Does Playing Video Games Make You Fat?

Christine Lusey 2011/05/31 14:00:00
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Cue Captain Obvious: sitting on the couch playing video games helps pack on the pounds. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Well a group of researchers at the University of Copenhagen wanted to find out if it was true.

According to their results, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it is, but it might have more to do with how much gamers eat than the toll of a sedentary hobby.

In their straightforward experiment, 22 “healthy, normal weight male adolescents” in Denmark played two 1-hour sessions of the popular soccer game FIFA 11, followed by lunch.

The researchers found that “a single session of video game play in healthy male adolescents is
associated with an increased food intake, regardless of appetite

Is a study with 22 participants enough to declare a consensus? Maybe not, but you might want to think twice the next time you sit down for a marathon World of Warcraft session.

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  • PDenoli 2011/05/31 19:30:53
    Eating too much and sitting on your butt instead of exercising makes you fat. Doesn't matter if you're driving a truck, playing video games, or ogling better looking people at the park.

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  • robert17 2014/03/23 10:09:55
    I play video games every day and I'm
    Not fat of course if you sit on your PC or xbox all day and play and the only other thing you do is eating then you have a big chance to get fat I have a healthy diet with fruits and healthy food everyday an I workout about 6-5 times a week so my body is healthy I'm in a good shape and I play video games too well there are more kinds of people I had a friend who was fat and he's a game addict and I have other friends who are extremely skinny and they are games addicts too they just can't stop playing an they don't work out that's because they can't get fat but the other friend that I have who was fat started workout and now he's pretty skinny and have gained some muscles and he still plays video game all day two times more than me and he's skinny, why that's because he works out he's doing something by just staying and eating and if you want a healthy life and keep playing we'll try to workout not your muscle but your cardio about 20-30 minutes a day for a beginner try some tae bo on YouTube it helped me out but I recomand mike changs cardio on YouTube only an 13 minutes cardio from him is going to get you more sweaty than 30 minutes of tae bo and you cAn workout with a towel not weights and that's even better if you are a kid so you don't stop your growing with weights for more information about this go to sixpackshortcuts on YouTube It have changed my life
  • Cody Guthrie 2012/04/30 14:41:09
    Cody Guthrie
    i weight 98 lbs and i play games like 5 hrs a day a week
  • zx 2012/02/04 21:38:25
    it makes u fat because 1s your on u wanna play more amd u dont have time to go outside or work out or go to the gym and u eat and play and get fat
  • soul 2011/08/03 10:26:59 (edited)
    if you`re really dip in there ,you won`t even remember what time to eat or whether you want to eat or not. sO HOW can you become fat in that condition.
  • Bart 2011/07/31 15:14:18
    you'll lose weight if you play on portable console while jogging around your house
  • Ramon 2011/06/08 12:24:01 (edited)
    If that's all you do it certainly won't help

    fat playing video games
  • MissGates 2011/06/03 02:55:30
    Lack of exercise and eating too much does..
    I play video games (once in a while tho, not everyday.. not even every week), but i still eat well and train so i can stay in shape..
  • Hil 2011/06/02 21:01:43
    no way im a size 4 n have literally been playin video games since i was two
  • RawrRawrNinjaCupCake<3 2011/06/01 18:46:31
    Video games can contribute to the growing "trend" of obesity.
    But it's not the video game its self that's making you fat.
    Poor diet and lack of exercise are the culprits.
    The poor videogame just makes getting fatter that much more enjoyable! fat poor diet exercise culprits poor videogame fatter enjoyable chubby gamer
  • Fergie 2011/06/01 18:23:27
    I've played video games my whole life and I'm not fat. Depends on how often you exercise and your diet
  • jon 2011/06/01 18:11:29
    inactivity and food is really the problem but for a kid it is a real problem
  • BradBodum 2011/06/01 17:08:45
    In no way I am saying it is the sole cause, but it definitely is a contributing factor.
  • ANTHONY 2011/06/01 16:37:03
    You do get fat. Like when you get a new game. youll be like omg i got to finish this game. the only thing you will be working out is your fingers. So if you dont go outside clean the house well u know what i mean you will positivley be fat or grow fat.
  • Lea Mirton 2011/06/01 16:35:35
    Lea Mirton
    Right, so just to clear a few things up...

    Driving makes you fat
    Playing videos games makes you fat
    Watching too much TV makes you fat

    NO, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet makes you fat!
  • Myst 2011/06/01 16:23:27
    A child in front of a video game console, television, or the family computer several hours a day without exercise you'd better believe that child is going to put on the weight. From what I've observed of my friends with children, they use these activities as a babysitter for their children.
  • logan48227 2011/06/01 16:00:22
    Playing video games and not doing any exercise makes you fat. You can be a gamer and still not look like a tub of lard. Do your workout before you play and everything will still be OK. Or get the Wii, Playstation Move, or Xbox 360 Kinect workout games & do both at the same time.
  • JoJoCakes. 2011/06/01 15:56:30
    they get so addicted to it they play it alll the time and time
  • John Mirra 2011/06/01 15:50:07 (edited)
    John Mirra
    It is not a direct cause of making you fat but it can contribute to a lifetime of bad habits like wasting tons of time that might be better spent, not exercising much, living on junk food since you are too busy gaming to cook, and for those of you participating in the partially free games that involve an alternative economic system you participate in with your real money ... you bought into a figment, the money most likely goes to China, and you are participating in the destruction of the dollar by buying things with no intrinsic value other than to entertain your increasingly simple mind since gaming, unlike reading or other pursuits will not make you smarter or stronger.

    I enjoy games but not so frequently.
  • jacktown kid 2011/06/01 15:35:13
    jacktown kid
    Laziness does
  • PapaBC 2011/06/01 15:22:39
    Send them out to play and go with them
  • VoodooDemon 2011/06/01 15:03:44
    Any activity that involves sitting for a long time might lead to you getting fat.
  • Cathy 2011/06/01 14:55:00
    Yes, a person can get fat sitting all the time stuffing their mouths with junk food; not eating right and by not exercising whether watching the tube, playing videos, on the computer, and etc. But these things doesn't make a person fat, but people make themselves fat by not eating healthy and doing some form of exercise everyday.
  • MassxVelocity 2011/06/01 14:46:57
    No, YOU make you fat.
  • Austin 2011/06/01 13:49:23
    I was fat way before I started playing video games :b.

    Seriously though, after losing those pounds, and while still having those pounds, I related it to food intake, and lack of exercise. I still play video games all the time, but now I'm healthy, muscular and slimming up.

    I think if anything in electronics is going to cause this, it's more likely going to be excessive television, it allows people to be extremely lazy without being bored.
  • angel 2011/06/01 13:34:43
    only if you never get up and only eat junk food
  • Tony 2011/06/01 13:31:28
    eating too much makes you fat
  • Ruger 2011/06/01 13:22:26
    Bad metabolism makes one fat and good makes one skinny simple as that.
  • Black-Hollows 2011/06/01 12:41:14
    I play video games it doesn't make me fat...
  • ELLIE 2011/06/01 12:32:46
    If you only doing that and stuff your face with food in between.
  • u000 2011/06/01 12:30:46
    and lazy..
  • ontinashi u000 2011/06/01 19:40:02
    if playing video games make you fat does that mean watching fitness shows makes you skinny?
  • u000 ontinashi 2011/06/02 09:58:47 (edited)
    No, it's sitting for many hours and avoiding sports activities that makes you fat.
  • ontinashi u000 2011/06/02 19:08:46 (edited)
    so not generally the video games fault.
  • Nudenz 2011/06/01 12:21:49 (edited)
    It's not so much the video games, but rather, the chips, creamy stuff, fizzy drinks, and sitting on the couch for long periods. I said yes because you don't tend to do these things in isolation.
  • Tau_Seti 2011/06/01 12:16:58
  • Topdog 2011/06/01 11:43:34
  • Max Nastic 2011/06/01 11:30:19
    Max Nastic
    Sitting on your ass all day does.
  • JasonVorhees111 2011/06/01 11:30:02
    in fact im doing it right now....im eating a cheese burger while playing pacman ;)
  • mrscas 2011/06/01 10:53:45
    Not getting up and moving makes you fat.
  • Nuke 2011/06/01 08:59:01
    They have a study for everything and there's fat people who don't play videogames and I've known really skinny people who play videogames so they really have nothing to do with it.
    Stop blaming media for peoples short comings...
    videogames ive skinny people play videogames blaming media peoples Skinny videogame kid

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