Ellen Degeneres vs. Rosie O'Donnell: Who's a better talk show host?

Gossip 2008/04/04 01:15:40
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The Dancing Queen vs. The Dissing Queen.

Both Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O'Donnell host daytime talk shows, but the controversy is, who makes the better talk show host?
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  • Candy Girl ~ "We The People... 2008/04/04 02:23:21 (edited)
    I'm undecided because...
    Candy Girl ~ "We The People" Loves America
    I like both, but I think Ellen is better suited for the am/afternoon set. Rosie would work better in the evening in a more political venue, like Air America or MSNBC maybe.

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  • MISSMOOHERSELF 2008/04/04 16:51:44
    I'm undecided because...
    I'm not undecided - I hate both of these lesbos so neither one is worth a flattened penny. But you didn't leave that choice so I'll answer undecided. I don't watch this trash anyway; these two broads are one step below "The View."
  • Bill 2008/04/04 15:54:21
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Sorry, but I just can't bring myself to believe that Rosie has even one
    redeeming quality therefore, my vote goes to the funny Ms Degeneres
  • jimmy 2008/04/04 15:49:13
    I'm undecided because...
    i have followed both ladies along their carees, and i think that both ladies are very special women...the bitterness of rosie, maybe wellfounded, i do not know, but i have to admit, i really enjoy ellens show, it just electric, but i also enjoyed rosie when she had her show. they are like all stars, they 'ain't' perfect, but who is ?
  • Monty 2008/04/04 15:35:10
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    I'm not that fond of Ellen, but anything is better than Rosie since she changed so much. Long ago, she was great. What happened? Was she always so bitter?????
  • Anita 2008/04/04 15:34:18
    I'm undecided because...
    I truly do not like either of their interview styles. In my opinion, each of these women have shattered any credibility they once held.
  • chriiss freshh 2008/04/04 15:26:28
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    chriiss freshh
    its ellen all they wayyy (: .
    she is funnier, &her fat doesnt hang out of her stomach like rosieee.
  • Ken "Don't tread on me!" 2008/04/04 15:24:44
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Ken "Don't tread on me!"
    All that comes out on Ellen's show is love, goodness, and good-natured humor -- 90% of what comes out of Rosie anymore is bitterness and bile! Easy choice!
  • Diverbelo 2008/04/04 15:07:57
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Go Ellen
  • imjim 2008/04/04 15:07:12
    I'm undecided because...
    They're both mentally ill, left-leaning wackos.
  • Arel 2008/04/04 14:42:15
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Rosie is just plain mean.
  • jimih67 2008/04/04 14:38:53
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    I can do without the dry heave set to music she calls dancing, but she is 100 times more funny and talented than Rosie O.
  • lifestyler 2008/04/04 14:35:02
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Cant stand Rosie..she needs to go away!!!
  • Jeanniemay 2008/04/04 14:28:07 (edited)
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Ellen by far out weighs Rossie. Rossie used to be good, but since she came out she seems to be on a vengence. Ellen came out and is very dignified. She is graciouus and lives and lets live. she is a great host. I hope she conitnues to dowell.
  • Shane - oldschoolelf 2008/04/04 14:09:12
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Shane - oldschoolelf
    I think Ellen is more talented and more hilarious than Rosie. She interacts with the audience and dances with them. I've never seen anyone else do that. If there is a serious issue going on, she mentions it before she starts the show. If it wasn't for Ellen, I wouldn't have watched "Finding Nemo".
  • []Brittney<--&hearts; 2008/04/04 14:08:46
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    ♥ && Shes funny =D but i dont care for the fat chick.. it gets on my nerves to watch her on TV!♥
  • Jenny13 2008/04/04 14:04:31
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    i love the ellen show. i have seen every single one. especially when she has the jonas brothers on her show. it just makes my day. she is so funny to. never stops. i hope she has the jonas brothers on again soon. even though she had them on april first. they are just so funny to watch.
  • hungry689 2008/04/04 14:04:27
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    By far better... Rosie is to into poor me and her on convictions. She was terrible on the View. Her own show was ok, but near the end she was too much into her aggenda and the true BITCH show up
  • ~BINK~ 2008/04/04 13:33:57
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    i like her
  • minnesotanice 2008/04/04 13:30:51
    The dissing diva, Rosie O'Donnell.
    I'm surprised it's even a question. Rosie ruined my respect for her when she bullied and talked over the other hosts on The View. In my mind, she is not a talk show host anymore . . . .back in the day she had a decent show, but she's proved she can't work with other people on the same show (The View). I won't ever watch her again if she reappears.
  • Skeeto 2008/04/04 12:36:47
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Ellen. I can sit back and enjoy! Rosie is so far off the wall sometimes that it is really hard to take anything she says seriously.
  • Racefish 2008/04/04 12:31:44
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Ellen by far. She wants her audience to enjoy the experience. She's funny and she isn't arrogant.
    Rosie, on the other hand is,
  • laney 2008/04/04 12:12:26
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    because she put the jonas brothers on her show twice!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nightm4825 In god we trust 2008/04/04 12:03:08
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    nightm4825 In god we trust
    ellen is a better
  • Whitney 2008/04/04 11:54:45
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Definitely Ellen Degeneres, I can't believe there is a question! She fun, funny , and out right real. Love her
  • ballergurl93 2008/04/04 11:48:09
    I'm undecided because...
    Tyra's Better than both of them!
  • jondar 2008/04/04 11:19:04
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Rosie just needs to fade away, she has absolutely no credibility.
  • Toria 2008/04/04 11:17:46
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    I like Ellen. She's funny and keeps things fun a lively and Rosie is usually bashing someone, way to much negativity.
  • macy 2008/04/04 11:05:28
    I'm undecided because...
  • Scotlas 2008/04/04 11:03:41
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Ellen by far she isn't mean spirited as Rosie is. Rosie get's on dissing someone or something and doesn't stop until she can kick it to the side of the road. Ellen on the other hand is very layed back and entertaining.
  • dogs voice 2008/04/04 10:50:35
    I'm undecided because...
    dogs voice
    I really do not watch these programs. I work for a living and they are on during the time I am working. I have seen them on very rare occassions, if I am off sick and just channel surfing, and find them both to be dry and with a nasty after taste. Jerry Springer is better due to the "woodchucks" that come out to air their family's dirty laundry. Maybe Ron Jeremy can do a talk show that would have better "substance".
  • chariot of manliness 2008/04/04 10:27:03
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    chariot of manliness
    Ellen, by far. Rosie brings her agenda and really isn't the queen of nice. Look back a few years, when she ambushed Tom Selick and tell me I'm lieing.
  • Dorothy 2008/04/04 09:16:44
    I'm undecided because...
    I still have a problem with their gayness but Ellen downplays that so I would tend to think she is the better host
  • Ellie 2008/04/04 06:46:21
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    She is not a bitter wench. She is truly funny and has a heart.
  • Trace 2008/04/04 05:29:47
    I'm undecided because...
    I really like them both, and I am drawn to each for different reasons.
  • magick moon 2008/04/04 05:10:39
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    magick moon
    ellen rules .
  • The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    ღ✞☮ νєяσηιcα ღ✞☮
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2008/04/04 04:59:39 (edited)
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥

    "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim."
  • Mandy 2008/04/04 04:44:37
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Rosie is cool, but Ellen is the best...plain and simple!!!
  • Cherylm 2008/04/04 04:30:12
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    Ellen is funny, I like her. Rosie bugs the chit out of me! :)
    I watch fox news laughinggggggggg!
  • Fitted 2008/04/04 04:28:22
    The dancing diva, Ellen Degeneres.
    I luv ellen,She's Halirous!

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