Does the Internet Make You Feel Depressed?

Living 2010/08/03 13:37:41
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Obviously, you're on the Internet right now ... and it might be making you depressed.

Teenagers who are "addicted to the Internet" are about 2.5 times more likely to develop depression than teens who are classified as normal Internet users, a new study found, according to WebMD.com.

Previous research has found that pathological Internet users are mostly young men with introverted personalities, according to WebMD (yep, the stereotype is true). However, the rates of psychiatric symptoms among girls are rising, the researchers found.

The only question is -- is there really such a thing as being addicted to the Internet?

The researchers say that most of the youths in the study, 93.6%, were classified as normal users. As for the other 6.4%?

“Young people who used the Internet pathologically were more likely to use it for entertainment and less likely to use it for information,” the authors say.

Yikes! Hope this doesn't apply to non-teenagers!

Does the Internet Make You Feel Depressed?

Read More: http://www.webmd.com/depression/news/20100802/inte...

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  • Corcey 2010/08/04 03:29:51
    Yes, when I use it too much.
    It makes me depressed when I'm exposed to idiots for long periods of time. And let's face it, there are millions of idiots on the Internet (particularly Sodahead)

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  • Red high priestess in Nyx I... 2010/08/04 12:08:49
    Yes, when I use it too much.
    Red high priestess in Nyx I trust
    When I am watching the life of the shaytards, but other than that, no!
  • ariesheshelala 2010/08/04 11:36:54
    No way!
    it's the only thing that helps me escape my depression
  • bob 2010/08/04 09:28:57
    No way!
    Does all the mindless sodahead questions make you depressed? Yes :(
  • Green 2010/08/04 07:09:05
  • JJ 2010/08/04 05:03:14
    No way!
    Actually, it takes my mind off of things that are making me depressed.
  • SimsNerd 2010/08/04 04:58:13
    No way!
    i go on the computer when i bored (which is obviously alot) but it doesnt make me depressed.
  • .~*xX.Proverbial.Singer.Xx*~. 2010/08/04 04:31:57
    No way!
    ... some nights typing *hug* just doesnt cut it...

    haha, nah, it doesnt make me depressed.
  • ameerah 2010/08/04 04:22:47
    No way!
  • killjoy 2010/08/04 04:15:20
    No way!
    nope a dope smiles all the time C:
  • Corcey 2010/08/04 03:29:51
    Yes, when I use it too much.
    It makes me depressed when I'm exposed to idiots for long periods of time. And let's face it, there are millions of idiots on the Internet (particularly Sodahead)
  • AvaC Corcey 2010/08/04 04:24:12
    I know how u feel!
  • R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~ 2010/08/04 03:20:05
    No way!
    R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~
    I am on the internet all the time during the summer and I don't feel one bit depressed. :)
  • hmgmcrmy 2010/08/04 02:52:46
    No way!
    The internet sometimes gives me an escape. After a stressful day, it's always nice to get online and laugh at stupid pictures of cats for an afternoon.
  • TheQuirkClerk 2010/08/04 02:16:18
    No way!
    No... There just happens to be a percentage of the population that spend all time in a dark room with the computer screen as their only light. The internet isn't making them depressed, there are just depressed people using it. I have a friend (Now former, because the stress of dealing with his depression was just too much. He used to say that he would kill himself if I stopped talking to him and I couldn't handle it anymore.) with serious depression, he's on a ton of medication, in therapy and has spent time in a mental hospital. The internet didn't make him depressed, but he spends hours on the internet instead of going out and trying to make life changes.
  • ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana P... 2010/08/04 01:55:38
    No way!
    ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana Pie" ♥
    In my opinion, it makes me happier. I get on here to get away from my stressful family, to relieve stress, and express myself.
  • Toodleloo SodaHead 2010/08/04 01:18:36
    No way!
    Toodleloo SodaHead
    Nah. At least, not for me. I'm-a happy little nerd.

    Though the ones who use improper grammar and the dreaded "Txt Tlk" have, on occassion, made a few of my brain cells commit suicide.
  • JJ Toodlel... 2010/08/04 05:07:32
    I'll use it sometimes *see above* because mainly I dont feel like typing out 'laughing out loud' and 'in my opinion'. But when it's used all the time.... I can't read it. It's just basically, okay, so this word is, um, really; and this word is, let's see, oh this is an abrieveation.
    *excuse bad grammar, was never my best subject*
  • Toodlel... JJ 2010/08/04 05:54:24
    Toodleloo SodaHead
    I admit, I use a few simple texting terms - Lol and Wtf being the most common I use. After seeing Imho all over the site, I finally Googled it and found out what it meant xD I get confused by "Txt Tlk" and like what I read to be comprehensible. Even if there is a misspelling or two.
  • Chris D 2010/08/04 00:49:47 (edited)
    No way!
    Chris D
    best invention of all time, beside beer - thank you Al gore
  • No way!
    R.P. Bliss.::ρнαɛт::.►Ѳиɛ Ħιт Яαɢɛ Ǫʋιт◄
    It's just that some of the people I meet on the Internet are so dumb they MAKE me depressed. :D
  • michelle 2010/08/03 23:46:31
    No way!
    i can go on it forever and be happy forever
  • :::toXicbLacK::: 2010/08/03 22:45:43
    No way!
    no i have used the internet a lot! (seriusly) and nop....am a very happy person!! lol :P
  • bethanyithink 2010/08/03 21:33:19
    No way!
    ha ha fail for tthis question it makes me depressed when internets not working so i cant talk to people so i go to my phone uno like most teens do
    ok yer some are over addicted and think there life lives around 1 came on the computer or xbox (cod) but u get over it eventually its a phaze all of us go throught with sommthing
  • 7of9 2010/08/03 21:15:06
    No way!
    I'm depressed when the Internet is down.
    depressed internet
  • PDenoli 2010/08/03 20:40:42
    Yes, when I use it too much.
    But I've been feeling better since Congress has gone into recess.
  • RawRsaurus 2010/08/03 20:04:41
    No way!
    I only get on for two hours a day since I have to use the library computers. Honestly, I would rather spend four hours of my day on here. Is that sad?
  • Axl Snaks 2010/08/03 20:00:41
  • BBoy legacy 2010/08/03 19:52:04
    No way!
    BBoy legacy
    Im not addicted to the Internet.... I hardly even use it... My depression makes me think less about things...
  • Able_Archer_XIII 2010/08/03 19:24:14
    Yes, when I use it too much.
    I answered YES. What more can I say?
  • Lilia 2010/08/03 19:11:20
    No way!
    Uhhhhhhhh no.
  • brutusin~ Proud Apetheist 2010/08/03 18:58:06 (edited)
    Yes, when I use it too much.
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    Everyday on Sodahead I loose my faith in humanity a little, so I guess that does make me depressed, so logically yes Sodahead makes me depressed and Sodahead is on the Internet so the Internet makes me depressed.

    Now it's time to make me happy with a little.

    guess depressed logically sodahead depressed sodahead internet internet depressed happy
  • RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET 2010/08/03 18:46:42
    No way!
    RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET
    Sometimes the people on the Internet make me depressed.
  • classact-11 2010/08/03 18:44:13
    Yes, when I use it too much.
    my eyes get all red.
  • Toddie 2010/08/03 18:00:31
    No way!
    i use it a lot because my life is boring and i'm not allowed to leave my house (Strict parents not house arrest or anything, well it kinda feels like it...)
  • KayCee 2010/08/03 17:40:40
    No way!
  • vVvVv MeLL!Ƨɐ vVvVv 2010/08/03 17:40:15
    No way!
    vVvVv MeLL!Ƨɐ vVvVv
    oh please
  • 409 2010/08/03 17:24:23
    No way!
    I hardly ever get on the internet. It can be entertaining for a while, but it is a bit depressing to think about how it is quickly replacing face to face interaction.
  • Vaius 409 2010/08/03 17:41:10
    Who needs to see someone and know their name when you can look at a static image and talk to User 00307342303?
  • Grrr 2010/08/03 17:12:42
    No way!
    i dont believe it, im never depressed and im not addicted to the internet
  • Zack Daley 2010/08/03 17:10:28
    No way!
    Zack Daley
    Pisses me off some times

    pisses times

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