old... J Montana 2011/08/11 18:10:53
    But do they have to re-cast an old favorite? Why couldn't they just have a new show? The shows you mentioned were all good in their own ways but they weren't re-makes of an old favorite.

    "Bewitched" should remain as it was...I don't want a new, re-cast show.

  • J Montana the_old... 2011/08/11 18:14:15
    J Montana
    I do agree with you. It would be better for their bottom line to create a different show that targets younger folks like 'Charmed' did.
  • the_old... J Montana 2011/08/11 18:22:04
    They had a daughter, Tabitha, in the old show: perhaps something with her or even HER child, which would be age appropriate. "Bewitched: The Next Generation" or something, hahaha, though even THAT concept has been used before.

    In a side note, there is another poll question on the right asking if they should be remaking "Dirty Dancing." Can't they simply come up with something original?

    This brings me back to the basis of my question: Is Hollywood bankrupt of new ideas? I say YES!
  • J Montana the_old... 2011/08/11 18:28:54
    J Montana
    I do not want a Remake of "Dirty Dancing. " Hollywood would screw up the movie with SEX!

    The original should be left alone.
  • the_old... J Montana 2011/08/11 18:31:08
    I agree!

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