Greek Olympian expelled from Olympics over racist tweets about Africans.

Skylaris Alanis 2012/07/25 16:57:10
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I don't think she deserved it..
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  • Quazimoto 2012/08/02 19:57:33
    She didn't deserve it.
    Political correctness throughout the world. You must think like we want you to think or you will pay the price. Ridiculous.
  • wcpjams 2012/07/26 18:55:53
    She didn't deserve it.
    After reading what she said, i think they over reacted. What she said may have been in poor taste, but I've heard much much worse. They should let her back in.
  • stevegt... wcpjams 2012/07/27 14:24:09
  • Sofahead 2012/07/26 17:28:55
    She didn't deserve it.
    Actually it was only one. The reaction is excessive

    "Papachristou, 23, was preparing to head to London for her first Olympic Games when she posted a joke to her Twitter feed. It was about the West Nile virus, and appeared to mock Greece's African immigrant population.

    "With so many Africans in Greece, at least the mosquitoes of West Nile will eat homemade food!!!" she tweeted Sunday.


    And they expelled her after she apologized
  • stevegt... Sofahead 2012/07/27 14:22:51
  • Sofahead stevegt... 2012/07/27 14:29:44
    I don't think she was really mocking any Africans. She might of been referring to how many have immigrated which I don't see as really mocking.
  • Fenris 2012/07/26 11:33:22
    She didn't deserve it.
    Banning her is racist!
    She probably did´nt even say anything!
  • Skylari... Fenris 2012/07/26 12:54:06
    Skylaris Alanis
    She wasn't banned because of her ethnicity, she was banned because she made some pretty tasteless remarks about another team, and that is exactly what the Olympics is all about. I though banning her was pretty harsh, but you saying banning her was racist....doesn't make any sense.
  • stevegt... Skylari... 2012/07/27 14:23:31
  • stevegt... Fenris 2012/07/27 14:23:19
  • Skylari... stevegt... 2012/07/28 21:17:32
    Skylaris Alanis
    It doesn't matter if she broke it down or not. She said AFRICANS and that could mean white africans or black africans or asian africans or whatever. What she said was offensive to everyone on that continent.
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2012/07/26 10:36:02
    She deserved it.
    I don't think there is any place for those type of comments in public but it should be up to the country she represents or the Olympic committee.
  • stevegt... jmc0780... 2012/07/27 14:23:41
  • jmc0780... stevegt... 2012/07/27 15:40:13
    I know that is what hit me.
  • keelan 2012/07/26 08:01:24
    She didn't deserve it.
    i know this will sound waay different but i am a console online gamer specializing in shooters and fighting games...i bash people base on skill and preffered characters and that is the same thing she did if she pointed out a flaw in african athletes its the same as me pointing out a flaw in a certain character u choose to fight me that is how compitition is no matter what u playing it will always have dirty players she should not be expelled
  • stevegt... keelan 2012/07/27 14:23:59
  • keelan stevegt... 2012/07/27 14:26:04
    thats another good question but i dont even know about this situation but they should not ban her because trash talk will always be in competition
  • Lilac Templar de Tremelay 2012/07/26 07:39:40
    She didn't deserve it.
    Lilac Templar de Tremelay
    A missionary is sent into deepest darkest depths of Africa to
    live with a tribe. He spends years with the people, teaching
    them to read, write and good Christian values. One thing he
    particularly stresses is the evil of sexual sin. "Thou must not
    commit adultery or fornication!"
    One day the wife of one of the Tribe's noblemen gives birth to a
    white baby. The village is shocked and the chief is sent by his
    people to talk with the missionary.
    "You have taught us of the evils of sexual sin, yet here a black
    woman gives birth to a white child. You are the only white man
    who has ever set foot in our village. Anyone can see what's
    going on here!"
    The missionary replies, "No, no, my good man. You are mistaken.
    What you have here is a natural occurrence - what is called an
    albino. Look to thy yonder field. See a field of white sheep,
    and yet amongst them is one black one. Nature does this on
    The chief pauses for a moment then says, "Tell you what, you
    don't say anything about the sheep, I won't say anything about
    the white baby."
  • Lilac T... Lilac T... 2012/07/26 07:48:06
    Lilac Templar de Tremelay
    Lol - am I being kicked off anything yet???

    There was a tribe in Africa which was very fierce and warring...they would battle all the tribes in the area, and they always won. As a victory trophy, they would take the throne of the chief of the defeated tribe and carry it home, chanting victory chants and singing the whole way. When they got home, they would put the throne in the attic of the grass hut. This went on for quite some time, and soon the throne collection grew, adding to the prestige of the tribe.

    One day, they battled a tribe of fairly large people, some might call them giants. They won, and they struggled to get the throne home...but the chanting and joyesness prevailed as usual. When they got home, they had the ritual of putting the throne in the attic of the grass hut, but the weight was too much. The ceiling collapsed, killing everyone on the tribe.

    The moral: People who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones.
  • fuzzy K... Lilac T... 2012/07/26 13:12:05
  • Skylari... Lilac T... 2012/07/26 12:55:22 (edited)
    Skylaris Alanis
    You be trollin'.
  • fuzzy K... Lilac T... 2012/07/26 13:13:19
  • TheTruth1313 2012/07/26 06:54:25
    She didn't deserve it.
    This was PC BS gone totally overboard yet again. The quote was not that bad and also, lol, was geographically funny.
  • stevegt... TheTrut... 2012/07/27 14:25:31
  • TheTrut... stevegt... 2012/07/29 07:14:37
    Exactly. Kicking her off the team was an epic overreaction
  • Raphy 2012/07/26 03:24:32
    She deserved it.
    That wasn't a time to do that. It was a bad joke anyway....
  • stevegt... Raphy 2012/07/27 14:25:47
  • retiredingeorgia 2012/07/26 02:26:51
    She didn't deserve it.
    Heaven forbid anyone should say anything to upset a liberal.
    The last I heard, being tacky isn't a crime. YET !!!
  • stevegt... retired... 2012/07/27 14:25:52
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/07/26 01:37:02
    She didn't deserve it.
    bet she was a threat to someone stealing the Gold
  • stevegt... Ballade... 2012/07/27 14:26:02
  • Ballade... stevegt... 2012/07/27 17:05:31 (edited)
    Like I said she must have been a threat to someone's gold medal
  • Gooky 2012/07/26 00:44:29
    She didn't deserve it.
    I guess apologies aren't accepted anymore,except when certain political parties use them for their own gain and forced to do so.
  • Waldorf 2012/07/26 00:40:03
    She didn't deserve it.
    Another case of the Olympics being too political and too nationalistic.
  • stevegt... Waldorf 2012/07/27 14:26:13
  • EDWARD G 2012/07/26 00:36:05
  • jay 2012/07/26 00:25:55
    She didn't deserve it.
    Bow before the black and political correct reich or else!!!!

    Wake up people before we lose our country and world.
  • stevegt... jay 2012/07/27 14:26:24
  • jay stevegt... 2012/07/28 17:42:55
    My point exactly.
  • ID51 2012/07/25 23:56:59
    She deserved it.
    People using social media have got to learn that they can't spout off personal opinions like they would talking to a friend. She violated the Olympic Charter, and that could not be ignored. Whether on Facebook or here, I always keep the audience in mind. It may be my opinion, but it can have (unintended) consequences.

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