Full Metal Jousting .. in a "Renaissance"

sglmom 2012/03/01 09:30:53
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It was out of boredom that
I happened to scan the channels this last Sunday night
Looking for something to listen to

(and strangely coinciding with the weekend's Renaissance Faire in a nearby City)

I came upon a series called

(History Channel)

This series is definitely talking about the "entertainment" lineup at the Nearby Renaissance Faire
(for there's always a Jousting Tournament both days on the weekends .. )

The insight into the training for these performers
The weight of the Armor
Their knowledge of their Horses too
The use of the Lance
The Etiquette of the Pass (and the rules!)

All make for one Thrilling Sport
(Dangerous, for sure)
but one that packs quite the thunderous /punch/
and is quite a crowd pleaser ..

Did you ever see a Jousting Tourney (or event) locally?
Did you ever attend a Renaissance Faire?
Have you ever watched this series?

Please feel free to add your thoughts below ..

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  • Texas Gal 2012/03/03 05:37:31
    My Thoughts ...
    Texas Gal
    I've never seen a jousting competition in real life. I haven't ever seen this series listed that I recall. There is an annual Renaissance Festival in a town probably about 3 hours from me, but I've never gone to it - I know people who have gone though. They told me about the chain mail that some of the people wear - it's not intended for jousting though. Chain mail
  • Flowers 2012/03/01 14:53:40
    My Thoughts ...
    I watched an episode. I thought it was pretty good, dragged on a bit when they were repeating the training and trying to teach the students how to angle the lances just right. Impractical in real life fighting, even for the time period. It entertained the wealthy, and kept the poor in the dirt. *shrugs shoulders* I guess life hasn't changed much after all *smiles*
  • Seonag 2012/03/01 13:52:56
    My Thoughts ...
    I've seen Theatrical Jousting, but until this program aired I hadn't seen the Full Metal Jousting. As a horseback rider and a history buff, I find the program interesting and a bit exciting.
  • Arjuna 2012/03/01 13:17:36
    OTHER Thoughts ...
    Never been to one but would like to given your description :)
  • jr 2012/03/01 13:09:07
    My Thoughts ...
    Very dangerous

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