Dr. Drew and Octomom

Veritas 2011/07/29 01:41:54
Did you catch the interview on HLN with Dr. Drew and Nadya Suleman? Fascinating to me. What do YOU think?

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  • skyebrand 2012/07/04 03:20:24
    The problem is, she has said, in the public arena, that she regrets having these kids & it has ruined her life. So now, as these precious children get older they WILL come across this comment & goodness knows how it could affect them. If my Mum said she regretted having me & I had ruined her life I would be shattered!
  • Cunningmungus 2011/07/29 02:09:34
    Did he ask her if she realized her vajayjay is not a clown car? realized vajayjay clown car clown car gif
  • Veritas Cunning... 2011/07/29 02:42:16
    No! But he did go into length about the Doctor who performed the invitro. Apparently, while she was quite drugged, he got her to sign a paper indicating that ALL her fertilized eggs would be implanted.

    I'm sort of a Polyanna . . . so I felt compassion for her. She honestly didn't mean to have eight babies at once. Well, I'm probably in the minority though. She came across a little hyper at times and then other times she sounded quite intelligent.

    I myself suffer from OCD and Panic Attacks. I have never heard a panic attack explained as well as she did. My husband was sitting with me and he has never understood how they affected me. As if they weren't real and he just goes along with it. After she explained it, he said "Is that really what it is like?" I said yes and he apologized for ever doubting me.

    None of these things have ever stopped me from living my life . . . I face my fear and panic disorder every day -- will never let it stop me from going forward with my life.
  • Cunning... Veritas 2011/07/29 03:43:16
    Yeah I only have 1 child (almost 6) so I can not imagine her life..
  • Veritas 2011/07/29 01:43:36
    I felt compassion for her as I watched the interview. I thought that Dr. Drew did a good job with her.
  • xxAriesxx Veritas 2011/09/02 13:05:11
    Dr. Drew tends to do an excellent job.

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