Melizmatic 2012/06/18 17:47:29
I agree: please FIX the glitches. They seem to be getting worse
I disagree; every single feature of this site is flawless.
Super-Cali Fragilistic Expi-alidocious!
Add Photos & Videos
I have a novel idea.

How about you forget about Rodney King, and milking his death to the very last drop to increase site traffic, for just a moment...

forget rodney king milking death drop increase site traffic

Forget about Rhianna and your staff's inexplicable obsession with her career & lifestyle.


Forget about Charlie Sheen, Willow Smith, Justin Beiber, Madonna's nipple and every other vapid, pointless story that you've copied and pasted from some other, better-written website.

beiber madonnas nipple vapid pointless story copied pasted better-written website

How about fixing all the damn annoying glitches?

Updates/happenings that come days or even weeks late, raves not showing, perpetual site time-outs, constant '500' error codes...

SO annoying

Please, please,
PLEASE fix those issues before directing your energies to less important aspects of the site, such as content like "the hottest celeb couple."


Sincerely, one of the faceless masses that drives this site and whose presence generates revenue for the owner.

v for vendatta masked crowed

And for those of us out there who aren't experiencing ANY issues with the sites functionality whatsoever:

drives site presence generates revenue owner experiencing issues sites functionality

Goody-goody gumdrops for you, feel free to just go ahead and skip this post, as it doesn't actually pertain to you.


Lastly, y'all know the deal about being civil;

just do it

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