ENTERTAINMENT: Glenn Beck Gets Sirius: Are Conservative Channels Taking Over Radio?

Gossip 2010/05/12 22:58:18
Conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck will be moving to Sirius XM radio next week. In addition to being syndicated through over 400 standard radio stations, Beck's morning radio show will now be aired every morning by Sirius, the country's top satellite radio provider, in hopes that he'll boost some Sirius stock.
Beck will be joining fellow conservative radio hosts Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Andrew Wilkow on the newly expanded Patriot channel (SIRIUS Ch. 144, XM Ch. 166) in an attempt to keep the Sirius XM holding company above the $1 mark for shareholder stocks. Sirius will also be launching its Patriot Plus channel, which will be available to paying online subscribers, and will include live broadcasts of "Bill Bennett's Morning in America" and "The Laura Ingraham Show." It will also offer additional exclusive conservative programming.
Beck's talk show will begin airing on Sirius May 17, and will run live on weekdays from 9 am to 12 pm ET.
Is it just entertainment as Beck has suggested or is it the further conservative takeover of the "liberal media?"
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  • Greg 2010/05/13 12:50:25
    The free market sucks for liberals! No wonder they want to destroy it. Hey, let's take away people's right to choose so things can be made equal. Liberals.... maybe no one agrees with you and just want you to shut up. The voice of the free market scream it, maybe you should listen to them instead of trying to force them to listen to you. Or course you could aways move to China where your belief system is already in place.

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  • Kennedy1st 2010/05/19 18:22:37
    They won't get Fred Imus and "Trailer Park Bash" to give up his show. fred imus trailer park bash
  • TruBluTopaz 2010/05/15 22:46:05
    Let's see, MSNBC/NBC are a large liberal enterprise. So should we assume that liberals control the television bandwidths? It doesn't matter either way. That's why there's an OFF button. If you don't like the message, change the channel. Free speech is still free and you don't have to listen.
  • MIKEY 2010/05/14 23:18:01
    i love beck.....he is the shot in the arm this country needs....
  • Stone Cold Gary 2010/05/14 16:22:17
    Stone Cold Gary
    Glenn Beck Rocks!!! GO GLENN, GO GLENN, GO GLENN, GO GLENN
  • Benji 2010/05/14 13:52:43
    Conservative radio is the only radio in my little town
  • intolerantrwj 2010/05/14 13:35:38
    .... good for him, I'm glad he's doing well.

    .... " conservative takeover of the "liberal media? " ...... tooooooo funny !

    Just to point out how deep the water is in that child's pool of thought ..... ' Who has virtually overwhelmed our Colleges / Universities with their Instructors and Thought ... Liberals or Conservatives ? '
    .... why heck, we just had a vid of a UCLA Instructor rabble-rousing for LaRaza while the Tax-Payer funds the university posted right here on BubbleHead !

    WTF are the odds of a kid making it to Graduation Day without overwhelming Liberal Bias dominating, swaying and Influencing his Higher Education ..... ROFLMAO !
  • Alphalily 2010/05/14 07:13:07
    cool....he makes more sense than any of the people we have in the WH right now!!!!
  • Bulletproof Vendetta 2010/05/14 02:52:01
    Bulletproof Vendetta
    Have you ever noticed that Glenn Beck always compares everything to Hitler & Nazi Germany? It's true.
    In 'all new videos', go to the "Back In Black" one.
  • USAF Vet Bulletp... 2010/05/14 08:57:59
    USAF Vet
    No, I haven't. I watch him everyday. However, Hitler and Nazi's are a good starting point to illustrate just what's going on in this country and the comparisons are stark.
  • MO.gal 2010/05/14 02:33:19
    They won't be able to see him cry on radio. Now that's a real shame! Lol

    radio real shame lol
  • MIKEY MO.gal 2010/05/14 23:19:36
  • MO.gal MIKEY 2010/05/15 01:46:57 (edited)
    If you call that act "emotion", the White House doesn't need it!
  • MIKEY MO.gal 2010/05/15 02:02:36
    you mean the white house has no act ..lol..
  • MO.gal MIKEY 2010/05/15 02:09:47
    The president is smart enough he doesn't have to act!
  • MIKEY MO.gal 2010/05/15 02:40:35
  • teamrn MO.gal 2010/05/17 02:50:02
    Glenn Beck is a pretty emotional and passionate guy. Yes, it does get in the way of objectivity and on occasion it's a bit 'over the top' and theatrical. But he has accomplished what many talk show hosts haven't; he makes you ponder/wonder-even if for only one second-if certain things are Constitutional and question, question, question.
  • tom C 2010/05/14 01:23:51 (edited)
    tom  C
    Its a free market...people want to hear what Beck, Hannity and others have to say,if not they wouldn't get the gig on Sirius ,Fox, and regular Radio....

    Its pretty clear ,people are tired of the B.S, coming from the liberals
    No new taxes.....wrong
    Pass stimulus so unemployement will stay below 8.5%.....wrong
    I will go line by line to remove pork from bills........wrong
  • teamrn tom C 2010/05/17 02:51:02
  • Zack Daley 2010/05/14 00:30:29
    Zack Daley
    He says Nazi more than "the"
  • Beer30 2010/05/13 23:17:19 (edited)

    Your premise that Glenn Beck is 'taking over' conservative radio is patently silly.
    Any air personality is only as marketable as his ratings, and his sponsors.

    Precisely why Air American ignominiously went belly-up. A huge, conspicuous lack of both book numbers and advertisers. At the bitter end, even George Soros got tired of slinging the bailing buckets.

    The general audience decides who stays on the broadcast band, you'd agree?
    If I don't like what I'm hearing, watch and see how fast I grab that dial and "Take it Over" to a different station.
  • jacktown kid 2010/05/13 23:02:42
    jacktown kid
    Good God Almighty that Jackass on Sirius must be hard up for fun
  • USAF Vet jacktow... 2010/05/14 09:06:33 (edited)
    USAF Vet
    Hey, S**t-for-brains, there are hundreds of channels on Sirius/XM, may I suggest you just turn the channel when Beck comes on; may I also recommend XM Channel 167, you will get 24 hours of what you crave, the likes of Mike Malloy Thom Hartman, and all the other purveyors of hate, spin, lies, filth, and garbage. Oh, wait a minute, you have to listen to Beck, you can't get enough Beck, where else would you get a conservative opinion for the sole purpose of twisting it into hyperbole? What are your thoughts on Mike Malloy? He's a great American, isn't he.
  • jacktow... USAF Vet 2010/05/14 15:30:47
  • seadog6... USAF Vet 2010/05/15 08:21:47
  • Ms Cardinal 2010/05/13 22:59:09
    Ms Cardinal
    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! love Glenn Beck!!!! tells it like it is----------------it is what it is!!
  • matheson 2010/05/13 22:48:47
    After this past month, anybody that can say Glenn is lying with a straight face has GOT to be off their rocker. The take over is 100000% OBVIOUS.
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2010/05/13 22:31:02
    Bob, the reasonable one
    When critics talk about the Liberal Media they are talking about news agencies..such as the alphabet channels, many newspapers, etc....Liberals are upset with radio because the free market has the reigns of power...which means people are listening to it, making it popular....Liberals are very critical of that...because they lose in the arena of ideas....
  • teamrn Bob, th... 2010/05/17 02:55:15
    Thing is, if Americans listen and pay too much attention to the alphabet channels and most newspapers much longer, there won't BE a free market.
  • 912er 2010/05/13 21:50:23
    Beck is already on XM. Channel 155, Talk Radio. Monday - Friday 9am - 12pm.
  • USAF Vet 912er 2010/05/14 09:12:57
    USAF Vet
    That's channel 165.
  • No TEA for Grae 2010/05/13 21:50:02
  • activ1 No TEA ... 2010/05/13 22:18:29
    Hey, don't let reality get in the way of a good story.
  • teamrn No TEA ... 2010/05/17 03:03:38
    There's not telling the whole side of the story and there's not promoting communism. Lots of room in between the two. The alphabet channels are of the more liberal ilk.
  • No TEA ... teamrn 2010/05/17 03:06:25
  • Mrs. V 2010/05/13 21:44:44
    Mrs. V
    You go Glenn. Do whatever you must to keep getting out the TRUTH about the IMPOSTOR in the White House. The EVIL must be thrown out.
  • MIKEY Mrs. V 2010/05/14 23:22:02
    10 POINTS
  • Mrs. V MIKEY 2010/05/14 23:39:51
    Mrs. V
    Thank you.
  • MIKEY Mrs. V 2010/05/15 00:22:43
  • BRADY969 2010/05/13 21:07:40
    Sirius sees money. They are doing the right thing. Beck has a HUGE audience. They bought Stern for the same reason.

    Let the liberals bitch. Liberals need to stick with hollywood and comedy, let the conservatives stick to entertainment that makes you think.

    If you want to be fair, get rid of half the liberals in hollywood an replace them with guys like Dennis Miller....Blahhhhh

    That's what we would have to do to half the conservatives on the radio...replace them with guys like Alan Comes....BLAH!
  • Mrs. V BRADY969 2010/05/14 23:40:29
    Mrs. V
    I say make money while you can before the Communist in the WH finds some reason to take it away.

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