Former UFC Fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller arrested for breaking into a church... your take?

Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2012/08/18 06:47:40
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If this wasn't a bizarre incident idk what is. The former Ultimate Fighter coach, Bully Beatdown host and UFC fighter was arrested in Orange County, California for allegedly breaking into, setting off fire estinguishers, and damaging property in a church. Police found the guy sitting nude on a couch when they took him into custody. Yet another case of an MMA fighter behaving very strangely.

For those of you who don't know people who don't know a thing about MMA know who Jason "Mayhem" Miller is. He hosted an MTV show called Bully Beatdown which got decent ratings and attention. Aside from that he's fought in several promotions including Strikeforce. DREAM and UFC. Signing him to the UFC this year though was a no brainer. Many, like myself thought Miller's fighting went under the radar and he could easily become a middleweight contender in a lacking division. People even entertained the idea of Mayhem vs Anderson Silva, and at the time it was a possibility. However after being demolished by rival coach Michael Bisping during the Ultimate Fighter Finale and losing a lopsided decision to CB Dollaway in UFC 146... UFC president Dana White decided to can Miller. "Mayhem" would officially announce his retirement from MMA after his release. This coincidentally happened a couple of days after Miller and White had a heated exchange on twitter arguing about the fact the White didn't give Miller a fair chance to retire.

Just bored and figured this would be a interesting article. "Mayhem" was one of my favorite fighters when active. And it's hard not to dislike the guy. But after hearing this it's quite obvious the guy has some serious psychological issues. And it also seems as if he's taking this UFC thing very personal and going through a tough time. It's a shame to see anyone go through something like this.

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