Edward Cullen Or Johnny Depp?

Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~ 2009/03/18 19:51:39
I Want Edward Cullen
I Want Johnny Depp
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Okay I'm not going to put a none of the above option because its one or the other.

*i entered this for the contest, so share it and rate it please?*
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  • AFTP~Re... Desire'... 2009/03/24 21:38:35
    AFTP~Relient K<3~
    omjc!! i searched his golden eyes, and this came up!! isn't it sooo pretty ?
    omjc searched golden eyes sooo pretty
    and this came up for 'sexy golden eyes' omjc searched golden eyes sooo pretty sexy golden eyes
    =D lol
  • Phones Desire'... 2009/04/09 02:05:38
    Even though they're contacts....

    Gold eyes are from either:
    *Genetic mutation.
  • Desire'... Phones 2009/04/09 02:28:02 (edited)
    Desire' ~A REAL Pattinson Supporter!~
    huh? Sorry I guess I am not following..
    You mean people can really have Golden colored eyes?
    Damn. wish I could. Incest? wth?
  • Female Nerd Rage 2009/03/21 20:19:34
    I Want Johnny Depp
    Female Nerd Rage
    Johnny Depp is way hotter than Edward Cullen. You know why? Because Johnny Depp is a real man. Edward Cullen is just a made up person in a Mormon's mind.
  • rabid repubilican 2009/03/21 19:33:27
    I Want Johnny Depp
    rabid repubilican
    want them for what???? yep Johnny as a fairy pirate
  • jessica rabid r... 2009/03/29 02:46:53
    I HATE YOU!!!
  • rabid r... jessica 2009/03/29 02:57:29
    rabid repubilican
    lol OK
  • jessica rabid r... 2009/04/04 13:21:39
    you are stupid!!!!!!!!!
  • rabid r... jessica 2009/04/04 22:43:02
    rabid repubilican
  • Phones jessica 2009/04/09 02:06:50
    *goes matrix on your bullets*
  • Pukki 2009/03/21 19:21:18
    I Want Johnny Depp
    He is funny. Lol.
  • VANNA VON TEESE 2009/03/21 19:16:43
    I Want Edward Cullen
    awwww. i luv them both =( but johnny depp is old and
    edward cullen is forever..
  • Chris 2009/03/21 19:10:57
    I Want Johnny Depp
    Pirates of the Caribbean rock!
  • Raindro... Chris 2009/03/23 19:31:48
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    yeah they do =]
  • Lilith 2009/03/21 19:07:37
    I Want Edward Cullen
    Edward is an awesome person, i do not like him just because he is hot, its because in twilight the book and movie he was so so good and he really didn't show his mean side as much as i had thought he might. He seems like he really and truley wants not to kill bella. that is why Jony depp is worse than Edward Cullen.
  • SamTheS... Lilith 2009/03/21 19:41:52
    SamTheSlayer [Codename: Duchess]
    Because Johnny would show that he wants to kill Bella?
    I would want to kill Bella, she's annoying.
  • Vesper SamTheS... 2009/03/21 20:28:40
    Me too.
  • bratley SamTheS... 2009/03/22 05:03:30
  • jessica bratley 2009/04/04 13:24:40
    you might think that but i dont
  • jessica SamTheS... 2009/03/29 02:55:26
    not me i think she is nice
  • Lilith SamTheS... 2009/04/06 17:47:16
    for one
    don't mess with me biatch
    Did i ask you?
    and three
    shut your mouth becausei was answering a question and i did not think it needed you to get into any of my god damn buisness
  • SamTheS... Lilith 2009/04/06 18:10:18
    SamTheSlayer [Codename: Duchess]
    Free country!
    Don't get so butthurt about it.
  • Phones SamTheS... 2009/04/09 02:07:23
  • jessica Lilith 2009/04/04 13:22:43
    bella is nice!!!!
  • bratley jessica 2009/04/24 14:46:14 (edited)
    Some girl at my school thinks that Bella is so cool that now shes havin everybody call her Bella instead of her real name Victoria! Its hilarious if you call her Victoria she doesn't answer no matter how much you try to get her attention! Then at the same moment you say Bella and she all of a sudden aknowledges you! She wears the same clothes as Selena Gomez on Wizards of Waverly Place! She has serious mind problems and tries to make all of her soon to be gone friends names from Twilight...Shes gone crazy! gomez wizards waverly mind problems friends names twilight shes crazy
  • brenda 2009/03/21 18:15:03
    I Want Edward Cullen
    Edward cullen is so damn hot.
  • bratley brenda 2009/04/24 14:48:58
    Heck yes!
  • km3211 2009/03/21 17:45:33
    I Want Edward Cullen
    Love Johnny, and he may exist, but everyone needs a fantasy, Edward all the way, baby!
  • nessie 2009/03/21 17:43:52
    I Want Edward Cullen
    this is a dumb question... edward cullen is waaaaaaaaay hotter than jhonny depp
  • Raindro... nessie 2009/03/21 20:50:05
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    then why did you bother answering it if you were going to be rude like that
  • SamTheS... Raindro... 2009/03/22 03:39:51
    SamTheSlayer [Codename: Duchess]
    Probably for the attention.
    If you actually have an opinion on it, then it's not a stupid question.
  • Raindro... SamTheS... 2009/03/23 19:32:17
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
  • Astoria... nessie 2009/03/22 22:40:38
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    unlike Edward, Johnny is REAL.
  • lisa 2009/03/21 17:17:15
    I Want Edward Cullen
    if edward was real, id tap that. (=
  • Brucas ... lisa 2009/03/25 23:21:18
    Brucas own my heart
    me too, me too =) =)
  • NILLY 2009/03/21 16:26:36
    I Want Edward Cullen
    I would say Edward Cullen! But its too bad that he doesn't exist..
  • jenna 2009/03/21 16:04:12
    I Want Edward Cullen
    Edward cullen is so hot.
  • Mrs.Lautner <3 2009/03/21 15:48:42
  • cullencoven 2009/03/21 15:45:53
    I Want Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen please! you know what would be the best birthday present ever??!!!! EDWARD CULLEN!!!!
  • Holly 2009/03/21 15:38:39
    I Want Edward Cullen
    He's totally gorgeous, but Johnny has it goin on!

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