This group is for HIM fans to hang out in while they are on the site

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I am pleased that you have embraced this new site as I have and this can toy for us to spread the word. I have been on the site for a few days can help with questions. I am here to help you figure out the site so lets figure out the best way to make people know how good the site is. Feel free the post the poll to your Myspace page if you would like. The Gatekeeper


i'm lookin for other H.I.M. fans on myspace i'm from modesto can and i haven't really meet any him fans any fan of him on myspace there all pretty much rap fans so any him fans on here hit me up add me to ur myspace


I love H.I.M i've loved them since i was 10 and im now 15. I think they are amazing. I'm a bit big =S i wear thick black glasses and i have short very dark brown hair =D.


Please post here all the cool little tid-bits on HIM you find and would like to share with all of us!!


Greetings Fellow Earthlings, I wanted to start a place where HIM fans can show their thanks to Ville, Mige, Linde, Burton and Gas, for all the hard work they do for us!! They have a brutal tour set up for Venus Doom. It does not end until March !! At least they will have time off for the holidays to be with family and friends. I have NEVER known a band that puts so much effort in to their fans as HIM does. THANKS GUYS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR US!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL, Lisa


Info on where they are and what they are doing!


It's for Kerrang. There are several catagories to vote in, and you can vote as many times as you want on each!!! Go vote for HIM and Ville! For some reason I can't post the link so... Go to Kerrang .com's website, then go to readerspoll 2007, then vote your ass off! :D

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