Ghost Hunters Fake?

chaoskitty123 2011/11/01 04:09:34
In the Ghost Hunters live episode airing tonight, Josh Gates (from Destination Truth) is serving as host and about 10:35 he is heard saying "nice shuck and jive guys" as they went to Grant and Jason who seemed to not be ready and then producers immediately shot to commercial. For those who don't know, the term "shuck and jive" means, "Shuckin' and jivin' usually involves clever lies and impromptu storytelling".

So essentially put, this off air comment Josh didn't know would be heard as he thought they were now covering Grant and Jason, may be yet another proving point that TAPS is fake. To date, there is nothing they claim to have heard or seen proven by their camera's or recordings as they're playing games of misdirection. They also screwed up because they like the camera gig and with three cameras lined up on what looked like a bench. this trick has been proven a hoax by many people as you can get a flashlight to do this as well by unscrewing the part with the bulb where the batteries are put in. Leave it where a connection is still being made but just barely and sit it on something. Even a slight gust of wind, like moving around in a jacket might do, can cause it to flicker on or off. You can also cause it to do this through vibrations of you talking. The flashlight they use is specifically designed to be extremely sensitive. This trick was used in the past so they're not the first ones to use it, but the others got caught and quit doing it... TAPS simply modified the flashlights claiming they are sensitive to
ghost energy" or some such thing.

I don't know about you but every time they do these live shows, there's always some slipup revealing they are faking things where on their regular show if Grant and Jason aren't so bored they're lying around half interested in anything they're doing... they can just reshoot the scene to get the correct results.
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  • Chaya2010 2011/11/02 16:13:38
    Ghosts don't exist.
  • Phil 2011/11/02 04:19:33
    They are all fakes shows. The ghost and monster chasing crap is just that crap. However the rubes eat it up and that makes the parent network money and so those shows remain on the air.
  • Beccy 2011/11/02 02:23:47
    I do believe in ghosts but don't know what to think of ghost hunters.
  • chaoski... Beccy 2011/11/02 03:19:38
    Hey, at least they don't go in like the guys from Ghost Lab threatening to beat the ghosts up if they don't prove they're there lol.
  • safari 2011/11/01 12:02:54
    I had to work and needed a mental baby sitter for a bit while I typed away - I watched about a minute of it - bah - no wonder I don't watch TV - as I flipped through the channels I did end up on a similar show Ghost Adventures. At least Zak has interesting hair. :P

    I have a theory about why these things are so popular right now - being I've experienced some really weird things personally I think there is truth to some of the stories and evidence that I see hyped. It is possible they are encouraging people to become interested in Ouigi Boards - demonology and etc - enticing spirits to come forward for a reason. I don't like to think of the results of what might happened if enough doors were opened but I think it could have a negative effect - people laugh at this stuff, but being I've had experiences - I don't laugh at all of it. The show in question though looked super faked and boring. 1 minute really was enough.
  • chaoski... safari 2011/11/02 03:18:53
    Ghost Adventures I truly enjoy as they are energetic and want us to be entertained whereas Ghost Hunters seem bored out of their goards with every show.

    But here's another truth most don't think about. If this was real and they are encountering these spirits trapped or suffering like they claim, then why do they abandon the spirits when they should be trying to help them cross over? I mean, if they really want us to believe and to believe they care, then try to prove it. Investigate it with one show and then send in someone from another series to help the spirits? When you truly think about that, it suddenly comes to mind that it has to be fake or these guys have no souls of their own as I wouldn't leave these souls in despair... I simply couldn't.
  • Wolfman 2011/11/01 07:17:33
    I was not aware that anybody watched that stuff. Entertainment only folk, don't believe a bit of it.
  • chaoski... Wolfman 2011/11/02 03:06:13
    Lol, all the channels were showing their good Halloween shows earlier in the month and aired garbage last night so it was the most interesting crap to watch.
  • david shiel 2011/11/01 06:42:20
    david shiel
    Crap shows
  • chaoski... david s... 2011/11/02 03:11:56
    Fitting that the are plumbers then ain't it ;P
  • opie 2011/11/01 05:56:58
    i think it fake but if i could come up with ideas the way they do and make money with it i would do it
  • chaoski... opie 2011/11/02 03:11:28
    The sad part Opie is you probably have come up with better ideas but didn't have the connections to make them work.
  • opie chaoski... 2011/11/02 05:27:29
    ya no kidding but i am working on them
  • wilsonmja 2011/11/01 05:14:41
    It's so fake. It's as bad as that John Edwards guy.
  • chaoski... wilsonmja 2011/11/02 03:10:36
    ROFL... no ones that bad
  • Rebecca 2011/11/01 05:00:46
    So what, people are going to believe what they want to believe.
  • chaoski... Rebecca 2011/11/02 03:10:12
    Unfortunately. I actually believe in the supernatural but most of the shows now are just pure garbage. Have you watched Finding Bigfoot lol... if any of them are fake, this is the one to top them all.
  • Rebecca chaoski... 2011/11/02 13:06:42
    No kidding! I watched it ONCE. The worst one is with the guy named Zach ~Ghost Adventures? Talk about garbage...
    Ghost Adventures
  • Duke----The Non Racist, Fun... 2011/11/01 04:28:44
    Duke----The Non Racist, Funny Duke !
    Out of all the Ghost type programs out there; this show and, yes, those shuck and jive guys are the worst.
  • chaoski... Duke---... 2011/11/02 03:07:40
    Yeah but when you hear the guy hosting who is lead investigator of Destination Truth, another SyFy paranormal show, it raises questions about his show as well.
  • BHGOzzy 2011/11/01 04:19:26
    No freaking DUH! Of course it's fake!
  • chaoski... BHGOzzy 2011/11/02 03:08:42
    Lol, yeah I know but you wouldn't believe how many think it's real when this show above all others proves itself fake. Hell, the two main guys look bored to death like they're just going through the motions and tired of it all.

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