Doubting the existence of God?

pepper5419 2012/06/17 04:33:17
The Pew Research Center (a very conservative group) reported that among those 30 and under when asked 68% of those surveyed said they never doubted the existence of God.Back in 2007 83% of those in the same age range said they never doubted God's existence.Thats a difference of 15%.Part of the problem could be that with such a diversity of religious views in America today its politically incorrect to mention God especially in schools.Another problem maybe is that we are seeing a generation that never attends church.
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  • burningsnowman 2012/06/17 12:09:06
    First off, Pew isn't "very conservative" by a long shot even with the broad and vague definition of the term in the US. It obviously slants left when it comes to describing social conservative viewpoints and framing questions in my experience. And there is no problem with people doubting God's existence, although I would have to ask what sort of God you are even talking about.
  • pepper5419 burning... 2012/06/17 17:21:52
    The whole point of this blog is that traditional religious views are changing among our youth. When I was growing christianity was a bigger part of life in general.Religion was saying grace before a meal,attending church on a weekly basis,and teaching some sort of assemblance of morals.
  • HarleyCharley 2012/06/17 09:11:55
  • blissful 2012/06/17 07:28:49
    Well I think that there are some, but not as much as a decade ago. I believe it's because of some political views and the problem with young parents.. [ages ranging from 15-24]
  • dvd 2012/06/17 05:22:37
  • BubblyBlonde 2012/06/17 04:36:46
    I don't attend church much, but I also don't question whether or not there is a God. I believe there is one.

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