Have You Ever Smoked Marijuana?

~The Tickler~ 2010/07/17 12:32:26
Yes,I have
No,I haven't
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if so,how was it ?
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  • Tab Bear[: 2010/07/26 16:47:52
    No,I haven't
    Tab Bear[:
    I can honestly say No.
  • LayaBear 2010/07/23 20:24:55
    No,I haven't
    No iHaven't and I Ever Will. =]
  • Pika 2010/07/22 01:48:28
    No,I haven't
    It's disgusting. I've been around people who do nothing but smoke it all willy nillingly.
  • sissy 2010/07/20 23:11:48
    Yes,I have
    everyone has by now
  • Tab Bear[: sissy 2010/07/26 16:48:28
    Tab Bear[:
    Actually your wrong[[:
  • Merlin 2010/07/19 22:56:30
    No,I haven't
  • Alyssa Marie 2010/07/19 18:22:28
    No,I haven't
    Alyssa Marie
    i have not, actually.
  • reed67 2010/07/19 18:21:59
    Yes,I have
    Still do from time to time. Wish they would make it legal.
  • Johna Hoskins 2010/07/19 18:20:55
    Yes,I have
    Johna Hoskins
  • WithEyesClosed 2010/07/19 16:35:45
  • miss newport <3 2010/07/19 14:40:59
    Yes,I have
    miss newport <3
    maybe.........dont remember.... just once never again....
    the only thing i remember is being sick the whole next week....
  • TheJoker 2010/07/19 09:40:03
    Yes,I have
    Tried it first when I was about 12...... its much better now than it used to be.
  • Emily Skellington [[Bones]] 2010/07/19 04:15:50
    No,I haven't
    Emily Skellington [[Bones]]
    And I don't really care to.
  • Clarissa the Porcelain Liberal 2010/07/19 03:59:32 (edited)
    Yes,I have
    Clarissa the Porcelain Liberal
    Eh, I've smoked off an on for about 6 years.

    If you ever have a chance, I'm awfully partial to this strain of Green Crack. I've had a med card for a while, so all different types are available to me, legally. chance partial strain green crack ive med card types legally
  • I quit sodahead 2010/07/19 00:49:56
    No,I haven't
    I quit sodahead
    Nope, and I don't think I'll bother. My mom tried it once, but it did nothing. I don't think it will affect me, either, as alcohol has no effect on me.
  • XXFreeXHugzXX 2010/07/19 00:26:59
    Yes,I have
    yesi mhhhhmmmm
  • Gaara of the Desert 2010/07/18 23:43:01
    Yes,I have
    Gaara of the Desert
  • juliet 2010/07/18 23:32:40
    No,I haven't
    but my friends do it all the time
    i just like to drink(:
  • Gradientsky 2010/07/18 19:42:01
    Yes,I have
    a few times
  • ~The Ti... Gradien... 2010/07/19 15:15:13
    ~The Tickler~
    i would like to see you high ;D
  • Gradien... ~The Ti... 2010/07/19 17:14:26
    I get really horny when I am high
  • prometheus 2010/07/18 15:36:23
    Yes,I have
  • (;Soℓℓ.❤ 2010/07/18 05:45:53
    No,I haven't
    But I've Been Offered To Smoke Some Many Many Times.
  • monicasaurus 2010/07/18 02:52:56
    Yes,I have
    yep, it wasn't so great cause i was coughing too much and then i got all jumpy afterward.
  • tooner259 2010/07/18 02:40:38
    Yes,I have
    Just tried it ,since 1973,to see if I liked it.So far,so good,gonna get a lab coat to legitimize my experiments,and use the big pockets to keep snacks in......I think I like it.
    More studies are in order to be sure....
  • Emofreak123 ♥ DemonKing 2010/07/18 01:58:02
    No,I haven't
    Emofreak123 ♥ DemonKing
    im not dat stupid but i hav smoked pot haha
  • Lunacat 2010/07/17 22:09:46
    Yes,I have
    I'm smoking some right now
  • ~The Ti... Lunacat 2010/07/17 22:11:56
  • Lunacat ~The Ti... 2010/07/17 22:18:03
  • ~The Ti... Lunacat 2010/07/17 22:59:54
    ~The Tickler~
    that women look just like you
  • Astro-Boy PHAET 2010/07/17 22:08:49
    No,I haven't
    Astro-Boy PHAET
    No. Not ever.
  • ronbo51 2010/07/17 21:51:36 (edited)
    Yes,I have
    cough ~~`,ahhh, yeah man~~~
    taste great ! less filling! ?? or is that the beer i drink?/ never mind.
    sorry man , i ddonn have any left ##
  • ~The Ti... ronbo51 2010/07/17 22:07:45
    ~The Tickler~
    hahaha xD
  • Trystan 2010/07/17 21:45:41
    Yes,I have
    I smoke quite often. It helps me concentrate on things. &Takes; away my anxiety.
  • MissKitey 2010/07/17 21:18:27 (edited)
    Yes,I have
    You know that chilled, buzzing feeling you get when you're about to fall asleep? It's like that. It should be legal, there's no actual evidence behind the propoganda; the government just don't want it legal because they can't earn loads of tax money off it as people would grow their own.
  • BLT ^MOTOOP^ 2010/07/17 21:03:26
    Yes,I have
    I know very few who haven't. I never really like it though.
  • Kai-Neko 2010/07/17 20:07:29 (edited)
    Yes,I have
    Loved it.
  • kissbeth 2010/07/17 18:39:11
    Yes,I have
    and it was damnd funny!!!!! I laughed so much at nothing I peed my pants. Then laughed more because I peed my pants. don't do it so much anymore with my dream job.
  • ekp :D 2010/07/17 18:10:15
    Yes,I have
    ekp :D
    great experience(:

    yesi experience
  • ~The Ti... ekp :D 2010/07/17 18:13:25
    ~The Tickler~

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