Favorite Bar Game....

AARGH! 2011/03/27 14:31:27
What's your favorite bar game...
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  • Deviant 2011/03/28 13:43:11
    Shooting pool by far!!!

    Although heres a good trick to have fun with:

    Pencil and a napkin, draw 9 dots in a grid pattern. place the pencil on a dot and WITHOUT lifting the pencil off the paper, connect all 9 dots with 4 straight lines.
  • seattleman 2011/03/27 22:15:17
    Darts. I'm rated a 9 in Medalist (league darts). I very rarely go to a bar unless I'm doing one of two things; listening to live music, or playing darts.
  • Met 2011/03/27 19:29:46
    The find the waitress who'll go home with me after her shift game.
  • Dawn Met 2011/03/28 02:46:39
    i used to play a variation of that ;)
  • Blancmange19 2011/03/27 18:44:47
    Horse Collar. It's a variation of shuffleboard where teammates are on the same end.
  • AARGH! Blancma... 2011/03/27 19:02:55
  • Blancma... AARGH! 2011/03/28 04:12:37
    It's basically a drinking game. You and your partner throw your eight pucks and then your opponents tell you how many points you scored. You then walk as far as you can toward the other end as long as your finger is touching the collar around your end. If you challenge the score they gave you and you're right. You win a beer. If you're wrong, they win a beer. And so it goes. The bar owner complained because you don't need to put money in the machine to play the game. I pointed to a table full of glasses of beer that were there because of the game. He stopped complaining.
  • Death On Two Legs 2011/03/27 17:53:48
    Death On Two Legs
    I don't go to bars, but I love pool, although I suck at it XD
  • abycinnamon BN-1 2011/03/27 17:01:35
    abycinnamon BN-1
    pool. I'm lousy at it, but it's fun.
  • Auntie M 2011/03/27 16:46:51
    Auntie M
    I used to live in a small town where, on hot summer afternoons, a bunch of us would gather and play the dice game "Horse". The only bummer was that it combined drinking and gambling - so you ended up drunk, and sometimes broke! But we had fun. Aside: It is against nature to leave a dark bar before sunset!
  • Dawn 2011/03/27 16:35:57
    darts. real darts - not that electronic bs
  • UncleKenC 2011/03/27 16:11:41
    Do not go to bars anymore. Played pool when i did go to bars.
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2011/03/27 14:51:42
    NTN Buzztime trivia!

    ntn buzztime trivia ntn trivia board
  • Sarge (... K-ZOOMI... 2011/03/27 14:54:33
    Sarge (JLA) (BN)
    I love buzztime trivia - I am the King of music trivia!!!
  • K-ZOOMI... Sarge (... 2011/03/27 15:11:45
    Playback ROCKS!
  • Auntie M K-ZOOMI... 2011/03/27 16:44:24
    Auntie M
    I used to be addicted to bar trivia! My husband at the time was a font of useless information, and I just had more years under my belt - between the two of us we kicked butt!
  • K-ZOOMI... Auntie M 2011/03/27 17:00:32
    Hey. Sounds like all my friends and me at Brewster's Junction. I can hold my own. (One friend is a Professor at WMU)
    But it's so funny when none of them get an answer right, but I do. They all look at me and say WTF. Useless information always gets you attention. :)
  • Ernie 2011/03/27 14:43:58
  • Tits ISHBAHFF McGee 2011/03/27 14:35:26
    Tits ISHBAHFF McGee
    Bar Games?
  • AARGH! Tits IS... 2011/03/27 14:36:53
  • Tits IS... AARGH! 2011/03/27 14:38:46
    Tits ISHBAHFF McGee
    I haven't been in a bar for years.

    Last time I went we didn't play games. I guess they are more club like and pick up joints.

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