Ellen Degeneres vs. Rosie O'Donnell: Who's a better talk show host?

Gossip 2008/04/04 01:15:40
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The Dancing Queen vs. The Dissing Queen.

Both Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O'Donnell host daytime talk shows, but the controversy is, who makes the better talk show host?
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  • Candy Girl ~ "We The People... 2008/04/04 02:23:21 (edited)
    I'm undecided because...
    Candy Girl ~ "We The People" Loves America
    I like both, but I think Ellen is better suited for the am/afternoon set. Rosie would work better in the evening in a more political venue, like Air America or MSNBC maybe.

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  • Issy 2008/04/04 01:20:27
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Ellen is funny and i luv her show!!!
  • JoMo 2008/04/04 01:18:14
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Ellen def. She's great. I don't like Rosie. She's obnoxious.
  • . 2008/04/04 01:18:11
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Definitely Ellen!!!!! Rosie spills too much crap out of her mouth without thinking
  • Darling Biscuits 2008/04/04 01:17:55
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Darling Biscuits
    Rosie just annoys the crap outta me. But Ellen always cracks me up.
  • HeR MaJ... Darling... 2008/04/04 01:25:23
    HeR MaJestY... RoSe
    EXACTLY !!!
  • 168290 2008/04/04 01:17:26

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