Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls?

Katy S. 2009/12/16 15:20:34
Okay so i enjoy causing pain to guys i hate but whats a funny story you have about kicking a guy where it hurts?
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  • Gia 2013/09/11 03:47:33
    Um, never haha
  • Coco Allie 2011/10/16 18:06:47
    Coco Allie
    Well, technically I kneed him in the balls. And it was an accident! I can't control what my legs do when people tickle me until I can't breathe.
  • MustangSally 2011/10/10 22:27:17
    Been there, done that.
  • Phil 2011/09/27 20:15:49
    I have never kicking a guy before but I did stand up to a lad two years
  • paige 2011/08/07 00:00:02 (edited)
    i was glad it hurt him!! glad hurt a guy throwing up
  • paige 2011/08/06 23:59:36
    i have kicked a guy in the balls before!!
  • Chris 2011/08/05 03:03:04
    Yeah, I also slapped a girl's nipple before and ran. Girls get much madder. haha
  • Has gone to pastures new 2010/09/12 08:16:54
    Has gone to pastures new
    Yes many times. Like you I also enjoy causing pain to guys I hate :-)
  • Tia 2009/12/17 17:15:03 (edited)
    YUP now its funny how that happened xD...

    I just broke up wif my bf and i guess he didnt want to, so he caught me wif this other guy ( we were just friends) and my ex came up to him and punched him across the face =(... I decided that it was time for me and my ex to half a serious talk,,,so we went somewhere quiet and as we were talking some guy came up and decided to act like an idiot, so he just came up to me and was like,,,i kno ur single now, touched me in the wrong place =S and i gt pissed who wouldn't! and i just kicked him in the balls and left xD
    and tht my friends is my amazing story =D
    never piss a girl off,,,dun treat her the wrong way too!
  • GLaDOS 2009/12/17 08:36:15 (edited)

    I was taking TKD, and we were sparring, "light touch" with no padding. Unfortunately, a front snap kick landed lightly, not that it mattered how lightly it was, given where I hit. In a real fight, I TRY to punch first...or use my head...literally, it's hard enough to do some damage.
  • vanuhhP: 2009/12/17 03:00:08
    yes i have
  • Tristan... vanuhhP: 2011/07/30 06:23:29
    hope you did it hard lol
  • hart 2009/12/17 01:17:53
    no, thats against the code, for guys fighting.
  • ~kitten~ 2009/12/17 00:56:57
    hell yes..... my favorite move =-D
  • Has gon... ~kitten~ 2010/09/12 08:18:53
    Has gone to pastures new
    mine too
  • ~kitten~ Has gon... 2010/09/12 13:52:05
    -hahahha!! uhh?? ok
  • Has gon... ~kitten~ 2010/09/12 14:15:28
    Has gone to pastures new
    You try dealing with drunk,arrogant, jerks night after night at a nightclub and you'll understand lol
  • ~kitten~ Has gon... 2010/09/12 22:22:19
    -true, true....hah!
  • rayburn8031 2009/12/17 00:12:45
    my girlfriend "later wife" and I were "wrestling" @ her parents home when she "brushed" the 'ol ham and eggs. It was time to leave and I led her to believe that that hit was dead on. With her driving home I told her my window would not operate and needed the cold night air to chill my hand in an attempt to duplicate an ice pack. She volunteered to use her right hand and help. This went on "unzipped" for three or four times as needed. Hand out window>hand in pants, hand out window>hand in pants. All was good until she felt me laughing....she squeezed me soooo hard. NOT FUNNY!!!
    Moral to the story is, make sure your window works.
  • C-Dog 2009/12/17 00:08:01
  • fireware0062 2009/12/16 23:12:19
    hell yeah! it f*****g hurts!!
  • Ladnar 2009/12/16 17:38:43 (edited)
    Nothing funny about it. Don't ever do this (unless you're being attacked). And you may find oneday you get yourself kicked in the cooter.
  • Ictoa 2009/12/16 15:51:07 (edited)
    With my knee, fist. feet.
  • Katy S. Ictoa 2009/12/16 15:53:03
    Katy S.
    i love it!
  • Tristan... Ictoa 2011/07/30 06:24:35
    hope you do it hard when you do it imao
  • Katy S. 2009/12/16 15:34:52
    Katy S.
    I did once and it was because he walked up to and grabbed my boobs and said blow me... I nelt down and punched him there and then came back a minute later and kicked him...
  • Tristan... Katy S. 2011/07/29 22:08:49 (edited)
    First class! hope you did it hard imao
  • Rashel 2009/12/16 15:34:39
    I really don't wanna say, but yes, I have. It was an accident and i said sorry. I really don't like kicking dudes there, so I try not to. But if you try to touch me in a gross way, I will kick you in the damned balls!
  • MJ biggest fan (Victoria)R.I.P 2009/12/16 15:34:05
    MJ biggest fan (Victoria)R.I.P
  • SobeAngel* BN - 0 2009/12/16 15:32:59
    SobeAngel* BN - 0
    Yes, I have.
  • Jester 2009/12/16 15:24:19
    Yes. It sucks.
  • Katy S. Jester 2009/12/16 15:33:06
    Katy S.
    well what happened to you?
  • jazie 2009/12/16 15:23:30
  • Diablosniper 2009/12/16 15:22:20
    Yeah during a Rugby game, he was talking alot of s**t!

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