Happy Star Wars Day! Is 'Star Wars' One of the Best Movies of All Time?

The Big Question 2012/05/04 20:18:25
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  • FineCut69 2012/05/25 20:55:54
  • Susan<3Life 2012/05/13 00:15:05
  • Carlos benoit 2012/05/11 17:50:22
    Carlos benoit
    Quite possibly; The trilogy was the start of an epic movie serial. Then came the prequals which in itself had so many variations of humanoid and non humanoid aliens more than any other Sci-Fi movies ever made, even the Star Trek movies and series. So In my opinion, I think Star Wars (Next to Independance Day) is the best Sci-Fi movie ever made.
  • Kate Hughes 2012/05/08 08:41:00
    Kate Hughes
    Hells frikkin' yeah!!! Star Wars ftw!!!
  • laydeelapis 2012/05/06 05:17:54
    I've never seen them but they sound kind of overrated.
  • Grady J... laydeel... 2012/05/06 05:58:04
    Grady Jellyneck
    Oh come on thats not fair at least watch it before you judge. I respect peoples opinions but come on your acting like a little kid who wont try a new food!
  • laydeel... Grady J... 2012/06/18 20:23:08
    Haha I accept that, you're right :) I never said it's bad, it's just that people talk and talk about it SO much, that's what I meant by overrated, not bad. And if it ever comes my way, I'll give it a chance but I'm not a sci-fi fan so it's not something I would pursue on my own.
  • arek.pe... laydeel... 2012/05/08 19:39:15
    How can you possibly feel like you should vote on a topic about which you know nothing? You're voting down a movie you've never seen? WTF?
  • Yes
    Catnip "Guru" ◊◊◊∞◊◊◊
    I love all of them! I still watch them on my HDTV!!!
    Star Wars
  • Jennifer Ferrer 2012/05/05 20:48:05
    Jennifer Ferrer
    im not a fan .......
  • dasimon1 2012/05/05 14:07:28
    Action and exciting i liked them all !
  • Ramon 2012/05/05 10:39:57
    I love Star Wars

    star wars funny
  • ✞Knight of Honor 2012/05/05 04:56:12
    ✞Knight of Honor
    Some of them, but I must admit that the Original Star Wars film didn't impress me.
  • Grady J... ✞Knight... 2012/05/06 05:58:57
    Grady Jellyneck
    They didnt have as good special effects! give them a break!
  • ✞Knight... Grady J... 2012/05/07 02:22:26 (edited)
    ✞Knight of Honor
    I must maintain that they are way over rated. Special Effects are kind of important, but the general story and characterization wasn't great to me. I liked Episode 2 and 3 though.
  • Kate Hu... ✞Knight... 2012/05/08 08:44:18
    Kate Hughes
    How? Take into consideration when they were made, special effects were nothing like they are today and yet they managed to pull off some amazing stuff. Ok granted the script was a little corny sometimes, but it was the 70's....
  • ✞Knight... Kate Hu... 2012/05/08 16:23:32
    ✞Knight of Honor
    Dirty Harry and Rocky II were made in the 70s and they were amazing movies. You should also note that The Empire Strikes Back was made in 1981 and Return of the Jedi was made in 1983; an era where great movies were extremely common. Bad dialogue, poor characterization, and random sequences (Boba Fett was killed from a blind man bumping into him?) ruined Star Wars IV, V, VI, and I for me.
  • arek.pe... ✞Knight... 2012/05/08 19:41:07
    Minor point of correction. George Lucas has stated that Boba Fett survived the Sarlaac. Just pointing it out, is all.
  • ✞Knight... arek.pe... 2012/05/09 03:34:01
    ✞Knight of Honor
    In the expanded universe, he lived. In the movie, he's Sarlaac chow.
    Sarlaac Baba
  • Farbiger 2012/05/05 04:15:38
    I feel it's considered one of the greatest movies ever because of not only the great plot line but also how great the graphics were considering it was the 70s and their CGI or whatever wasn't as advanced as it is now; even though there is still crap CGI to this day.

    The opinion makers in Maryland that voted "No", don't let me catch you out in da streets son! You don't want this beef mayn! I'll act like a fool from B-more and fight like a pimp from South East! ... Lol jk! People in my school really talk like that though...
  • Kibbles 2012/05/05 03:37:47
    Hell it gave me a childhood, I loved it. Sad though, as a kid I always wanted a lightsaber.
  • Silent Bob 2012/05/05 03:21:58
    Silent Bob
    May the FOURTH be with you! Ha! Get it? Cause it's the fourth of may? ha..eh.
  • Corsair 2012/05/05 03:08:03 (edited)
    I love this video. This is great. Happy 4th everyone.

  • NoHandlebarsAttached 2012/05/05 03:00:04
    Luke... Ich bin dein Vater.
  • Farbiger NoHandl... 2012/05/05 04:02:52 (edited)
    Neiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin >o<
  • Tarheel 2012/05/05 02:45:08
    I've always loved the Star War movies.
  • Tigger Too 2012/05/05 02:40:06
  • juicebox07 2012/05/05 02:06:21
    I was never a fan.
  • Gothamj... juicebox07 2012/05/05 13:54:44
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    It's not too late. I think you'd fit in just fine. \m/
    Mara Jade art
  • arek.pe... Gothamj... 2012/05/08 19:42:08
    Wow. She WOULD fit in!
  • CA Gal 2012/05/05 01:50:12
    CA Gal
    Yes...and extremely innovative for it's time!! George Lucas set the standard for many of the movies that followed.
  • BloodMist 2012/05/05 01:47:03
    Star Wars is one of the greatest fictional universes ever created. actually.

    star wars universe
  • Calm down! 2012/05/05 01:46:15 (edited)
    Calm down!
    Correction my fellow Star Wars nerds. The best movies of all time!

    Yoda vs The emperor
    Emperor vs yoda
    Darth maul fighting Count dooko fighting
    Qwi gon jin
  • lonePatriot67 2012/05/05 01:21:55
    it beats watching the kardashian bimbos
  • chamchamgal 2012/05/05 00:47:21
    Star Wars day and my graduation!

  • Calm down! chamcha... 2012/05/05 01:49:13
  • Gothamj... chamcha... 2012/05/05 13:41:24 (edited)
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    The 4th is strong in you...I can sense it.
    ...and you look fabulous. Congratulations. The Galaxy holds your future. \m/
    star wars gothamjedi311
  • Rammstein 2012/05/05 00:43:39
  • Kayla's... Rammstein 2012/05/05 02:21:57
    Kayla's Prince ☭
    Dude.... Not cool, how are you a true Rammstein fan if you disrespectful like that?
  • Rammstein Kayla's... 2012/05/05 02:39:22
    disrespectful? how. it's not a real thing. i wasn't even serious about star wars but the whole may the 4th thing is retarded.

    I do however, laugh at the concept of being "disrespectful" of an inanimate, overrated film series

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