Green Day vs Jonas Brothers: Who's hotter?

Music 2009/03/18 02:16:23
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What do Green Day and The Jonas Brothers have in common? How about millions of screaming fans! They've both risen to the top of the Billboard charts, and have had more than 15 minutes of fame. But who's the hotter band? Who rocks more? Green Day or The Jonas Brothers?
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  • *goodbye* 2013/07/19 21:31:34
    Green Day
    Despite the Jonas Brothers army of tween girls and gay boys, they just can't compete against Green Day's Dookie and American Idiot albums
  • Adorkable 2013/06/13 20:51:52
  • Nimrod. 2012/08/03 10:34:18
    Green Day
    F*ck u jonas brothers > _>
  • GreenDayToOmsk 2012/03/06 13:34:04
  • overlord rai 2011/09/02 00:31:44
    Green Day
    overlord rai
    if we're talking look wise, green day hand down.
    music ways, still they have my vote hands down.
    they sing about the world, such as '21 guns'
    not i went to the year three thousand.
  • chakradissectionblade 2011/06/14 13:18:59
    Green Day
    In "American Idiot" Billie pretends to be the Jonas brothers in one part. "Well, maybe I'm the fa**ot, America"
  • blossoms256 2011/04/10 03:43:55
    Green Day
    I wonder how many 10 year olds voted on this -___-
  • basketcase<3 2011/04/07 19:31:31
    Green Day
    I don't really even care if the Jonas Brothers are winning through the votes of 10 year old girls.
    I wanna be the minority! ;)
  • raisa_eriefate 2011/04/02 12:55:40
    Jonas Brothers
    oh come on you can't compare them! their genres are TOTALLY DIFFERENT! my favorite band is Jonas Brothers (and that's who I voted for) and Green Day is awesome too
  • basketc... raisa_e... 2011/04/07 19:35:18
    Yeah, JB writes shallow pop songs for Disney, and Green day writes about the real stuff, things that are actually important and that they relate to. Plus Green Day is, ya know, hot.
  • raisa_e... basketc... 2011/06/30 04:44:10
    yeah but they're good in their own genres
  • basketc... raisa_e... 2011/07/03 18:45:28
    If good is shallow, then sure, Jonas brothers are good.
  • overlor... basketc... 2011/09/02 15:35:10
    overlord rai
    yes. omg. green day is really hot. <3
  • lalagirlinlalaland 2011/02/21 06:41:45
    Green Day
    omfg how many 10 year olds voted on this? Green Day wins hands down! The Jonas Brothers have as much talent as a month old sponge. Green Day on the other hand, have seriously changed my life for the better and have helped me get through the bad times in life. I have no idea what I would do if Green Day had never formed.
  • domo1314 2011/01/28 18:48:05
  • greendayalltheway 2011/01/15 05:28:46
    Green Day
    I dont like the Jonas brother I love green day... But remember what Billie said at a green day concert dont boo the jonas brothers (if you havent seen the video it's on YouTube )
  • GreenDayFan31 2011/01/04 19:30:40
    Green Day
    THE JONAS BRothers are a bunch of gay faggs who look like they were taken out of the trash can.......Green day Can Kick there ass any time!!!!!
  • KateBrunette 2010/12/28 22:48:11 (edited)
    Green Day
    green day have actual meaning in their music, and they rose to the top by themselves.the jonas brothers on the other hand... were sponsored by a kid's television program

    EDIT: how are the jo bros winning? it appears that 9 year old girls are taking over the world.
  • lalagir... KateBru... 2011/02/21 06:42:34
    thank you. you summed up my thoughts beautifully.
  • tazzycat 2010/12/10 14:36:03
    Green Day
    YOU SHOULD BE BOILED ALIVE IN BUTTER! omg.. you dont even freaking put green day and the Jonas brothers together.. and HOW THE PISS ARE THE JONAS BROTHERS WINNING?!?

    seriously?!? SERIOUSLY? ungh.
  • Chasing_rainbows 2010/09/02 22:44:55
    Green Day
    green day definitely.
  • Harley 2010/08/28 17:15:14
  • Jonas Brothers
    ✩Angel in the Night✩~Cobalt❤
    I just don't like guys who wear eyeliner. I like their music, but not really them.
  • tazzycat ✩Angel ... 2010/12/10 14:36:48
    and you do like a bunch of little boys.. yeah.. that is so much better <.<
  • ✩Angel ... tazzycat 2011/07/22 16:45:03 (edited)
    ✩Angel in the Night✩~Cobalt❤
    I don't love them, but I only like 1 song from Green Day. I like a lot more songs from the Jonas Brothers. Plus, both bands- to me- aren't very attractive.
  • KateBru... ✩Angel ... 2010/12/28 22:49:39
    can you really judge a band by their looks? people that do that drive me insane.
  • ✩Angel ... KateBru... 2011/07/22 16:45:35 (edited)
    ✩Angel in the Night✩~Cobalt❤
    I said I liked some of their music, but not them. And the question is: Who's hotter? It's just my opinion.
  • CRAZY_F... ✩Angel ... 2011/03/12 17:07:22
  • Alex 2010/08/20 14:35:54
    Green Day
    green day
  • Green Dayer 2010/08/13 15:32:44
  • WetLushRei 2010/08/10 02:52:55
    Green Day
    lmao xD jonas brothers look awesum but Billie Joe Armstrong beats that xD
  • (:green day obsessed:) 2010/08/09 21:11:00
    Green Day
    (:green day obsessed:)
    why the jonas brothers...their nothing compared to Green Day :P
  • ShelbyBlank 2010/08/08 01:31:23 (edited)
    Green Day
    Ha it's no contest. Green Day all the way!!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Tre Cool Pictures, Images and Photos
    I can't stand the Jonas Brothers, with their cookie cutter Disney personality and music.
  • aidab_93 2010/08/07 10:06:02
    Green Day
    not difficult...
  • xXkeepmeXx 2010/08/06 19:00:52
    Green Day
    easy choisce!
  • crazy4twilightmovies 2010/08/06 17:47:57
    Green Day
    Green Days my fav and the Jonas bros arent even a band so u cant even campare thm green green days fav jonas bros band campare thm
  • Asia 2010/08/06 08:11:00
    Green Day
    duhh that wasn't hard !!
    green day is the best band out there and jb is all like that beaver kid hideous and aggravating
  • mygreendayfalloutromance <3 2010/08/05 22:25:30
  • Billie Joe Armstrong is Sexy 2010/08/05 21:39:31
    Green Day
    Billie Joe Armstrong is Sexy
    green green green 'nough said
  • ~CuPcAkE~ 2010/08/05 18:36:40
    Green Day
    i would rather die then date the jonas brothers
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