(For Pro Wrestling Fans) The WWE has been pushing Curtis Axle(Joe Henning) down our throats that past couple of months and he iz already Intercontinental Champ...Do you think Curtis Axle will be as perfect as his daddy Mr. Perfect(Curt Henning)?

Alys 2013/06/21 00:15:36

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  • Wicked Weasley 2013/10/02 16:56:04
    Wicked Weasley

    He's a good wrestler and so was his daddy.

    I don't really know if he is as good as his dad but, he is pretty good.
    curtis axle and mr  perfect
    curtis axle and his dad
  • ian.loren 2013/07/27 21:08:09
    IDK...i was a big fan of his dad but there's something missing in Curtis Axel
  • Draven Filth 2013/07/25 08:37:24
    Draven Filth
    Shoved down our throats? Of course if its not punk/bryan or another internet hero they're being shoved down our throats....
  • Platinum Fangs 2013/07/01 00:34:40
    Platinum Fangs
    Anyone can be as good as Mr.Perfect. It's whether or not they're willing to work as hard.
  • Alys Platinu... 2013/07/01 19:41:58
    Agreed...i hope he becomes big like his dad...but with more common sense.
  • Lucy Krueger 2013/06/28 01:09:58
    Lucy Krueger
    He's not as great as his father, but he's still pretty good.
  • Alys Lucy Kr... 2013/06/28 19:44:48
    Do you think he will be?
  • clasact 2013/06/22 11:03:58
    Nope, I find none of the new ones have the attitude of the past stars
  • umapathy Krishnamurthy 2013/06/21 16:26:09
    umapathy Krishnamurthy
  • Rickie 2013/06/21 16:00:44
    Naw. He's an okay wrestler but he does not win his matches without an asterisk. he has not really shown me anything yet.
  • Dale 2013/06/21 14:03:38
    He's good and it's about time WWE gave him something, but only time will tell if he is Hall of Fame good.
  • MissingTheO.C. 2013/06/21 12:08:08
    i think he is VERY talented in ring (referring mainly to his match with Tyson Kidd at NXT) and he is not bad at all on the mic. I dnt know if he will ever be as good as his father...
  • JamesChevyII 2013/06/21 07:10:06
    I don't watch pro wrestling, I enjoy the standard comedies like Road Runner... LMAO
  • harasnicole 2013/06/21 06:12:21
    Not as perfect as his dad, or his grandfather, but I think he can definitely make a name for himself down the road. Just, you know, work on his promos.
  • Alys harasni... 2013/06/21 07:18:53
    maybe that will get better in time.
  • harasni... Alys 2013/06/21 17:54:10
    If it doesn't, he can just be one of those silent but deadly wrestlers, lol.
  • Alys harasni... 2013/06/21 17:59:19
    or he could be another r truth or Zach Ryder. and be there just to lose lol
  • harasni... Alys 2013/06/21 18:14:49
    If the WWE doesn't use him properly, sure. I think he's got a good thing going right now, though, so hopefully the WWE can maintain that.

    Zack Ryder needs to turn heel, and soon. I'm so sick of how he's NOT being utilized. At this point, I think he'd be better off in TNA, despite their Hogan Era thing they have right now.
  • Alys harasni... 2013/06/21 18:36:27
    I think they are pushing Curtis to hard...he just came back and iz already champ...even Ryback hasn't won the belt yet.

    As far as Ryder goes i think he could be a head liner if they played their cards right...his personality iz very marketable...i think he could be the next sting...pre-black and white.

    I should start watching TNA...i just havn't gotten into it much.
  • harasni... Alys 2013/06/21 21:01:55
  • Wolf Princess 2013/06/21 04:05:23
    Wolf Princess
    I dnt watch wrestling .....so no idea
  • ☆Stargazer 2013/06/21 01:40:38
    He needs to work on his promos but other than that I think he'll be just fine.
  • ASpookyGhost 2013/06/21 00:43:54
    Haven't watched wrestling since the early 2000s. I have no clue. lol
  • Lorelei Amanda 2013/06/21 00:20:15
    Lorelei Amanda
    I don't want anything down my throats, thanks.
  • drakey wakey 2013/06/21 00:18:25
    drakey wakey
    He wouldn't last 10 minutes with the undertaker at wrestlemania
  • Alys drakey ... 2013/06/21 00:20:39
    the poor undertaker iz getting old...I wonder how many more years he can keep it up.
  • drakey ... Alys 2013/06/21 00:22:44
    drakey wakey
    I know...He did well at wrestlemania 28, I thought he lost when he got super kicked by hbk then instantly pedigreed by hhh
  • Alys drakey ... 2013/06/21 00:27:40
    He was winded badly when he and hell no fought the shield...I grew up watching the undertaker...i remember when he first came out and seeing him like that was hard.
  • drakey ... Alys 2013/06/21 22:00:12
    drakey wakey
    I know what you mean...but he still puts up one hell of a fight
  • Alys drakey ... 2013/06/21 22:09:00
    I wonder who he will fight at wrestlemania next year.
  • drakey ... Alys 2013/06/21 22:15:15
    drakey wakey
    Rumours are John cena
  • Alys drakey ... 2013/06/21 22:16:50
    omg. i hope not...i'm sick of cena.
  • drakey ... Alys 2013/06/21 22:23:02
    drakey wakey
    Lol, I think it would be a good fight though,taker should retire at 25-0
  • Alys drakey ... 2013/06/21 22:25:21
    I would like to see sting vs undertaker...but i don't think sting would accpet a deal just to lose.
  • drakey ... Alys 2013/06/21 22:29:24
    drakey wakey
    It could be last man standing for the one after 25-0 and they both stay down for the 10 count and the undertaker retires 25-0
  • Alys drakey ... 2013/06/22 00:24:00
    that could work...I think it'z getting to the point where the undertaker may not be able to get up do to old age lol.
  • drakey ... Alys 2013/06/22 00:30:17
    drakey wakey
    Or vince could say if he wins he must retire, undertaker wins 25-0 or something and then he has to retire
  • Alys drakey ... 2013/06/22 00:40:00
    maybe he should fight vince next haha
  • drakey ... Alys 2013/06/22 00:45:21
    drakey wakey
    LLol,but he would rather retire than give up the streak
  • Alys drakey ... 2013/06/22 00:50:55
    I agree...they have pushed it so far now that if the streak did end it wouldn't seem right. If any outsider such as sting or brock lesner do it then it wouldn't look right...then if one of the current superstars like cena, orton or shemus do it then it would make the undertaker look old, Which he iz...but the only way out as you said iz to retire.

    i have an idea on how it will happen too...he will come out between royal rumble and wrestlemania and it will be built up like every other year...he'll make his grand appearance on Raw and make his way to the ring...but instead of challenging someone he will make his retirement speech and ride off into the darkness as arguably the greatest of all time.

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