Going to the Movies Alone: Pathetic or Brave?

Dangerous Dave 2008/12/03 00:53:25
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I have no problem seeing a movie alone. Sometimes I'll pick a movie that no one wants to see or I'll be in a mood for a movie and my friends just aren't available. I know a few people who can go to the theater alone and and then talk about it on Monday how great their weekend was watching Harry Potter alone.

People today tend to have one of two thoughts about people who go to the movies alone: a.) it makes you look pathetic and a loser or b.) it makes you look brave for confronting the fear our culture has of being alone.

The cinema hall is a social setting, but you're not there to socialize. Sure, I may whisper some comments to a friend but I'm not having long heart-to-hearts with anyone while the movie is playing.

Also, who's watching and judging you? Nobody cares about what other people are doing! Even if people are judging you, they won't tell you so there's no harm done...and if they do tell you, eff that drama. Roll your eyes and walk away. What do you think about going to a movie alone? Do you like going places by yourself even if you're in a relationship?
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  • Jannbana 2008/12/04 19:08:02
    Neither pathetic or brave.... There is nothing wrong with going to the movies alone. If people around you think it is sad or pathetic then that is a just reflection of how they feel about themselves and their insecurities.

    Just my 2 cents....

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  • slartymp 2014/02/19 04:55:08
    I always go alone? I mean it's just to watch a movie why would it matter if someone was with you or not.
  • MarcusRP 2013/02/10 04:18:53
    It's really neither. I don't care whether I'm alone at the movies. Everyone's sitting in the dark anyway. It's not exactly a social affair.
  • marlon 2012/11/06 23:17:59
    People who go to the theater alone are not only brave, but they are also showing a sign of independence and responsibility. if you want to go alone, you have to do everything on your own, bedsides sometimes people need to be alone to have that sense of space and peace. I know alot of people that go to the theater by themselves and are not loners. People are too afraid to go alone because they might think it will be boring for them and that they might be labeled as a loner. If we got out of our fears and just did things because we wanted them to,everyone would do it. This would mean that no one would be named a loner.
  • cassie marlon 2013/12/29 17:41:14
    Yea your right! We put to much thought into what people think of us.
  • flyingseaturtle BN 2012/05/30 01:29:26
    flyingseaturtle BN
    I don't know... I know it is not pathetic ;-)
  • Aaron Dozier 2012/05/11 16:00:06
    Aaron Dozier
    Honestly...it's normal to go out alone even in a relationship, sure you can stay home and sit around. I go to movies alone all the time, sometimes I go with my brother and we end up choosing our own movie anyway, hey...! its cheaper on your wallet...
  • Jenna Nieminen 2012/02/17 18:06:51
    Jenna Nieminen
    Yeah, it really is the most pathetic thing in the world. Being able to sit alone for some two hours and watch a film is truly weird - who does that?!??!!!1
  • **weaselbee::StarkidJay* 2011/02/20 03:45:37
    I almost prefer to go to the movies alone. Otherwise, with some of my friends, they talk through the whole movie and I never get to see what happens. That just really irritates me.
  • AshleyB.Harrington 2010/11/16 20:19:02
    The pathetic thing is if you can't do anything in public alone out of fear, neediness, or whatever. Seeing a move alone is aweomse.
  • BigTimeSynesthete 2010/08/31 17:17:48
    I usually go with my family since they always drag me along. Sometimes I go with my friends. I would have no problem going alone just because some idiots think it is weird or pathetic. Some social rules are so stupid and illogical that I refuse to follow them. I just want to be a decent person with good manners, but is a little quirky.
  • cm 2010/02/25 04:34:01
    Not everyone gets someone to share their lives or a movie with. Sometimes it just entertaining oneself. Neither pathetic or brave - it just is. Rejoice that some of us don't get sucked into standard society mores.
  • coley 2010/02/10 07:17:46
    I think if you are comfortable with yourself, you can easily do it. There are times that I want to enjoy things by myself. Sometimes people get so involved in their life drama and want to drag you into it. I go to plays by myself, the museum, etc. I am married and have lots of friends, but sometimes I just want to be alone.
  • John Doe 2009/11/21 02:48:25
    John Doe
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  • jer 2009/06/10 00:40:48
    is this what qualifies as character? Brave??? it's a movie-who cares if you go alone or not? No wonder the troops in shitholes around the world think our country is soft.
  • G 2009/04/29 03:50:04
    Some people are kinda stupid, huh?

    Anyway, I generally go with friends, because it makes the experience better in my opinion.
  • Sidney Valentine 2009/04/20 09:50:28
    Sidney Valentine
    it depends.. for example, you can be brave if you go alone watching horror movie and yet you're too scared but still try to watch it alone..LOL.. you can be pathetic if you want to go to a movie with friends but no one doesn't want to go with you with no apparent reason..=)
  • Hayley 2009/04/19 23:39:28
    I just don't go to the movies much except with my daughter. But I would find it hard to go alone myself. But then I fall asleep through movies too...:)
  • Nicole Noel 2009/04/18 23:38:29
    Nicole Noel
    I think it's brave. I might not personally be able to go alone (I usually don't really want to go, my friends just beg me to go) but Kudos to anyone who does
  • Charlie 2009/04/18 13:50:18 (edited)
    I go see a movie alone most of the time.I do not see anything wrong with it.
  • daveygater 2008/12/26 17:19:40
    Not all that brave, but simply not having viewing companion(s) is no reason to skip seeing a movie in which you're interested at a cinema theater.
  • Kari 2008/12/25 20:47:40
    It takes a lot of guts to go to the movies alone and I think it is awesome when someone can go by themselves without a fear of what others (who they probably don't even know) will think. Sometimes I want to go to the movies and my friends and family just can't so I either stay home or go out by myself. Beats staying at home!
  • medico 2008/12/15 04:09:28
    Don't know if it's pathetic or brave... I guess that we all have moments when we need to do things alone and it's good when we follow our inner needs -sometimes for e.g. I like walking alone, clears my mind.. I'm feeling calm and peaceful. But sometimes while I'm walking it's passing my mind that it wouldn't be that bad if someone was with me. My conclusion is that though there are moments we need to be alone, we don't want these moments to last for too long
  • panda_robot 2008/12/14 23:02:52
    neither. it's stupid to think ppl are pathetic for going alone
  • Josh 2008/12/13 11:18:47
    I don't know if it's either, but it's certainly not pathetic. Sometimes I like time to myself, and going to the movies is better than staring at the wall. I usually suffice for guitar or video games in my alone time, though.
  • dan 2008/12/13 10:25:53
    pathetic, it's just same like we go to dinner in the restaurant alone. there are things that we can't enjoy if we're alone.
  • Josh dan 2008/12/13 11:19:27
    you can't enjoy a movie by yourself? sounds like some sort of attachment disorder.
  • Future Mrs. Robert Pattinson 2008/12/13 04:42:01
    Future Mrs. Robert Pattinson
    Sometimes it's nice just to go to the movies to get away from people.. lol
    I know sometimes when I watch movies with my friends, they ask me a question every 2 seconds, and it tends to get annoying!
  • Heather123abc 2008/12/13 04:21:33
    I dont have to guts to do it....but im also a people person and really dont like being alone...
  • KAY KAY 2008/12/13 03:48:41
    its nomal so niether
  • LoveChild 2008/12/13 03:17:39
    I only selected brave because i didnt see normal!
  • lulu333 LoveChild 2008/12/13 06:47:36
  • bellaedwardfan78 2008/12/12 17:06:15
    well i lke going to the movies with at least a friend or my husband but occasionally i dont have that option so sometimes i attempt it its knda awkward to do that but its not too bad enjoyed myself when i saw twilght by myself it wqas different but enjoyed the alone time like it was only between me and twilight i know sounds corny but its true lol
  • Kari bellaed... 2008/12/25 20:51:07
    No that doesn't sound corny at all. The reason I checked this post out was because I want to see twilight tonight but I don't have anyone to go with me. Thought that I would see what other people thought about it. Thanks for the thoughts!
  • bellaed... Kari 2008/12/26 19:26:45
    thats cool its np glad u liked what i said lol
  • galengargirl90 2008/12/12 16:34:16
    ive gone be myself because all my friends were busy, and it was fine, i layed down and felt kinda independant.
  • RONER 2008/12/12 15:06:36
    there is nothing wrong going by yourself, maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't want to see the movie and you can't find anybody to go. I want to see it before everybody starts telling what the movies is about and what happens. And beside I see a lot of people in the show's alone anymore, no big deal...
  • Athanaric 2008/12/12 00:17:02
    If I want to see a movie and nobody wants to go see that I know, I'm going to go watch the damm movie. I got over really caring if people saw me alone at the theater or not around age 18. I could completely care less now if someone had an opinion on me sitting alone.
  • lulu333 Athanaric 2008/12/13 06:49:04
  • jessica56 2008/12/11 21:47:20
    neither, i think... there's nothing wrong with seeing a movie by yourself. i like going places/ doing things by myself sometimes. it gives me some time to relax and not think.
  • §~♥KRISTAL♥~§ 2008/12/11 01:52:09
    Why should I have to wait to go to the movies with someone else? If I really want to see a movie, I'll just go. I think I'm old enough to not care what other people think just because sometimes I go to the movies by myself.
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