Harry Potter AND Twilight Lovers!   :)

Harry Potter AND Twilight Lovers! :)

I hate people that are always fighting over which is better....can't they rock the same amount???!!!!

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  • jessy 2009/06/27 00:21:06
    can't we all just get along?...
  • Fluttershy 2009/06/24 06:12:53
    i love Harry Potter! i hate twilight........with a passion!
  • Lastri 2009/06/19 22:11:25
    ur rite i think thye both rock maybe not the same catergories of liturature but they both rock just the same
  • MegMayhem 2009/06/16 04:44:24
    I have read both series, I prefer Harry Potter, because you must admit, it is much more complex than Twilight with a lot more twists and turns to satisfy the reader, keep the reader thinking, and to just make the book impossible to sit down. I mean the author of the Harry Potter series also kind of created a whole new world. With this being said it could sound like I am saying Twilight is not good, but I very much enjoyed the enchanting little series, and would be thrilled out of my mind if she happened to write another book to the saga. Undoubtedly both series shall be epic. Kudos to both authors :] And in a fight between wizards and vampires, I really do not know who would win, maybe someone should make a fictional story on wizards and vampires going at war, how cool would that be?